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Naked and Famous

Studio: Pulse Pictures » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 7/25/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:

Director/star Kimberly Kane and cameraman/editor Jack The Zipper head into strange territory with this one, that I suppose you could call 'alt porn' (though really that label sucks!). It stars an attractive cast of established and up and coming ladies, features some creative set design and some hot sex, and is at least trying for something different. Though there are mistakes made along the way, the good outweighs the bad here's how and why:

Scene 1 Faith, Kimberly Kane And Mr. Marcus: This steamy three way starts off the action nicely with the girls fooling around with one another while Marcus rails Faith from behind. They share his cock with some double blowjob antics for a bit and Faith strokes him before he fucks her pussy doggy style again. After that Marcus puts her against the window and fucks her pussy while they're standing up before turning her around and fucking her from behind some more as Kimberly snaps away with a Polaroid camera. They move into the bathroom and Marcus gets her up on the counter to fuck her box missionary style, then they're on the bed and she's riding him reverse cowgirl. Kimberly comes back into the scene and uses Marcus' hand on herself with Faith continues to ride him, then Marcus stands Faith up and cups her breasts while he fucks her from behind. He rolls her over and fucks her missionary style one last time before pulling out and unloading on her face and into her mouth, ending the scene. Not a bad way to start off but not a great one. Kimberly should have been in on the action more and the camera movements and post production editing tricks get tiring after a while.

Scene 2 Roxy Jezel And Smokin' Mary Jane: With MJ all decked out in a fifties kitten style lingerie suit and looking all the world like Bettie Page, this one is a lot of fun. Roxy ties her up and trash talks her for a bit and then slaps her ass with a cane before spreading her cheeks and tonguing her pussy and ass from behind, slowly at first and then more aggressively, later using her fingers on her. Roxy gets her to stand up then rubs the cane up and down her body before squeezing her ass and poking her with the cane, making her spin around before the scene ends. A nice tribute to the old Irving Klaw loops. If you're into vintage bondage footage or the Bettie Page look, this one should work well for you (it did for me!).

Scene 3 Charlotte Stokely And James Deen: Charlotte starts off blindfolded and the camera zooms around her to dizzying effect. She's topless and wearing a frilly dress below her waist when she starts rubbing herself. After masturbating a fair bit Deen comes in as she's on all fours on the bed. She blows him, his cock pocking through the rails of the headboard and her mascara running down her face. After that she turns around and he fucks her pussy from behind, chocking her lightly and putting his fingers in her mouth. From there he moves around and fucks her missionary style on the bed, his fingers in her mouth again, They sixty-nine and then she sits on his face and bounces for a bit, before she gets on top of his cock and rides him reverse cowgirl style, his fingers in her mouth once again. She rolls over onto her side and he rails her pink pussy that way for a bit, and then they sixty nine and she finishes him with her mouth, taking his load down her throat and spitting it onto his cock. Charlotte is hot and she fucks well even if she is really rather quite in this scene. Her body looks nice and natural and she's a pretty girl with some obvious love for cock.

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Scene 4 Angel Baby And Kimberly Kane: Kimberly is finger fucking Angel while she's bent over when this scene starts off in black and white. From there Angel goes down on her new best friend and licks her pussy (anyone who has seen her in action before knows she's a fantastic pussy licker!). After that Angel bends over and Kimberly works two fingers into her asshole while Angel works her clit. Once that's over with Angel puts on a strap on and fucks Kimberly from behind. After that Angel takes a sizeable butt plug up her ass thanks to Kimberly while she works her own clit again. The scene fades into color, the girls kiss, and it ends. This one had the potential to be really hot as I'm a fan of both ladies and it's nice to see Angel tearing it up as always but like the first scene the camera is too all over the place and the cuts don't last long enough, things switch up too fast. A shame, as the sex was hot and the girls look great.

Scene 5 Dana Vespoli, Kimberly Kane, Otto Bauer and Alec Knight: Dana is hugging Kimberly and fingering her before she bends over and Dana starts eating her out. They finger each other a bit more and get sloppy with the tongue play, frenching each other and taking turns licking each other between the legs. Kimberly fingers Dana's ass with two fingers and then the boys come into the frame. The girls drop to their knees and suck their partners off, switching up a couple of times to make sure everyone gets a sample. The head gets really aggressive and wet and the girls stop to kiss, jerking the boys as they slide their tongues over one another's lips. Dana gets up and gets fucked from behind while sucking the other cock, then they move outside for more of the same only this time she gets fucked in the ass while a horse wanders in dangerously close to the action zone (!!!). Dana gets down on her knees and sucks them both off to finish the scene, licking their cum off of her fingers. This one was hotter until Kimberly left, at which point the girl girl fun ended and it became rather routine. The horse was a rather fucked up touch though.

Scene 6 Dani Woodward, Smoking Mary Jane, and Roxy Jezel: Smokin' Mary Jane has a black dildo affixed to each knees as she sits on the couch and plays with her new appendages, decked out in the same Bettie Page outfit as she wore in her earlier scene. Dani masturbates on a couch and looks pouty and hot and we see her finger her soft looking pussy then we see Roxy doing the same thing, Mary Jane still playing with her toys. The other two girls move into Mary Jane's area and start riding the dildos that are still strapped to her knees, Dani at first and then both of them at the same time. They all kiss as they ride the plastic cocks, and we see the action from a few different angels, which is nice. Roxy sucks one of the cocks while Dani continues to ride and finger fucks MJ's pussy at the same time. MJ returns the fingering favors on Dani, then Dani sucks one off while Roxy rides it doggy style. They're both up there again, Dani spanking Roxy, and then MJ takes them off to eat Dani's pussy while Roxy eats MJ out from behind, working her cunt and her asshole with her tongue and using her fingers on her at the same time. After that Dani goes over and sits on MJ's face, MJ still eating, then Dani sits on MJ's face while Roxy finger fucks her. Roxy uses a red dildo on MJ, who by now has lipstick smeared all over her face, and whose nipples are read from all the pulling that Dani, who is still riding her, has been doing. MJ sits in the middle of the couch with her legs spread and the other two move in on her working a few fingers into her pussy before Roxy lies down with her legs spread so that Dani and MJ can lick her pussy. The scene ends, and there are boners all around. This scene sounds odd, and it is, but the girls all look fantastic and the sex is about as hot as it can get. This one scene makes the whole thing worthwhile. It's creative, unique, cast well, and flat out hot.

Scene 7 Lexi Love, Kimberly Kane And Three Unidentified Guys: Kimberly is getting tossed around a dirty looking room by some hands, and then she starts sucking a cock that appears out of a glory hole. Another cock appears and so does Lexi, and the two girls take turns going down before both sucking dick at the same time. They suck and they stroke drooling and getting nice and messy as they go at it. They share cocks a few times, then go at them solo, and eventually they get a face full of come. This scene suffers from the same problem that the first one did, the editing is too much too fast and the strobe light here just intensifies it and proves to be distracting rather than enhancing.



This shot on video production looks pretty clean presented here in a reasonably stable 1.33.1 fullscreen presentation though it does need to be said that some intentional post production degradation has been done to the image to make it look dirty in spots. There is some mild edge enhancement in a couple of spots and a noticeable bit of mpeg compression evident in some of the darker colors and the blacks but other than that, there's not a lot to complain about. Skin tones look nice and natural, the compositions are dead on, and aside from the fact that this digital video production looks like a digital video production and as such suffers from the minor defects usually associated with the format, everything is coming up roses as far as the look of the film is concerned.


The Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround track is quite sufficient. The dialogue comes through cleanly and clearly as do all of the moans and groans. The soundtrack is mixed in properly at a respectable level most of them time but there are a few spots where the music is definitely louder than it needed to be and as such it slightly overshadows the speaking parts when they do occur. Bass response is nice and lively and overall, for a porno movie, this is a better than average effort.


Aside from animated menus and chapter selection we also get a deleted scene in which Faith masturbates looking right into the camera, fucking her pussy and tugging on her nipples before moving into some delicious girl on girl action with Kimberly. Not an essential scene, but a nice one if you are a fan of either of those two ladies. A behind the scenes featurette runs just under eighteen minutes and features interviews with most of the girls as well as some candid behind the scenes footage where they're preparing for the days work and putting on their make up. It's reasonable interesting and quite funny in spots. Rounding out the extra features is a slideshow of images from the film and from the accompanying photo shoot that play out as a seventeen minute long slideshow, trailers for the feature and trailers for a few other Pulse DVD releases.

Final Thoughts:

This release isn't going to be for everyone, particularly if you like your gonzo style porn straight up without any art direction or experimental attempts at trying something new (and if you do there's nothing wrong with that, it's just that this release isn't geared for that market). Those who are willing to accept some strange visual choices and look past a few scenes that are just flat out over done will find some genuinely erotic action underneath it all. Pulse's release of Naked And Famous looks and sounds decent enough and contains some interesting extras, which is enough to warrant a recommendation!

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