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View To A Thrill

Studio: VCA » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 7/29/06

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Year of Production:


Directed By:

Marc Fredrics


Rex Chandler, Steve Henson, Adam Grant, Kevin Sharpe, Michael White, Corey Savage.

The Movie:

"You know me. Chandler. Rex Chandler. Secret Agent for Xynax. My job is to do what needs to be done." Rex Chandler jumps into his blue Cherokee Chief, heads to the airport, and catches a plane to Honolulu to begin his next mission.

The movie was made before the regular use of condoms in porn so all the fucking is bareback. Except for Mr. Chandler, there are no photographs to match the names with the faces so I'll use nicknames to describe the scenes.

Scene One:

Once in Hawaii, Rex (handsome with tall/muscular body and bleached hair) plans to update Special Agent Phillips (a cute hunk with blonde hair and smooth, oiled pecs) on the mission. Agent Phillips is doing chin-ups in tight white briefs and a mission is the last thing on his mind. Phillips licks and sucks Rex's chest, nipples, and back while he rubs himself. Rex is soon hanging upside down from the exercise bar as Phillips eats his butt and sucks his big cut cock.

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The two retire to the sofa for more sucking as a large snake slithers over the back of the sofa, Rex's thigh, and onto the floor. Rex fucks Phillips from behind while standing up. Am I watching softcore porn? There are no close-ups or penetration for quite some time. Finally there is some real fucking as Rex takes Phillips in the missionary position and then from behind. Rex shoots a nice load on Phillips' back while Phillips jacks his cut cock and shoots a load on his own stomach and hand.

Scene Two:

More softcore action as a dude with brown 1980s hair ("Dude X") receives an endless massage. Finally, there is some real sex as a handsome dude with dark hair ("Dude Z") enters the picture and the masseuse disappears. The two guys begin to make out and feel each other's bodies. Soon, both stiff cut cocks are out and Dude X starts sucking cock. The sucking leads to fucking as Dude X enters Dude Z's butt in the missionary position and then switches to doggy style. Dude X shoots two descent loads while Dude Z's load is tiny.

Scene Three:

Dude X (from Scene Two) is on a boat having his cut cock sucked by a cute guy with blonde hair ("Dude B"). Dude X begins to fuck Dude B in the missionary position as Rex sneaks on board. Dude X stops fucking and jumps into the water leaving Rex alone with Dude B. Dude B eats Rex's ass and really gets into the butt munching pulling Rex's balls at the same time. Dude B sinks down on Rex's hard cock and begins to ride up 'n down. Rex shoots his load on Dude B's butt while Dude B sqirts a big load.

Scene Four:

Rex gets his big cock sucked by a handsome dude with blonde hair and muscular body ("Dude Y"). While Dude Y is sucking Rex, Rex reaches forward and fucks him with a dildo. The cock sucking and dildo fucking continues for some time. The dildo is then replaced with a real tool as Rex fucks him from behind. Eventually, Rex squirts a big load on Dude Y's winking butt hole and Dude Y jerks a load out of his cut cock.



"View to A Thrill" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography by Director Marc Fredrics is descent providing plenty of close-ups. For the most part, the editing by Derik Spencer and Marc Fredrics is satisfactory but the scenes go on for much too long, become dull and monotonous at times. The picture quality is descent allowing a clear view of the action.


The sound is clean providing ample opportunity for Rex Chandler's endless voice-overs as he attempts to explain some convoluted plot. The theme song is hilarious as the singer warbles on and on. Other music includes a James Bond copycat instrumental. Oh yeah, there are also plenty of sex noises as these mostly blonde hunks do their thang.


The extras include scene selection, chapter stops, website information, and trailers for vintage movies "Kansas City Trucking Co.", "El Paso Wrecking Corp.", and "L.A. Tool & Die".

Final Thoughts:

Although Rex Chandler is a handsome dude, "View to A Thrill" is dull. The film takes much too long getting to the actual sex. When the sex does start, there are endless softcore shots before any hardcore action. The videography provides the basic porn camera shots and the editing needs to be tighter. At one point, Scene One seems more like a home decorating show as the videograpers are more interested in the room's decor than the sex. Since Rex Chandler is the star, more dark-haired dudes would have been preferable. There are too many dudes with bleached hair and they all look similar. The movie is mediocre and I suggest a rental for Rex Chandler fans only.

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