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Innocent Ass

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 7/9/06

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Date of Production:

December 2005

Directed By:

Mr. Easterday

The Movie:

Eleven young (age 18+) European dudes explore their taste for male-on-male sex acts through a variety of couplings and threesomes.

The Dudes:

The dudes appear to be in their early twenties with dark hair, a variety of tall/slender and shorter/tight body types, full/trimmed/shaved pubes, smooth chests, and uncut cocks.

Scene One:

Leo (slender with smooth chest) and Fabio (tanned, slender with smooth chest) make out with some heaving kissing and body rubbing. Leo pulls Fabio's large uncut cock out and begins stroking the fat shaft while nursing the knob. Fabio fucks Leo's face while Leo stokes his own uncut dick. Fabio returns the oral favor by sucking Leo's cock. Fabio fucks Leo's hairy butt (with condom) from behind followed by the side/missionary and sink/bounce positions. Leo definitely receives a good fucking! Fabio shoots a load on his own stomach while Leo cums on himself as well.

Scene Two:

Alexandre (a twink with bad hairstyle), Kauan (cute with dark hair and hairy body), and Bernardo (pierced eyebrow) engage in a three-way on a boat with plenty of sexual switch-ups: Kauan sucks Bernardo's large uncut cock while Alexandre sucks Kauan's uncut member. Alexandre sucks Kauan and Bernardo's hard cocks while the two make out.

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Alexandre can barely get the big knob of Bernardo's cock in his mouth. Kauan sucks Bernardo's cock while Alexadre works on the nuts. Bernardo slaps Alexandre and Kauan's faces with his big wet cock. Bernardo fucks Alexandre from behind (with condom) while Kauan sucks Bernardo's nipples. Kauan plays bouncy bouncy on Bernardo's condom covered tool. Kauan shoots a large tick load over his own stomach, hairy thighs, and arms. Very hot! Alexandre cums on the ground while Bernardo shoots all over Alexandre's chest.

Scene Three:

Paolo Goes (a cute dude with short black hair) is jacking his large uncut tool while sitting on a loveseat. Adriel (another dark haired cutie with long hair) walks in and begins to stroke and suck Paolo's hard cock. The two kiss as Paolo works his way down to Adriel's nipples and uncut cock. Paolo crams his sausage up Adriel's butt from behind (with condom). Paolo works Adriel over into the missionary position and continues the anal hijinx. Adriel explodes all over his own stomach and chest while Paolo squirts a copious load on Adriel.

Scene Four:

Mairelles (a handsome red head with tall/slender body) and Aduardo (dark curly hair) and kissin' and feelin' each other up on the sofa having a good ol' make out session. Marielles takes his time slowly kissing and licking Aduardo's neck, shoulder, back, and nipples. Aduardo pulls Mairelles' jeans down revealing a large cut cock and reddish brown pubes. Aduardo goes down on Mairelles dick but he really needs some cock sucking lesions.

Mairelles continues his licking and kissing on Aduardo's butt cheeks, hairy crack, and thighs leading him to fuck Aduardo from behind (with condom). Good Golly! Aduardo enjoys being fucked in all positions: doggy, side/missionary, and missionary while making hilarious high-pitched/shrill pouts and mewls of pleasure. Both dudes cum on Aduardo's stomach. Yelp!

Scene Five:

Kelvin (a cute dark haired twink) and Felipe (curly hair) make out while Kelvin clutches on to a creepy stuffed animal from a carnival. What the fuck? Odd. The two feel each other up, kissing and licking each other's bodies eventually rubbing their hard uncut cocks together. There is an ugly painting of a horse propped up against the wall. What is with the animal theme?

Felipe sucks Kelvin's cock really giving it a once over with his stroking hand and busy tongue. Kelvin sucks Felipe's large veiny cock, big knob, and low hanging nuts. It's sixty-nine time on the bed. That damn stuffed animal is still there. Felipe fucks Kelvin missionary on top of a chest of drawers (with condom) and that fucking stuffed animal is there! How did it move from the bed? Felipe shoots a nice sized load while Kelvin squirts a thick load onto Felipe's cock. Too bad they didn't cum on the stuffed animal.



"Innocent Ass " is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography by Hamilton Jack provides the basic camera shots with plenty of close-ups. The picture is sharp and clear. The editing by Damezio John could be tighter as the camera shots are too long at times.


The sound is crisp and clear with cheesy easy listening dentist office music. There are plenty of noises made by these dudes as they enjoy themselves in a sexual free for all. Let's not forget Aduardo from Scene Four with his high-pitched wailing. He sounds like Maya my friend's mom's yippy poodle!


The extras include scene selection, chapter stops, web site information, photo gallery, phone sex advertisement, and trailers for: "Caribbean Stud" and "A Night at the Gay Bar".

Final Thoughts:

Personally, I found only about half of the dudes in "Innocent Ass" to be attractive. I always say looks are subjective so I am sure the other guys will appeal to a variety of viewers. The sex is fun and the dudes seem to be enjoying themselves. The videography provides plenty of close-ups and a sharp picture. As mentioned, the camera shots are too stationary and the scenes could be tightened up with additional editing. That ugly stuffed animal from the carnival gave me a good laugh. Rent it.

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