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Visitors, The

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/28/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The Visitors

Wicked Pictures

Genre: Horror

Director: Michael Raven

Cast: Kristen Price, Barrett Blade, Avena Lee, Eric Masterson, Cassie Courtland, Marcos Leon, Keri Sable, Chris Evans, Kimberly Kane, Evan Stone
Non-sex roles: Eva Angelina, Michael Raven, Frankee D., Thomas Priest, Roxanne Hall, Mark Nicholson, Adam A. Codocious, Karl De Goza, Patric Kelly, Dylan Jordan, Walt Alias, Desiree, John Jacob, Penny Swing, (others uncredited)

Length: 94 minutes

Date of Production: 6/12/2005

Extras: The first disc was light on extras, preferring to place them on the second disc instead. The sole extra on the first disc was the audio commentary with director Michael Raven, and performers Kirsten Price, Kimberly Kane, and Avena Lee. They started out acting quite drunk (cheering for Michael during the credits) and most of the interesting facts came from Michael with the gals tossing in irrelevant commentary as the movie progressed. It wasn't in my top fifty porn commentaries of all time but I listened to it while typing up my review so I can't say I really lost a lot of valuable time with it either. The second disc however proved to contain a wealth of solid extras like only Wicked Pictures seems able to offer these days.Taking a wholistic approach, the second disc's extras were labeled somewhat differently than previous releases under four headings: Classified_Recon, Analysis_Database, Auxiliary_Stimulus, and Intelligence_Report. They were the same general top end extras Wicked has offered in the past but it was nice to see some creativity used to present them differently. Under Classified, the first extra was Incident At Desert City; a 24 minute long Behind the Scenes look at the movie as shot by both Red Ezra and Robert Victoria Woodhill. I liked how much the clips displayed the cast members in various states of readiness for their scenes and the exposition given by Mr. Raven and it was a decidedly better extra than the commentary. The next extra was FX_Above Top Secret, a 2 minute look at the special effects as narrated by Michael Raven. Reconnaissance was up next; showing Thomas Priest and Michael Raven looking for locations in Texas (well, the car he drove had Texas stickers) using 5 minutes of clips. Eyewitness Sketches was simply a minute or so of footage showing a series of black & white drawings of alien encounters. The last extra of the first section being an interview with Michael Raven lasting almost 8 minutes (there wasn't a lot of unique material if you've listened to the commentary and watched the other extras but it wasn't a bad bit for fans of the movie either).

The second section of extras began with a 15 minute long bit called Sexual Interrogation; a look at the sex scenes with far better lighting and less grain. In a sense, this extra was more strokable than the movie itself, even with the edits and mistakes left in. As in most of Raven's previous outings for Wicked Pictures, there was a montage reel of the ladies posing for still shots that was pretty hot due to the nudity. There was a sex toy molding session with Kirsten Price lasting about 6.5 minutes (if you've never seen one of these, it might change your idea of sex toys forever) that was cool too. This was followed by a trivia game where if you answered a handful (5) of questions about the movie correctly, you'd be rewarded with a sex scene of Kirsten blowing a guy (it looked like Barrett Blade from the tattoo & piercing; but the camera angle wasn't designed to show his identity). Unlike the 16mm look of the movie, the scene was clearly done in video was solid porn lighting, even though done to look like a night scene too. It was a 5.5 minute slice of Heaven for those willing to make the minimal effort. The final two extras on this section of the second disc were bonus scenes from other movies; All About Keri and But I'm With The Band as described below. The first easily found Easter Egg was a third choice here with Evan Stone preparing for a scene while his two dogs hung around him in the SUV.

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The third set of extras began with some deleted footage in the form of bloopers. Goof up reels are always cute to watch and this was no exception with just over three minutes of messed up lines. That was followed by a short CGI/sketch extra, some more deleted bits (nothing special though-just dialogue), a music video for the fairly interesting song used in the movie Take Me Away by Billy Missle featuring Hillary Hightower as directed by Michael Raven. It used some clips from the movie as well as extra CGI effects, making it well worth checking out in my book. The next section had many of the traditional extras including trailers to The Visitors, Camp Cuddly Pines, Crème Brulee, Rendezvous, Country Style, Hook Ups 10, Curse Eternal, and 3 Wishes; the 2005 and 2006 Wicked Pictures promo reels, the standard DVD-ROM stuff like company profile, award winners and nominations, desktop backgrounds, and a link to the company website; the Wicked Pictures DVD catalog by year; some spam, and another Easter Egg; this time a clip with a birthday celebration for Mark Nicholson.

The final section had all the usual photogalleries and star statistics. The first section had 5 sets of star stats and yet another Easter Egg, this time with Avena Lee talking about aliens and her sexual experiences for a minute. Then came the five female performer photogalleries, five similar photogalleries of the sex scenes, another Easter Egg; with Kirsten Price showing her pantiless kung fu skills. The final two extras here were the last two photogalleries (a BTS one and a general one for the movie), though it should be noted that the DVD cover was a true double sided cover as well.

Special Extras Note: As one of the big titles of the year for the company, Wicked Pictures also commissioned a light up pen, a T-Shirt, several discs worth of teasers and additional material as discussed in previous editions of the weekly Blue Room Column.

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: The Visitors was presented in 1.85:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Michael Raven for Wicked Pictures. Those familiar with Michael's previous works will appreciate his love of 16mm film and/or the film "look" so, as expected, he went with that for this movie too. This means there was grain, video noise, a lot of special effects like smoke, and the movie was a collection of scenes shot at night to begin with. If you're looking for a porn flick with some story to it, you'll end up being disappointed unless you're looking for a grade B horror flick that happens to have some hardcore, albeit slight, sex to it. As a horror flick though, he used his standard bunch of tricks to come up with an intriguing movie with enough suspense to keep your mind off the fact that this is porn and with minor changes (we're talking mere moments), the movie could be re-edited to make it cable worthy. All of the visual flaws seemed intentional though so while it was not great looking as porn; it was very good looking as a low end horror movie. The audio was presented with a very full selection of choices including the Wicked Pictures standard 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround English track, a similar "music only" track, a "dialogue only" track, dubbed tracks in Spanish and German, or the audio commentary track. The subtitles were offered in Italian, Greek, and English for the Hearing Impaired too. In all, the auditory experience of the DVD was several steps above average with the primary track displaying a lot of care to properly blend the vocals, music, and sound effects to enhance the horrific aspects of the movie's central theme.

Body of Review: Wicked Pictures has long been my favorite feature porn company. I have supported them as such since they were almost totally reliant on Jenna Jameson as their primary draw, usually finding plenty to appreciate from the efforts of their talented directors and lovely contract performers. In recent years, they have scaled back the number of their movies but still manage to impress me with how each director they have seems to address a niche so well; from Armstrong's movies on relationships, to Morgan's comedies, to Stanley's quirky offerings, to Raven's little erotica pieces. Today's review is on a title just released by the company called The Visitors. Directed by Michael Raven it was a compact little horror flick about alien abductions that would have been suitable for a mainstream audience but for the limited amount of short sex scenes it offered. I'm not going to ruin the story (yes, there was one) or the surprise ending for you so I'll stick with providing a breakdown of the sex scenes (all used condoms) but it should be noted that this was yet another step forward in bringing porn closer to a mainstream audience.

Scene One: Kristen Price, a very lovely contract gal at Wicked Pictures, and her real life lover Barrett Blade, were up first in the movie as they worked each other over in the back of a pickup truck bed at night in a rural area. Like most of the night scenes, the picture was kind of grainy but the couple had some chemistry together as they had some fun. The blowjob was shorter than I generally appreciate and her active ride on his cock was similarly truncated but the scene did strike me as more realistic than most porn sex. If you're looking to stroke off, it won't cut but it was a nice change of pace as "porn meets grade B movie" type of thing.

Scene Two: Avena Lee, a cute little Asian with a healthy sexual appetite, was up next on a couch with Eric Masterson. This scene was also shot at night and had what I'd call real life sex, with them making out before he fingered her and she blew him. The hummer was noisy and skillfully applied, with him giving nearly as well as he received in return. They screwed (magically, they even showed the condom being put on; a rarity in porn these days!) but he did most of the work as the trail park duo bumped uglies. The penetrative sex was again far too short and he rubbed out a load to her abdomen, concluding round two of the movie.

Scene Three: Cassie Courtland, a cute blonde that I enjoy watching in bright lights, was up next by a dim campfire at night in the woods with Marcos Leon. The majority of the scene this time was a handjob with her attending to his shaft orally as well but there was no penetrative sex. Having been in a similar situation myself more than a few times, I know that it can be nearly as much fun but even her playful sense of getting him off seemed a bit light for a contemporary porno. The blowjob also lacked that porn BJ approach as she focused most of her efforts on the tip while she jerked him off for those into more realistic oral.

Scene Four: Keri Sable, the former contract gal featured on the front DVD cover, was up next with Chris Evans on the back of a pickup truck at night. The couple kissed, he went down on her, and she reciprocated with a porn style blowjob. They screwed vaginally and then anally with him doing most of the work, resulting in a modest popshot to her abdomen. The scene was surprisingly short and left me with the impression that it originally lasted much longer but was edited way down.

Scene Five: Kimberly Kane, the blonde female lead of the movie, was up next as she made out with the mighty Evan Stone in her bed in the trailer. They kissed a lot longer than usual and he went down on her in the usual porn flick manner, seemingly abandoning the previous style employed during the movie. This led to her teasing him with a sloppy hummer and once again letting the audience see a condom put on before she straddled him. They only boned vaginally and for two positions before he jerked off to her open mouth, ending the majority of sex (with the following slight exception as noted). They had more chemistry than any of the other couples from the looks of the sex, showing some passion too, but not enough to save the movie sexually as a stroke flick.

Scene 5.1: Kimberly Kane, aboard the alien craft, was spread eagled on a lit bed as she was penetrated by a weird device. While technically it shouldn't be included as a sex scene, combined with her naked showering, it wasn't much different thematically than several of the other scenes given how short they were.

Bonus Scene 1: All About Keri: Kimberly Kane, a sexually aggressive bleach blonde with a lean but curvy body, was up first as girlfriend to Eric Masterson; the director of the show. She pulled him away from his typewriter to get a little action, starting with him going down on her to convince her into doing some anal ("just the tip" he begged). She wasn't buying it though and he had to settle for some powerfully active vaginal in a few positions, the kind of compromise most of us could live with (and a metaphor for the larger themes of the movie). Still, from the beginning grope to the ending facial, the two seemed to hit it off nicely with some solid chemistry and passion; making it a decent scene.

Bonus Scene 2: But I'm With The Band: Kirsten Price, the current contract gal with nicer curves than lesbian scene partner Keri Sable, showed she was talented at cunnilingus in the bathroom stall after complaining about modern rock practices that excluded her from seeing the band backstage. The dialogue was a bit cheesy but fitting and cute, with the gals having some fun with each other. In fairness to Keri, her body shape was more suitable to the cramped stall than the curvier Kristen but I like gals with curves so your mileage may vary as to which of them you like the most. Most of the action was fingering this time, though the purple vibrator came in handy too. It was fun though limited in many ways, fitting in with the theme of the movie more than a little (and Keri's technical DP looked pretty darned hot).

Summary: The Visitors is not the type of porno you'll want to pick up as a movie to jerk off to. While that sounds like the kiss of doom for any adult release, it did succeed nicely as a tight little horror movie designed to keep your attention between the sex scenes. I know that sounds counterintuitive but the fact is that the market Wicked Pictures is going for is not the same as your generic gonzo company and this title was one of their best all year in that regard. In terms of displaying sexuality more heatedly, Curse Eternal was better by a wide margin just as the parodies Camp Cuddly Pines or Space Nuts were clearly larger budget titles with more trimmings. Still, The Visitors was closer to the mark in terms of providing a mainstream flick that happened to have some sex in it than just about any Wicked Pictures movie I can recall and I dare say will be a great gateway movie to share with someone not into traditional porn. The acting was on par with most syndicated late night television shows, as were the special effects, but if you're looking for the kind of porno you can share with that special someone, I'd suggest this as Highly Recommended. Expect to see the movie mentioned a lot at awards time given the manner in which it was created, Raven returning to his roots of "porn with a plot" in a big way.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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