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Bootylicious Collection Vol. 2

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 7/18/06

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Date of Production:

October 2000

The Movie:

Amateur porn featuring twenty two dudes sucking and fucking in a run down apartment.

The Dudes:

The dudes are a nice mix of African American and Latino with mostly slender bodies, smooth chests, cut and uncut cocks. The dudes look to be in their mid twenties to mid thirties.

Extreme and Chucky:

Extreme (hot dude) with large cut cock and knob) is alone stroking his cock. Jump cut to Chucky (Latino guy) wearing a bandanna sucking Extreme's cock stroking the veiny shaft and bobbing up and down on that big knob. Extreme switches up and sucks Chucky's uncut tool. A third dude with long braids and a cut cock shows up and Chucky fucks him from behind (with condom). There are plenty of fuck switcharoos (all with condoms) as the dudes all shoot loads. The guy with braids makes a hilarious noise when he cums that sounds like a cow!


This very short scene features MC, a dark-skinned dude with a nice tight body. MC jacks his large cock with big cut knob and shoots a thick load on his hand.

MC and Iseah:

Iseah is a tall, handsome dude with shaved head, body, and large cut cock. Iseah goes down on MC without any close-ups. MC fucks Iseah (with condom) from behind. MC switches up and sits/bounces on Iseah's condom covered schlong. Both dudes shoot loads.

Joeito and Phaze:

The two dudes are lying in bed making out. The heaving kissing turns to a sixty-nine as each dude sucks the other's cut cock. There is a variety of fucking (with condoms) featuring doggy style and the ever-reliable sit/bounce position. Only one dude shoots a load.

Papi Rico and C Low:

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Papi Rico is a very handsome dude with large cut cock and full pubes. He jacks his big cock when light-skinned C Low shows up and chows down on his dick. C Low is quite good at cock sucking as he licks those balls and deep throats Papi Rico's dong. Papi fucks C Low (with condom) in the sit/bounce position and then from behind. Papi shoots a load on C Low's bum. C Low does not cum.

Sevyn and Luis:

Sevyn (tall/slender build with a big cut dick) is making out on the sofa with Luis (wearing a headband and sporting a cut cock). Sevyn strokes and sucks Luis' cock and in return, Luis sucks Sevyn's schlong. Before long, Luis is fucking Sevyn from behind (with condom) and eats his butt a little. This leads to Luis dumping a load on Sevyn's thigh while Sevyn cums on his own stomach.

Indio, Romero, T.J.:

Indio and Romero have sexy shaved heads. Romero and T.J. suck Indio's uncut cock switching back and forth and then sucking together. Indio and Romero go down on T.J.'s cut cock giving it a good workout. There is plenty of suckin' n' strokin' followed by fucking with condoms from behind and the good ol' sit/bounce for a nice ride. Loads are shot on each other's bodies.

Double R:

Double R has a big ugly ring and a large cock (with big ol' knob). He sits and jacks that big thang when he is joined by another big dicked dude (no name is given). The two dudes kiss and jack off together. This is a very short scene with no cum shots.

KD, Pito, Double R:

These three dudes get right at it with plenty of fucking from behind (with condoms). One dude is a handsome Latino with a military style crew cut who gets fucked by the other two guys. The dudes take turns on his tight hole. Soon he is sucking cock and then riding to town with a lil' sit/bounce action. There are some nice large thick loads shot in this scene.

Ramon and JD:

JD is tall/slender with cornrows while Ramon is hot with a shaved head. The dudes are sitting on the couch making out and sucking cocks. They soon end up in a sixty-nine and which leads to some fucking from behind (with condom). Ramon shoots a measly load while JD squirts a nice, thick load.

Bobbito and Joyleto:

Bobbito, a handsome Latino who is wearing a turtleneck pulled up covering have his face, is jerking his uncut cock. He finally shows his entire face as Joyleto (wearing gold plated glasses) sucks his cock. Joyleto bends over and exposes his tight little butt hole. The two get into some kissing followed by Bobbito fucking Joyleto from behind (with condom). Both dudes shoot loads.

Henry and Mico:

Henry (wearing a yellow hat) and Mico (in blue jeans hat) are making out on a leopard print sofa that Dawn Davenport would kill for. The leopard print must bring out the animal in these dudes as they suck each other's cocks, finger-fuck and tease butt holes, fucking from behind and the sit/bounce position (with condoms). There are no cums shots.



Gawd! The technical aspects of "Bootylicious 2" are horrible. The movie is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The picture quality is very grainy. The videography is handheld, very clumsy, and all over the place. The lighting is either too harsh bleaching out the models or non-existent making many of the close-ups of the fucking too dark to see anything. Various crewmembers have no problem with walking right in front of the camera and one scene actually has a fucking telephone cord in front of the camera.


The sound is crummy as well. There are too many people behind the camera talking, the viewer cannot hear the models, and the sound is sometimes muffled.


The extras include scene selections, chapter stops, website information, "Extra Booty" featuring Double X and Jonelle getting it on, and a trailer for "Bootylicious Volume I".

Final Thoughts:

Quantity does not always mean quality. Although there are plenty of scenes, this is one of the worst shot movies I have reviewed. As mentioned, the technical aspects of the film are horrible. Luckily, many of the models are nice looking and have large cocks. Too bad they are wasted on such a sub standard movie. I have watched many lower budget amateur movies that run circles around this one. The meager budget is not the problem here...it's the technical incompetence. Skip it!

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