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Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 7/28/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

April 2006

Written and Directed By:

Doug Jeffries


Jan Fischer, Benjamin Bradley, Tyler Riggz, Johnny Hazzard, Tommy Blade, Scott Swann, Nick Mazzaro, Matt Cole.

The Movie:

A group of small-time criminals break into houses, steal junk food from convenience stores, spray paint "fuck you" on buildings, and smash car windows. Unknown to these dudes, the local police department has a secret/sinister plan. One of these criminals will soon find out what it is.....

Scene One:

Matt Cole (a hot muscular dude who reminds me of a younger Bruce Campbell) is sitting at a bar with two bad dudes Jan Fischer (cute with brown hair/blonde highlights) and rough n' tumble Scott Swann. The bartender slips an unsuspecting Matt a "Mickey" with the other two dude's knowledge. Once the drug kicks in, Jan and Scott begins to kiss Matt and feel his body. The bar is abruptly closed as the three head back to the pool table.

There is plenty of kissing and body rubbing as Scott sinks to his knees and takes Matt's big cut cock into his mouth. Jan works Matt's hard eraser tip nipples though his tight tee shirt. Jan joins Scott in sucking that fat cock and balls with plenty of deep throat. Scott fucks Jan from behind (with condom). Scott eats Matt's shaved hole and teases his tight pucker with the tip of his tongue. Jan steals Matt's wallet and disappears as Matt sucks Scott's cut cock. Matt fucks Scott in the missionary position (with condom) on the pool table. Scott jacks and shoots a load on his stomach while still being fucked. Hot Matt cums on Scott's balls.

Scene Two:

Two hunky but asshole police officers Tyler Riggz (crew cut and nice muscular body) and hot Latino Nick Marazzo decide to head to the park and goof off for the rest of their shift. Unfortunately, Jan Fischer and beautiful Latino Tommy Blade are in the same park smoking a joint. The siren is soon blaring as the cops bust the two dudes, smoke their joint, and call them "fags".

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Jan and Tommy are soon down on their knees sucking the officer's cut cocks. These two dudes really know how to suck a mean cock and deep throat. Jan takes Tyler's big cock like a pro. The sucking turns into an all out four-way on the patrol car hood. Tyler eats Tommy's butt while Tommy munches on Jan's ass. Jan is sucking Nick's cock. Tyler really gets in there and chows down on Tommy's hairy little hole and then fucks him with a nightstick. Nick fucks Jan from behind (with condom) while Tyler fucks Tommy in the same position (with condom). The positions switch to missionary as the cops fuck these dudes. Tommy shoots a nice load onto his washboard abs and then is tied to a tree! Tyler and Nick shoot their loads on Tommy and Jan does not cum. Jan is taken to the police station for interrogation.

Scene Three:

Hot and scruffy Benjamin Bradley is stoking his cut cock while being interrogated by very handsome detective Johnny Hazard (dark hair, olive complexion). Johnny wants to know "why do you keep fucking with your dick? Why do you keep playing with yourself?" To obtain answers, Johnny starts kissing Benjamin and teasing his mouth and cock with a long nightstick. I must say these are interesting methods to get information.

Body rubbing and nipple sucking ensure as Johnny searches for those answers. Johnny sucks Benjamin's cock and balls and get a nice face fucking. Johnny begins to eat Benjamin's pulsing pucker, shoots him full of dope, and fucks him from behind with the night stick (which is covered with a condom). Benjamin sucks Johnny's big cut cock with wild abandon running his slobbering mouth up and down the fat shaft. Benjamin fucks Johnny's hairy butt from behind (with condom). Benjamin shoots a large creamy load while Johnny cums on Benjamin's butt cheeks.

Scene Four:

Jan is being interrogated by an older, hard-boiled detective (in a non-sexual role). Jan is full of attitude as the detective tells him: "You know, we have more advanced methods to break you from your deviant behavior..." The detective quickly shoots Jan up with dope and sends him on a wild mind-fuck of a trip.

Jan is naked sitting in a barber's chair as his hair is shaved off. Jan suddenly has a new haircut and color as his clone enters the room. Clone sucks Jan's hard cut cock with a nice deep throat technique. Clone licks and eats Jan's tight hole and produces a set of large red anal beads. Jan's butt is well lubed as the anal beads are slowly inserted one by one and then pulled out. The Clone brings out a huge purple dildo. The Clone greases the humongous sex toy up and slowly works it into Jan's butt hole. At this point, Poindexter was slack-jawed in amazement! Gawd! Jan shoots a large load onto his stomach.



"Delinquents" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Ross Cannon, Hugh Wilde, and Adam Killian is excellent providing plenty of hot close-ups. The editing by CH is equally strong with some very cool techniques and keeps the scenes moving along at enjoyable pace. The picture quality is very sharp and clear.


The sound is clear providing many sounds of pleasure and moans (especially with that big purple dildo!). The music is a variety of techno and slower instrumental. The song during the closing credits is an ultra cool/hip jazz number that would be perfect for a David Lynch film.


The extras include scene selection, chapter stops, website information, a "Popshot-on-demand" option,"Wrap it Up" safe sex PSA starring Miss Chi Chi LaRue. A bonus disc includes an extensive behind the scenes look and the model photoshoots.

Final Thoughts:

"Delinquents" is very well made with high production values, cool innovative editing, and very sexy dudes (my personal favorites being Matt Cole, Tommy Blade, and Johnny Hazzard). The sex is quite hot and a big turn-on. I cannot include enough positive comments about the videography and editing. The scenes are set at a leisurely pace but never become dull or monotonous. Scene Four is a complete trip with Jan Fischer having sex with his clone. The viewer cannot tell that this is really just one dude with a body-double. The shots match up perfectly making the scene very believable. The huge purple dildo fucking was incredible. I've never seen anyone take such a huge toy. "Delinquents" is all-male erotica at its best. I highly recommend to all.

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