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Studio: Paladin Video » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 7/16/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

November 2002


Conny Haller


Eric Webber, Joyee Trivano, Kid, Lorenzo, Lucas di Fubbiana, Maxl Schneider, Nick Dave, Peter Bizanci, Pimpa, Rick Svenson, Ricky Stanterre, Robert Wild.

The Movie:

A group of friends spend their vacation at a Swiss mountain resort getting it on with each other and the resort staff.

The Dudes:

This group of twelve Eastern European dudes look to be in their early twenties with two in their mid thirties, are all good-looking with a mix of muscular, tall/slender, and husky body types, mostly dark hair, full/trimmed/shaved pubes, and all but one cock is uncut.

Scene One:

Kid (with plenty of cool tattoos), Lorenzo (bleached hair and brown soul patch), Pimpa (sexy husky body), and Maxl (cool tattoo near his pubes) are sitting in the sauna talking and absent-mindedly playing with their cocks. The dudes begin to make out and rub each other's bodies. Maxl sucks Pimpa's uncut cock while Kid licks Lorezo's nipples and sucks his uncut cock. There is plenty of kissing, body rubbing, cock stroking and sucking to naturally heat up this sauna.

Lorenzo fucks Maxl's tight shaved butt hole (with condom) from behind while Pimpa fucks Kid (with condom) in the side/missionary position. The sauna fills with muffled moans as these guys get into some heavy fucking. Lorenzo, Pimpa, and Kid stroke their cocks and give Maxl a bath of man milk and facial while Maxl shoots a nice load on his stomach.

Scene Two:

Rick (short dark hair) is working in the supply room when Lorenzo walks by wearing only a towel. Rick catches Lorenzo's eye as he enters the supply room and chats him up. Rick ends up sucking Lorenzo's big uncut cock giving it a complete oral workout. Rick eats Lorenzo's shaved butt hole teasing the pucker with the tip of his tongue. Lorenzo fucks Rick's hungry mouth, finger fucks his hole, and fucks him from behind (with condom). The horny duo switch to the missionary position as Lorenzo pulls completely out of Rick's hole and then plunges his big pink knob right back in. Rick strokes his uncut cock and dumps a large load on the floor while Lorenzo shoots a wet/watery load on Rick's face.

Scene Three:

Rick, who seems fully recovered from his romp with Lorenzo, is peeling and chopping carrots in the kitchen. Handsome Nick (wearing a creepy/ugly gold lame shirt) enters the kitchen and makes out with Rick. Plenty of deep kissing, nipple sucking and crotch rubbing ensue. Nick finally takes off that fucking shirt as Rick rubs the front of Nick's bulging black pants.

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Rick releases Nick's hard uncut cock and gobbles it down his throat. Rick eats Nick's hairy butt hole while Nick sucks on a carrot! Sixty-nine on the stainless steel kitchen counter as Nick sucks Rick's uncut cock and Rick sucks Nick's hairy nuts. Nick teases Rick's hole with a carrot and finally slides it up his bum and fucks him while holding the other end with his mouth. The carrot is replaced by Nick's cock (with condom) as he fucks Rick from behind and in the missionary position. There is a nice camera shot of Nick's hairy hole and balls as he fucks Rick. The two shoot their loads into a pot of soup. Bon Appetite!

Scene Four:

Kid, Eric (cute twink type with dark hair), and Robert (short brown hair) are boozing it up in the resort's posh restaurant. The three dudes begin to make out and feel each other up. Robert pours wine down Kid's back and slurps it up. The oral pleasure consists of many switch ups as Kid sucks Robert's uncut cock (featuring a nice pink knob), Eric sucks Robert, and Robert sucks Kid. Robert rubs Kid's butt hole and finger fucks him.

Eric fucks Kid in the missionary position (with condom) on the table while Robert fucks Kid's face. Robert soon takes over fucking Kid (with condom) as Kid sucks Eric's cock. Kid fucks Robert from behind (with condom). Robert and Kid give Eric a cum bath as they shoot their loads all over him. Eric does not cum.

Scene Five:

Pimpa is sitting at the resort bar with the very hot Ricky Stanterre (short dark hair, olive complexion, full pubes). Cocktails and small talk turn to heavy kissing and body rubbing as Ricky goes down on Pimpa's cock. Pimpa returns the favor by sucking Ricky's hard uncut cock, stoking his foreskin up and over the slick knob. Ricky munches down on Pimpa's hairy butt that is parked on the bar.

Pimpa fucks Ricky from behind (with condom) like a jackrabbit. More fucking missionary style as Pimpa gives it to Ricky who is somehow balanced on two bar stools. Ricky shoots a large load onto his stomach and plentiful pubes while Pimpa shoots a large load on Ricky's stomach. There are some of those carnival stuffed animals on a shelf watching the action.

Scene Six:

Nick (still wearing that ugly fucking gold lame shirt) is delivering a beer ordered from room service. As he starts up the stairs, he hears moaning and stops in his tracks. Robert (from Scene Four) is having his large uncut pink knob polished by Joyee (cute with brown hair). Joyee jacks his own uncut cock while working Robert. The two engage in some heavy kissing and nipple licking as Robert ends up sucking Joyee's cock. Nick is still standing on the stairs in that shirt while the beer is getting warm.

Robert fucks Joyee from behind (with condom) and then makes the big switch by sinking down on Joyee's condom covered tool and goes for a ride. The sink and bounce takes place right at the top of the stairs. One slip and these two would go flying down the stairs. Joyee shoots a small load on Robert's butt cheek while Robert squirts a large load on Joyee's stomach.

Scene Seven:

Nick, who has still not delivered that beer, begins to spy through the keyhole of room number 23. Nick gets quite an eyeful as Lucas (hot dude in his thirties with pierced nose and nipples), Maxl (from Scene One), and Peter (who has a Pee Wee Herman type haircut) are in the middle of a threesome. Peter works on Lucas' pierced nipples as Maxl eats Peter's tight shaved butt hole and really munches down on it. Lucas and Peter take turns sucking Maxl's uncut cock and then suck it together. Peter chows down on Maxl's shaved hole and then sits on Maxl's condom covered cock and bounces up and down.

While Nick is still spying and the beer is getting warmer, Maxl fucks Lucas from behind (with condom). Peter shoots a big load on Lucas' face, hair, and back while Maxl fucks Lucas in the missionary position. Maxl really pounds that ass. Maxl shoots a thick load on Lucas' stomach. Lucas does not cum.

Scene Eight:

Nick finally arrives with that beer. Luckily, Eric has no interest in it, as he is too busy stroking his uncut dick. Nick gives Eric's cock and balls an overall workout as Nick pulls his own uncut pud. Eric sucks Nick's hard cock and the two tumble into a heated sixty-nine. Nick fucks Eric from behind (with condom) against the wall. Eric plays the old sit and bounce game with Nick's willing cock and then on to the side/missionary position. Eric stokes his tool and dumps a big load on his stomach while Nick jacks off and his cum joins Eric's.



"Avalanche " is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Gordon and Pavel Dubcek is professional providing steady shots with plenty of close-ups of wet cock heads and tight holes. The picture quality is nice and sharp, and the editing by Joe Schneider keeps each scene moving along at a nice steady pace.


The sound is clear with plenty of winter wind, sexual noises from the dudes, and a nice soothing instrumental score by Imre Kosswith.


The extras include scene selections, chapter stops, stills gallery, website information, a "No Sex Without Condom" PSA, and plenty of hot trailers: "Suenos", "Super Gay Paradise", "Alpine Passion", "A Spanish Fantasy", "Bend Over Buddies", "Hungarian Rhapsody", "Memories of a Gay Star", "Son of Mykonos", "Swiss Gang Bang", "Kostas' Friends", "White Peaks", "Rainy Days Sunny Day", "Friends", and "Jason Home Alone".

Final Thoughts:

"Avalanche" is a big turn-on. The dudes are all handsome in their own way and look to enjoy the sucking and fucking they are participating in. The sex is very hot and never becomes monotonous. The videography and editing are high quality providing a crisp clear picture and scenes that move along and never become dull. There is use of various colored lighting (blue, yellow) in Scene Five that is quite cool plus the carnival stuffed animals who seem to find their way into many Eastern European productions. For the non-sexual content, there are some beautiful shots of the snow covered Swiss mountains and villages. There is avalanche footage but I'm not really sure where this plays into the film.

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