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Room Mates

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 7/25/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Initial Release/Copyright:


Written and Directed By:

Kieth (sic) Webster


Kip Noll, Lee Marlin, and Kourney Mitchell.

The Movie:

This pre-condom classic from 1980 stars California surfer type Kip Noll (appearing here with dark shaggy hair instead of his usual blonde) who is the object of obsessive lust by a former classmate from high school.

Scene One:

Kip and his roommate Lee are rummaging through a box of items when he discovers his old yellow satin jacket from Waipeau High School. Kip is soon remembering his high school days: sitting in his bedroom (complete with poster of The Fonz!) while leafing though a magazine (with The Fonz on the cover!) Hmmmm. I wonder who he has a crush on? Kip begins to rub the bulge in his cut-off jeans shorts as images of the fictional 1950s greaser with snappy one-liners arouses him.

Kip pulls out his big ten inch cut cock (with nice full pubes) and begins to jack off and play with his hairy nuts. "I rolled a joint somewhere. I know I put it some place. I remember rolling it...must have been that Colombian...such excellent pot. I can't find it." From Kip's ramblings, I believe he may have already smoked that joint! Kip continues to stroke his large cock, spits on his palm, and really work his knob...finally letting loose with a big ol' load in slow motion.

Scene Two:

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Kip and his roommate Lee (another cute dude with a 1970s blow-dry hair style) begin to kiss, lick each other's nipples ("I like your tits!") and rub bodies. Kip suggests, "let's get naked" as the two dudes strip revealing their hard cocks. Lee has a nice sized cut dick with plenty of dark pubes ("rub your nose against my pubes!"). The dudes spit on those cocks and begin a hot mutual jack off that leads to Kip sucking Lee's cock. There is plenty of cock fighting as the two rub their hard tools together.

Lee sucks Kip's cock and eats his hairy butt and balls ("take my balls! Lick me!"). Kip fucks Lee's face and shoots a big load on his hair, face, and in his mouth. Kip quickly lubes his cock and Lee's hairy ass and fucks him from behind ("nice and tight! Feels Good! Locomotive!") Kip dumps another thick load on Lee's butt as a cool 1970s guitar wails on the soundtrack. Kip licks his cum off of Lee's butt and back. Of course, Kip is still horny as he fucks Lee for a second time in the missionary position and sucks his toes! More loads are shot.

Scene Three:

Obsessive former high school buddy (cute with dark hair and full pubes) thumbs through a year book (which is really a porno magazine featuring nude photographs of Kip) while rambling on and on: "Yes I know Kip. I still see what you wrote in our class book. 'best wishes, Kip Noll'....I can't stand it any longer. If I can't have you Kip, I'll have you in spirit." Scary! I think someone has a few issues. Dude chokes his big uncut chicken pulling the heavy foreskin up and over his knob. Dude works himself into a sexual frenzy stroking his hard dong and looking at those photographs. Dude shoots a big load all over the cover of the magazine/"school year book".



"Room Mates" is shot on what looks like 16-millimeter film and presented in full screen. The camera work consists of basic angles providing the viewer with plenty of close-ups. Scene Two features a trippy fast zoom in and out at one point. The editing is solid and keeps the scenes moving along at a nice pace. The picture quality is a bit grainy but looks quite good for being twenty-six years old.


The sound features hilarious voice-overs that make no attempt to match up with what the guys are actually saying. The music is variety of very groovy 1970s "Charlie's Angeles" type tunes, basic wah-wah porn music of the 1970s, melodramatic soap opera music, acidy guitars, and jazzy keyboards. All music sounds like it was recorded in a tin can.


The extras include: "Jump to a Scene", chapter stops, website information, and trailers for three vintage movies "Kansas City Trucking Co.", "El Paso Wrecking Corp.", and "L.A. Tool & Die".

Final Thoughts:

Oh Man! "Room Mates" is a great piece of nostalgia from days gone by. The sex is hot and I love every cheesy thing about this movie: hilarious dialogue such as "The very best thing I remember about Kip was when he discovered his manhood. Oh! How I wanted to be there!" and "I wish I was under his grrrrooooovvvvyyy body!", the ultra cool music, and the ugly sets with one featuring the Fonzie poster! I wonder what Mrs. C. and Lil' Joanie would think?

The main attraction here is Kip Noll. He's a cute surfer type dude with a nice slender body, smooth chest, big cock, full pubes, and longish dark hair. Kip, with his boyish good looks, first appeared in the films of William Higgins (an innovative director of all-male erotica) and became well known in the world of 1970s to mid 1980s gay porn. A number of movies featured dudes with the last name of Noll who were billed as Kip's brothers. Although there are only three scenes, I recommend "Room Mates" to fans of vintage movies and guys who just want a taste of what the late 1970s/early 1980s porn scene was like. It's very different from the slick movies of today featuring cloned pretty boys with shaved bodies. So, light some incense, spark up a doobie, and enjoy Kip Noll in all his groovy glory.

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