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Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 7/15/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:

April 2002

Directed By:

Stephane Moussu

The Movie:

Students at an all-male school play soccer, ignore their teachers, spend a lot of time in the locker room and showers, and have plenty of sex. Sounds like a cool school to me!

The Dudes:

These frisky French dudes are all handsome with most of them having tanned muscular bodies. The dominate hair colors are dark brown and black but there is at least one blonde. The pubes are a variety of full to trimmed and all but one cock is uncut.

Scene One:

A good-looking professor is teaching geometry to a classroom full of hot hunks. As the professor drones on and on, three students begin to sneak looks at a porno magazine and rub their crotches. Class is dismissed but the three students stay behind to get a better look at the sex magazine. All three dudes are cute with short dark hair. Shirts are removed revealing hairy chests, bodies are rubbed, nipples are licked, and stiff uncut cocks are stroked n' sucked.

The dudes are really heated up as they kiss with plenty of tongue, munch down on hairy butt holes, and finally engage in some fucking (with condoms) in the missionary position and from behind. After all three guys shoot their loads; there is a knock on the door. The dudes quickly grab their clothes and haul ass.

Scene Two:

In the school locker room, a blonde muscle hunk with closely cropped hair is toweling off after a shower. Another muscle hunk with short dark hair (with dark hard tipped nipples) enters the room and begins to undress. Blonde Hunk's uncut cock is completely hard and begins to beat his meat. Dark haired dude takes the hint and begins to stroke his own uncut cock. Soon, the two dudes are facing each other jacking off and shoot their loads all over the bench.

Scene Three:

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A muscular masseuse begins to massage two dudes who are lying face down on separate tables. Masseuse sprays the guy on his left down with oil and begins to rub it into his hairy legs, thighs, and smooth back. He switches over to the guy to his right and applies the same techniques. For some unknown reason, the masseuse leaves the room. The hot n' hairy dude on the right takes over by rubbing the other guy's hairy butt crack, spreading his cheeks revealing a hairy hole and begins to finger-fuck him. There are some nice close-ups of dude's hairy lubed hole as one finger, two fingers, and finally three fingers are worked into his butt.

There is plenty of deep kissing as the dudes feel each other's bodies, lick nipples, and get down to sucking some big uncut cocks. Fucking (with condoms) ensues from behind and then switches to a very hot side/missionary position as a hairy hole is pounded. Both dudes shoot large loads.

Scene Four:

The hunky masseuse from Scene Three returns to an empty room. He picks up and smells one of the cum stained sheets. He strips off his shirt revealing a muscular, tanned/smooth chest and begins breathing in the aroma of the sheet as he rubs himself. He strokes his large uncut cock working the foreskin up and over the shiny knob. Very hot! The masseuse lets loose with nice thick load all over the floor.

Scene Five:

Back in the locker room, two dudes are changing clothes while another lounges on the bench nude. The two dudes sit down across from the naked guy and begin to rub his smooth chest. The body rubbing leads to oral pleasures as the three engage in a daisy chain sucking each other's uncut cocks. There is plenty of soul kissing and fucking (with condoms) of hairy holes from behind and the missionary position. Cocks are frantically stroked as the dudes shoot big loads on each other and onto a towel.

Scene Six:

After soccer practice, three handsome guys strip off their uniforms and head to the showers. All three have muscular bodies and uncut cocks. The dude in the middle has a boner and does nothing to hide it. They towel off and begin kissing, playing with nipples, and stroking/sucking plenty of hard cock. All three guys shoot big loads and then reenter the showers to wash off.

Scene Seven:

Two students are horsing around in front of the urinals. The jokes end as the lovin' begins with some heavy kissing. Shirts are removed revealing smooth muscular chests and hard nipples. A third hunk spies on the two making out. Spy removes his shirt revealing a muscular chest and begins to rub himself. The two dudes pull out their cocks: one is cut while the other is uncut. Spy strokes his uncut cock as the dudes engage in some butt munching. One dude gets his hairy hole fucked (with condom) from behind as Spy shoots a load of man pudding. While one dude receives a facial of wet cum, the other dumps a large load on the floor.



"Screwballs " is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography by Pierre Cameron and Laurent D'amour consists of the basic porn camera shots providing plenty of close-ups of the action. The editing is quite good allowing each scene to move along at a nice pace. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is clear as these horny dudes moan in constant pleasure during the kissing, sucking, and sucking. There is no music to accompany the sex.


The extras include scene selection and chapter stop options, website information, photo gallery, "Hot Shot" providing quick access to the cum shots, and trailers for: "Chicos Cubanos" and "Tabou".

Final Thoughts:

"Screwballs" is one hot movie! The dudes are all very nice looking with beautiful muscular bodies and uncut cocks. These guys look to really be into the sex they are having which makes the movie an even bigger turn-on. The videography provides a clear picture and plenty of close-ups and the editing keeps the movie running along at a nice pace. I recommend for fans of French dudes, uncut cocks, and movies with school themes.

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