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Young Bung #3

Studio: Mayhem » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 7/15/06

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Genre: Straight

Director: Ariana Jollee

Cast: Ariana Jollee, Bailey, Jamie Elle, Sasha Knox and Monique Madison

Length: 2hrs 10 min

Production Date: Mayhem, 2005

Scene Access with Act Access
Sex Talk
BTS: Typical 8 minute behind the scenes with some humorous moments.
Cumshot Access

Audio/Video: The Audio of the disc is presented in 2.0 stereo and is very well presented. Dialogue and sounds are easily heard with a crispness not usually associated with porn. The Video of the film is full frame color and is on par with most adult flicks. There is a slight grain to the pic and some bright tones that give it a washed look. Easy to live with, however.

Body of Review: Ariana Jolle is keeping her series alive with the latest Young Bung collection. In this film hot gals are off to Camp Young Bung where camp counselors offer hands-on instructions in sex to help in earning merit badges. Of course it's nothing this elaborate. Beautiful babes slam rock hard counselor cock while Ariana looks on.

Scene 1: Ariana Jolle & Jamie Elle
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, ATM, Facial
Condoms: No
Ariana introduces us to Jamie Elle, a thin babe with long brown hair a slight hint of Asian heritage. After the two have a game of tag with cans of silly string, Ariana instructs Jamie to ride her conselor's dick. A quick and not to exciting blowjob leads to the main event, proving that Jamie is a good little scout; she pounds away at the guy's cock, moaning softly in the meantime. Jamie has a nice, bony ass that puts out some impressive work, but listening to Ariana tell her what to do all the time tears away any enjoyment of watching her. A really hot anal scene follows and Ariana eventually puts her mouth to better use and slobs a few ATMs for the camera. There are some of the best anal close-ups here I have ever seen and this is a solid scene, but it might have been so much better had Ariana been a little less impossing. Near the end, she does give the cock some riding herself, but by then I was a little tired of her. A mediocre pop lands on Jamie's tongue and she swallows it down for a mild finish.

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Scene 2: Monique Madison
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, ATM, Facial
Condoms: No
I have to give Ariana some major props for creativity here. As a jackhammer blares in the distant background, Ariana explains that its being used to pry open a tight pussy. Make do with what you've got, I guess. Monique is a curvy babe with long, black curly hair. It's a little greasy but it goes well with the vibe of her partner. This guy's an older fellow, looks more like a soccer coach than a porn star. He starts by showing off Monique's stellar booty, which is smooth and flawless. The guy chomps on her asshole getting Monique hot and moist and ready to suck him off. She does this like a pro, wrapping her lips around his meat and tugging with her hands. This bj lasts a good deal longer than the other but quite a bit of it is Monique whacking him. When she lies on her back, his rod slips into her wet, shaved pussy. The banging is softcore at the beginning, slow and easy on some desk-like bench outdoors. Monique keeps her clear heels on and her legs high in the air, the perfect position for him to pull out and plug into her ass. The anal too is simple, while the guy talked a good deal at the beginning, he has thankfully remained silent. One problem with banging outside is that you are exposed to the elements and the group of flies swarming the couple's glistening parts is anything but hot. It's rather gross, but too funny not to enjoy. Couldn't some have put a fan on them at least? Oh well. The screwing continues, mostly in doggy and reverse cowgirl, and things remain fairly consistent except for an ATM or two. The action is good here, but the couple lacks a strong chemistry. And damn those flies, talk about a scene stealer.

Scene 3: Sasha Knox
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, ATM, Facial
Condoms: No
Ariana stumbles across Sasha Knox, a cute 21 year old with her legs spread and a camp counselor eating her snatch. Sasha has a general college girl look, dirty blonde, pale skin with nice fleshy thighs. As her counselor munches below the tiny patch of hair at her crotch, she whines softly. Sasha offers the best looking blowjob so far. She is slow and consistent, She plugs his dick in her mouth and despite a few off-gaurd gags she trucks on. She even takes a few dick smacks to her rosy cheeks. Sasha enjoys riding her partner in cowgirl, her awesome wide butt grinding on his lap and as she does this her asshole is in clear view offering a nice preview of what is to come. A brief and rarely seen tittyfuck (even though she's only amply stacked this is a nice sight) and some more doggy style shagging lead up to a reverse cowgirl anal pound that is not as hot as I anticipated. When an everyday looking gal takes on anal I'm usually the first to sing praises, but Sasha doesn't give that great a performance, her movements are somewhat stiff. And the flies make a return appearance, made all the more annoying by Sasha's swatting at those gathered around her snatch. Later when she starts rubbing her puss, one has to wonder if it's because it feels good or if it is to keep the bugs at bay. The action drags near the end and becomes tiring, eventually ending in a pop shot.

Scene 4: Bailey
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, ATM, Facial
Condoms: No
Ariana and a counselor are doing bunk inspections beginning with campette Bailey a charming gal with a deep voice who says very little more than "yah" to the questions Ariana asks. But this doesn't matter much. Bailey is very sexy dressed in a corset type outfit with large breasts that flop a bit when released. As Bailey fingers her smooth twat, she sucks off the counselor in decent blowjob that has a few duck calls and deep throating. The nastiest oral is probably the best of the film. I'm not crazy about the gags and such, but Bailey is eager to giver her all. The vaginal sex is less exciting. Bailey spends much of her time on her back and does very little to help the scene. Her cornholing is better, she perks up a bit when he sticks it in. But like the other scenes, too much time is spent in one position, usually doggy. And even though there are really nice close shots of dick in ass, the scene feels slow. The action is good, straightforward and appealing, yet no real chemistry.

Scene 5: Ariana Jollee
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, DP, ATM, Cumshot
Condoms: No
It's time for Ariana to take her own medicine, which we all knew was coming sooner or later. Ariana takes on to guys beside a fireplace in the disc's most hardcore scene. Jumping right into back and forth dick sucking Ariana gags, spits and quacks like a duck until her face is read and her chin dripping in spit. Since this scene is so different than the rest of the disc, it stands alone and I fear harms the film. I enjoy the hardcore nature of this scene, but it is a bit excessive for an otherwise 'tame' movie. Ariana makes up for all the lost energy in the film. She takes some hard pounding in a number of positions, usually sucking off the other guy in the process. Eventually both dicks go south of the border and Arianna enjoys a DP. As with most the time Ariana is on the screen, the viewer gets exhausted. This action seems like no big deal to Ariana and the noises she makes are more for show than pleasure or pain. This pulls away from much of the erotic edge the scene might otherwise have. Nonetheless, Ariana is a queen of hardcore, unrelenting fucking and fans of this will never be disappointed when she is onscreen. A few minutes of choking (physically by hand) seals the deal. The guys cum onto some marshmallows on a stick and Ariana then eats them.

Concluding Words: I was only mildly impressed with the original Young Bung. Like the first in this new series, Young Bung #3 was on the lengthy side. Scenes tended to play for longer than necessary making some of the action stiff and repetitive. The talent was enjoyable to watch, but they are nothing stellar. What was most disconcerting about the flick was how jarring the final scene is in relation to the rest of the film. Ariana's scene is the hardest one on the disc and it stands out with the others. Overall, the sex in the first four scenes is typical boning with some slight rough tones. But Ariana's is all out hardcore including gags, spitting and even some hand to the throat choking. None of this is troubling to me as a viewer, except that it deters from the disc as a whole. I don't think some--more conservative, should they exist--porn viewers enjoying the first four scenes will take to the finale. It's like a fish out of water. And some moments pull from enjoying the rest of the movie. Ariana's instructions in the first two scenes and the swarming flies that want a piece of the action. Otherwise, this is a disc to rent if you are an Ariana fan or enjoyed the others in the series. Rent it


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