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Get Luckier!

Studio: Hustler Video » Review by Ravyn C » Review Date: 7/13/06

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Sexual Orientation/Positions: Anal, Straight,Reverse Cowgirl,G/G Side Saddle, Cowgirl, Standing69

Director: Cash Markman

Cast: Tony Tedeschi, Tommy Gunn, Lee Stone, Katie Morgan, Cindy Crawford, Dick Smothers Jr., Shy Love

Category: Feature Straight

Release Date: 12/27/2005

Length: 110 minutes

DVDs per Case: 1

Date of Production: 08/22/,08/30,08/31/2005


Extras: This DVD is loaded with tons of extras. .Everything from cast interviews to photo shoots with cast members ,Trailers for Young Latin Ass, Ghetto Boty#6,Barely Legal Bootcamp,Centerfolds#4,Kane's World, Cumswallowers, Photo Slide Show, as well as some phone sex ads and a pair of website links. The menu not only includes scene selection but star selection as well, allowing you to either choose a complete scene or skip to your favorite part of your favorite scene.

Condoms: No

Overview: Secret Agent Maxwell Sharp (code name "Lucky") played by Dick Smothers Jr. the only agent left to save his organization C.O.M.M.A.N.D, he finds himself working diligently with his partner Agent 69 (played by Latin beauty Shy Love) with the training of a new recruit Agent 36-26-36 (Katie Morgan). As a double Agent.. 36-26-36 working for S.C.U.M fights for the attention of Maxwell Sharp in a showdown with pussy fucking fun and a double agent that is not to be missed.

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Body of Review: In 2005 the Sexual war was made a lot warmer and a lot funnier due in part to the efforts of an inept, underpaid, overzealous spy: Maxwell Sharp, Agent 86 1/2. In order to give the agents of COMMAND, a series of worthy opponents, SCUM was created. Smart and 69 battled the likes of Wolfgang head of SCUM. Perhaps one of the most important elements of the DVD is the gadgetry used to help Sharp and the ladies with in his sexual quest to keep sex as open as possible. If any of this sounds a bit familiar to you its because Get Luckier is a parody of the 1965 TV Series Get Smart with out the corny music. In this DVD Max uses a toilet bowl to gain entrance to COMMAND instead of what we know as the infamous phone booth. This movie might seem offbeat to some, with others enjoyable it just for the laughs. Some scenes seemed to be rushed a bit and off key as well. Overall it was hilarious to the crazy antics of a series we all loved to watch made into a feature porn. I did enjoy watching Tommy Gunn playing the role of the robot anatomically correct and knowledgeable in all sexual positions. This DVD was painted in the broadest of strokes and played every moment for its own delightful reality.

Audio/Video: Video was presented in the full-frame 1.33:1 ratio and the picture was sharp and consistent. Audio was clear and presented in Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo

SceneOne: Shy Love , Dick Smothers Jr.

Our opening scene has our Hero Maxwell Sharp flushing himself down a toilet to meet up with COMMAND Chief and Agent 69(Shy Love) featured on the cover of the DVD with co-star Katie Morgan. Once inside the control room Max and the Chief discuss a few ideas about new recruits which the Chief introduces Agent 36-26-36 (Katie Morgan). Max and Agent 69 head off back to his place to enjoy in some extra curricular activities. Max and Agent 69 heat up the screen with some heavy make out sessions with heavy foreplay by both. The sex between these two took its time in allowing the viewer to enjoy watching Max's tongue dip in and out of Shy enjoying the latin flava of her sweet pussy to the shift into different positions till he cums all over her ass.

SceneTwo: Dick Smothers Jr., Cindy Crawford, Tommy Gunn

Max's training session with the 2 new COMMAND recruits Agent 36-26-36 and Tommy the Robot (played by Lee Stone) has them all discussing the proper way of giving a BJ as well as how have anal sex without a rubber. The three cast members are sitting watching a DVD on the How-to's of Fucking with Cindy Crawford and Tommy Gunn heating up the classroom with there intense hard core fucking that would make any body over heat. They each slip something into the others drink making them both horny and ready for some serious action. Cindy rips Lee's clothes off and finds his cock ready to be sucked on. The couple enjoy a few favorite sexual positions: missionary, doggie, reverse cowgirl, VTAM to the money shot of him cumming all over her ass.

SceneThree: Katie Morgan, Tony Tedeschi

Back at COMMAND Max , the Chief and Agent 36-26-36 discuss the loss of 6 more Agents to the brain wave gun that revert the person back into a child. Sneaking out of anyone sight, Agent 36-26-36 heads back to SCUM headquarters to report back to the head of SCUM (play by Tony Tedeschi). Once there our double agent slips out of her clothes laying on the desk spread eagle to be eaten out by Tony. Satisfied that he has her primed for his cock Tony slides himself deep into her only to stop with a plug for the toy he purchased at the AVN Awards, his red table made for fucking in every manner possible which they make good use of. This was the only scene that was rushed and lacked the passion between the two actors. There was little interaction with the co-star leaving it to be fake in every aspect

SceneFour: Shy Love, Bree

In this scene we have our Agent 69 (Shy Love)in the Lab with toying with a few of the new toys that have been developed for the ladies of COMMAND. After a few playful kisses Bree has Katie spread eagle on the table tasting her sweetness. The girls take turns in eating the other giving Agent 13 who has been living in the locker more than an eyeful. These beautiful ladies have fun with the vast selection of dildos that are brought out bringing the other over the edge over and over again. After having sated there taste for the other , Agent 36-26-36 enters afterwards wiping all memory of Bree being with Agent 69 giving her the hand up on having her for herself to play with .

SceneFive: Katie Morgan, Lee Stone

Back at Agent 36-26-36's place, Katie has Lee as her prisoner taunting him about his lost penis which was stolen by the SCUM agents to use it against COMMAND female agents. Forced to be a sex slave to Katie, she tosses her missing cock back to him then demands Lee to fucks her hard and deep without any second thoughts. They both have a give and take attitude when it comes to different positions and each one more intense than the other. They go from a BJ to eating her out, standing 69, missionary ,side saddle, reverse cowgirl , standing fucking (as if he was lifting weights) back to missionary till he cums all over here breast. This one scene should come with a disclaimer not to be tried at home.

FinalThoughts: Although in many movies men seem to think that its feels good to have one's clit rubbed raw till it sore trust me it doesn't. Men... a women's clit isn't a doorbell as some of you might see it to be so.. Be gentle. The fake moans and groans in scene three totally turned of my viewing partner who walked away saying he has seen and heard much better(ex Savita Rose).This DVD has a few moments of pure slapstick comedy mixed in with the standard porn scene. Only 3 out of the five chapters took its time making sure the cast connected with each other. The other 2 chapters were rushed and hurried along with no real connection with the other, which meant they where watching the clock. For the most part you might find Get Luckier to be enjoyable and worth a few strokes here and there. My opinion ..Rent it

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