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Zoltan and The Forbidden Zone

Studio: Paladin Video » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 7/9/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movies:

This two-disc set includes:

"Zoltan Les Minets De L'est": "We followed hot Eastern European guys during a 24 hour period. See how 19 year old Zoltan spends a sexy day!"

"Forbidden Zone #1: "Russian servicemen in their first experience of gay sex! Magnificent young men, between 18 and 26 years, give themselves to their companions in the barracks without restraint."

The Dudes:

The dudes are all good-looking; appear to be in their early twenties with dark and blonde hair, a variety of tall/slender and shorter/tight body types, full/trimmed/shaved pubes, smooth and hairy chest, and plenty of uncut cocks.

Zoltan Les Minets De L'est:

Date of Production:

June 1997

The Cast:

Szolt, Ion Davidov, Istvan, Tibor, Akus, Robert, Zoltan.

Scene One:

A dog barks off screen as Zoltan (a cute tall/slender guy with olive complexion and black hair) walks down the tree-lined sidewalk. Zoltan swings by to see his hot friend Szolt (handsome with 1990s haircut and wonderful body) who answers the door wearing only a towel. The two booze it up a bit and Szolt begins lifting weights. Zoltan gets down on Szolt's hard uncut cock stroking his shaft and sucking away. Szolt returns the favor by slurping on Zoltan's big uncut cock and large pink knob.

Szolt works Zoltan's foreskin up and over his cock head, which leads to Zoltan providing a nice face fuck. Zoltan fucks Szolt from behind (with condom) and then switches to the missionary position. Zoltan's cum shot is out of focus and Szolt's is from a medium camera shot not a close-up.

Scene Two:

Robert (fucking hot with shaved head that has grown out just a little and plenty of tattoos) is working under the hood of his car when Zoltan just happens to walk by. The two head inside for some fun: Robert fucks Zoltan's face with his uncut cock, which leads him to fuck Zoltan's hairy hole from behind (with condom). Robert moves Zoltan to the side/missionary position for additional fucking. Robert squirts a large load on Zoltan's butt cheeks and back while Zoltan does not cum. Robert's money shot is very cool.

Scene Three:

Tibor (a husky/muscular hunk with black hair) and Akus (cute with brown hair) are taking a leisurely walk through the park. There is an abrupt jump cut to Tibor fucking Akus against a stone wall from behind (with condom). What? No foreplay? Tibor keeps his hand on his hip as he plows that hairy butt. Storm clouds brew as rain starts sprinkling down and the two run for cover.

Zoltan spies as Tibor fucks Akus in the missionary position, Akus sucks Tibor's uncut tool while jacking his own foreskinned cock. Tibor squirts a huge wet load on his own stomach, which is very hot. Akus strokes his cock and dumps a thick load.

Scene Four:

Zoltan is still spying on Tibor and Akus who spot him and motion for him to join in. Tibor is soon fucking Akus from behind (with condom) while he sucks Zoltan's dick. Zoltan switches the lovin' up by fucking Akus from behind (with condom) with Akus sucks Tibor's cock. Tibor shoots another big load (not a close-up this time) as Zoltan shoots but poor Akus does not cum.

Scene Five:

Istvan (cute with 1990s haircut and light brown hair) is sitting at an outdoor table when handsome Ion (tall/slender with longish brown hair) walks by and chats him up. The two guys are soon kissing and feeling each other's bodies. There is a hilarious/random shot of a garden gnome quickly followed by a close-up of Ion's uncut cock as Istvan begins to suck it. Ion has a nice large pink cock head and Istvan really knows how to shine it.

Ion fucks Istvan from behind (with condom) while bending him over the table. Istvan is soon lying on the red and white-checkered tablecloth with is legs up in air while Ion's finger teases his lubed butt hole. After the pucker play, Ion fucks Istvan missionary style on the table. Ion shoots a thick load on the ground as Istvan jacks and cums.

Scene Six:

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Ion is fucking Zoltan (he really gets around!) from behind (with condom) as Zoltan is sucking Istvan's cock. The fucking is switched up as Istvan fucks Zoltan missionary (with condom) while Ion fucks his face, Ion fucks Istvan from behind (with condom) while Zoltan jacks off. There is a nice camera shot of Ion's little hairy hole. Zoltan cums on Istvan's back, Ion shoots a thick load near Istvan's bum, and Istvan jacks and shoots on his own stomach.

Scene Seven:

Still unsatisfied, Zoltan lies on his bed and begins to stroke his cock, reaches under his bed and pulls out a titty magazine. Zoltan has a nice tight body with smooth chest and plenty of dark pubes. He shoots a load (hot!) and then drifts off to sleep. A day of sex and spying has worn him out.

"Forbidden Zone #1":

Date of Production:

August 1995

Scene One:

A very cute dude with blonde buzz cut ("Buzz") and a handsome guy with dark hair ("Dude A") are outside in a training area that is covered with sand creating a barren landscape. The two soldiers talk for a moment and then their hands begin roamin' as they make out. Buzz feels and licks Dude A's hairy chest and nipples working his way down to sucking Dude A's uncut cock. Dude A returns the favor by exploring Buzz's uncut cock orally concentrating on his nice pink knob. These two dudes are really into the sucking, body rubbing, and kissing.

Buzz fucks Dude A from behind (with condom) providing some nice camera shots of Buzz's tight hairy hole and swinging balls. Dude A sinks his hole down on Buzz's rigid member and begins to grind away file jacking his cock. Dude A has a nice long foreskin. Buzz strokes his cock and shoots a thick load on Dude A's neck. Dude A's cum shot consists of a number of jump cuts so the viewer does not actually see the load being shot---just his load afterwards.

Scene Two:

A cute twink with brown hair is sitting at the bar boozing with a nice looking dude ("Dude B"). Jump cut to bedroom as Twink is sucking Dude B's big uncut cock. I'm not sure how Twink stuffs that fat thang down his gullet. Dude B has nice full pubes and low hanging balls that swing as he is being serviced. Twink works Dude B's foreskin up and over his shiny knob as he continues to stroke,licks, and suck.

Jump cut back to the bar as Twink unzips Dude B's fly releasing that fat monster of a schlong and sucks away. Twink really knows how to give some good head. Dude B fucks Twink from behind (with condom) as the viewer is treated to a cool camera shot of both dudes hairy butt holes and swinging nuts. Twink is full of energy as he sinks down on Dude B's dick for a sex ride. Dude B dumps a thick load on Twink's neck and upper chest. Twink does not cum.

Scene Three:

Cute dude with short brown hair ("Dude C") is jacking his uncut cock on the sofa. Another dark haired cutie ("Dude D") joins him, pulls down Dude C's briefs, works his tongue down the smooth chest, and sucks his manhood. Dude D's fist is flying up and down Dude C's shaft as his fluttering tongue teases the wet knob leading to some deep throat.

Dude D bounces up and down on Dude C's hard condom covered pole and works himself into a frenzy as they switch to doggy style. Dude D finger fucks Dude C's tight hole as Dude C jacks off. Dude C squirts a large load while being fucked missionary. Very hot. Dude D shoots his load on Dude C's chest.

Scene Four:

A very handsome dude with blonde hair and muscular/hairy chest is beating his uncut cock while sitting on the sofa. Dude spreads his muscular thighs as he strokes his cock and plays with his nuts. Dude dry humps a sheet on the floor allowing some nice camera shots of his muscular butt, hairy crack, and tan line. Dude eventually shoots a thick load near his pubes.

Scene Five:

We are outside again in the barren wasteland of the soldier's training area. Two handsome dudes with short dark hair ("Dude E" and Dude F") are hanging out. Dude E pulls Dude F's pants and briefs down revealing full pubes and cut cock as he begins to suck that cock. Dude F fucks Dude E from behind (I cannot detect a condom). Dude E rides Dude F's cock with plenty of grinding and circular motions as his uncut cock flops to the rhythm. Jump cut to Dude F stroking and shooting his load on Dude E's shoulder, face, and mouth. Dude E does not cum.

Scene Six:

A very handsome guy with black hair is slowing rubbing his tight stomach and smooth muscular chest. Jump cut to dude in bed grinding his cock against the soft sheets providing the viewer with a nice look at his hairy butt crack and nuts. This dude has a beautiful body. Jump cut back to dude standing and masturbating as he shoots a generous load onto the floor.

Scene Seven:

Two good-looking soldiers ("Dude G" and "Dude H") with dark hair and nice bodies are making out and engaging in some "heavy petting". Dude G strokes and sucks Dude H's uncut cock and Dude H enjoys the hell out of it. Frankly, who wouldn't? Dude H fucks his hairy hole missionary style on a table (with condom). Again, there are some nice camera shots of hairy holes and balls swaying during the fucking.

Dude G gives Dude H's cock a good ol' ride as he bounces up and down providing the viewer with a great look at their hairy crotches. Dude H shoots his load on Dude G's chest while Dude G's lets go with a thick load on his own pubes.

Scene Eight:

Once again, there are two hot dudes ("Dude X" and "Dude Z") fucking and sucking. Poindexter should plan a trip to Russia! X sucks Z's hard uncut cock giving the shaft and pink cock head a nice workout. Z's hand guides Z's bobbing head up and down as X continues is oral assault on that hard weenie. Z fucks X's face and rubs his cock all over his face while feeding X some hot nuts. The two dudes are really into the sex. Z rolls a condom on and begins to fuck X's hairy butt from behind really pounding him.

X strokes his own uncut tool as he rides Z's cock up and down. Z is like an out of control piston as he fucks. X shoots a load on his own chest while being fucked. Very hot! Z strokes and shoots all over Z's face, neck, chest, and sofa. X loudly howls and grunts as his load flies everywhere. I've never heard such a loud orgasm. A big turn-on! The DVD


Both movies are shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography provides the basic camera shots with plenty of close-ups and a mostly clear picture. There is some grain here and there but it isn't bad enough to distract from the movies. There is some picture trouble at the beginning of Scene Eight of "Forbidden Zone #1" due to the video transfer but it clears up. The editing in "Zoltan" could be tighter as some of the camera shots are too stationary. The editing in "Zone" is better with scenes that move along at a faster pace.


The sound in "Zoltan" is clear with a classical violin score. The sound in "Zone" varies from scene to scene with no music provided. I had to keep adjusting the sound on my television set.


"Zoltan" contains chapter stops and scene selection options. "Zone" contains a still gallery, chapter stops, and scene selections.

Final Thoughts:

The movies contain a huge assortment of handsome young dudes (age 18+). With a combination of fifteen scenes, there is plenty of kissing, sucking and fucking. The dudes look to really be into the action and some scenes are quite intense and huge turn-ons. As mentioned, the picture quality is descent with some grain but never enough to ruin the viewing experience. Better editing could tighten the scenes up in "Zoltan". A non-sexual aspect I enjoyed in "Zoltan" is the footage of the city the movie was filmed in. there are some beautiful camera shots (at times presented in wide screen) of the local architecture including some wonderful old cathedrals. Most importantly: the movies are a turn-on. I recommend this two-disc set for fans of handsome Eastern European men with plenty of foreskins.

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