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Anyone Can Play

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 8/1/06

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Date of Production:

March 2005

Directed By:

Edfran Jr.


Junior Veroneze, Wagner Diesel, Mendez, Apollo May, Kenzo, Bryan, Ariel, Leandro, Kelvin.

The Movie:

Brazilian dudes play soccer but are more interested in playing grab-ass on the field in anticipation for post game fun. The coach has an interesting way of dealing with injuries: a lil' cock stroking and a quick slurp or two on the tools.

The Dudes:

These nine Brazilian dudes look to be in their early to mid twenties. There are a variety of body types: muscular, tall/slender, husky, and average. All the dudes have smooth chests, dark hair (although some have blonde highlights that have turned almost orange). The pubes are full, trimmed, and shaved and the cocks are mostly uncut with at least two cut.

Scene One:

This post game three-way consists of the coach (dark hair, semi husky build) and two hunky players with nice muscular/tight bodies. The players relax on lounge chairs as the coach takes turns sucking their uncut cocks while they kiss. Coach finally strips revealing a nice uncut cock of his own as he continues to suck the two players. "Suck it! Bite it! Bite it!" "Blow my whistle!" There is plenty of body rubbing and making out.

The two players take their turn fucking coach from behind with condom as coach continues to suck cock. Coach is soon playing a bit of the ol' sink/bounce as one of the players exclaims: "Yeah! Suck his cock and jump on my dick! This is good!" Coach demands "C'mon. Fuck me on doggy!" All three dudes get off as the players shoot their loads on the coach while coach cums on his own stomach.

Scene Two:

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Two hunks (both with short dark hair, muscular bodies, smooth chests, with one dude being uncut and the other cut) are looking for the missing soccer ball. The dudes begin to make out with plenty of soul kissing and roamin' hands. These dudes have great dark, pointy nipples that practically scream to be sucked. Luckily, that is exactly what they do. There is some ass eating but no good close-ups. The dudes take turns sucking each other's hard dongs and eventually end up rubbing their cocks and balls together as one dude lies on top of the other. There is some fucking missionary style and side/missionary (with condom) with plenty of nice penetration shots. The dudes end up with some more dry humping, jack off and shoot generous loads.

Scene Three:

Two dudes (one is dark-headed with average body; the other is tall/thin with longish curly hair) are walking down some steep outdoor steps as they complain to be sore. The soreness is completely forgotten as the dudes begin to kiss and feel each other up. There is plenty of cock sucking as the two switch back and forth pleasuring both uncut tools. There is some ass eating but again, as with Scene Two, no decent close-ups of the rimming. The sucking leads to fucking (with condom) in the side/missionary and doggy style. "Your ass is delicious, dude!" One guy receives a nice facial of thick man juice while the other dumps a load on his friend's chest.

Scene Four:

Another duo is walking around the field (one dude has a sexy buzz cut while the other has long hair, both have nice slender/tight bodies and uncut cocks). The two discuss the game and then proceed to make out with plenty of tongue and body rubbing. Buzz goes down on his pal's large cock slobbering and referring to it as "my trophy". Buzz's pal kind of returns the favor by sucking his cock for a short time (and does not look very into it). Buzz gets taken from behind (with condom), performs some sink/bounce, and finally the missionary position. Buzz cums on his pal's chest as Long Hair jacks and cums on Buzz's chin.



"Anyone Can Play" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography by Edfran Jr. and Ricardo Souza provides the standard camera angles and plenty of nice close-ups (except for the rimming). The editing by Thiago P. is tight and keeps each scene moving along at a nice pace. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is clear with plenty of talking (Spanish with English subtitles) and sexual moaning. The music is of the groovy 1970s "Charlie's Angles" variety. I was waiting to hear " Sabrina, I'll head him off at the pass."


The extras include chapter stops, scene selection, and a slide show gallery featuring photographs by Barrabaz of the models and scenes from the movie.

Final Thoughts:

There is nothing in "Anyone Can Play" that distinguishes it from hundreds of other porn movies. On the plus side, the editing is nice and the picture quality is very clear. Most of the models are handsome with a few not being my bottle o' beer. I always say looks are subjective, so I am sure all viewers will find someone they like in the movie. The videography for the most part is solid...which leads me to the minuses. There is plenty of butt munching. Too bad the viewer is never allowed a good clear view of it. The models seem to just be going through the motions of the sex with no real interest or passion. If two dudes are really into it, the viewer can tell. These dudes seem to not really care one way or the other. I'll go with a Rent It for fans of Brazilian dudes and outdoor sex.

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