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Buckle Roos Part I

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 8/5/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

May 2004

Directed By:

Jerry Douglas and John Rutherford

The Cast:

Dean Phoenix, Marcus Iron, Owen Hawk, Josh Hardman, Todd Maxwell, Diego De La Hoya, Brad Benton, Ricky Martinez, Arpad Miklos, Jake Andrews, Edu Boxer, Chris Wide, Mike Dasher, Sam Shadon, and Zak Spears.

The Movie:

A mystic Man in Black (Zak Spears) helps the dudes of the Beefland Ranch discover the pleasures of sex, friendship, and love.

The Dudes:

COLT Studios has brought together a very nice variety of hunks with an age range in the early twenties to forties. All the dudes are hot and have muscular bodies. There is a mix of hairy and smooth chests, full/trimmed pubes, and cut/uncut cocks.

Scene One:

Dean Phoenix and Marcus Iron are leaning against the bar of the local watering hole. They are decked out in their tight white pants, western shirts, and cowboy boots and hats. Marcus heads for the "back room" leaving Dean to cruise a hunky blonde (Josh Hardman). Josh moseys on up to the bar to kiss Dean and rub his hard crotch. Once in the privacy of the bar's attic, there is plenty of makin' out and body rubbing. Josh sinks to his knees as Dean releases his big uncut cock...he's more than ready to suck Dean's tool and plump balls.

Dean pulls his foreskin over the knob and offers it to Josh who lovingly sucks the long overhang. Josh eats Dean's hairy butt hole and continues to suck cock. As he sucks, Josh reaches behind and plays with his own tight hole. Dean fucks Josh from behind(with condom)as Josh strokes his hard cut cock. Dean fucks that ass and throws his arms up in the air as if he was riding a bucking bronco (which he pretty much is). Josh sinks his tight hole down on Dean's hard member and begins to bounce up and down providing us with a nice view of Dean's hairy crack and balls. Dean jacks and shoots a nice thick load on his own stomach. Copycat! Josh squeezes a load onto Dean's stomach as well.

Scene Two:

The next morning, Marcus is speeding down the road in his pickup truck to purchase some feed sacks. He is promptly pulled over by a hot State Trouper (Todd Maxwell). Todd orders Marcus out of the truck, pats him down, and begins to question him: "Lots of devil weed bein' smoked through these parts lately. You ever smoke any devil weed?" In response, Marcus hefts his bulging basket and claims he hasn't smoked dope since high school.

After the two relocate to a secluded area, Todd pulls out a big joint (the devil weed---not his cock....yet), lights up, and takes a long hit. As the dudes get high, they begin to make out and rub each other's bodies. Marcus pulls out his big thick cut cock and Todd wraps his fist around it. Todd lowers to his knees and begins to suck Marcus' tool with plenty of deep throat. Marcus places his hands on Todd's head and fucks his face. Marcus is now in command as he orders Todd to strip and begins to tease Todd's hard cut cock with the nightstick.

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Marcus fucks Todd with the tip of the nightstick twisting it around...much to Todd's delight as he really rides that stick. Marcus fucks Todd from behind (with condom). "Fuck my ass! Fuck my hole!" Marcus switches to the missionary position as he continues to fuck Todd in the front seat of the truck. Todd shoots a load on his hairy thigh. Marcus cums as Todd plays with his tight n' hairy hole. Marcus eats his own load.

Scene Three:

Dean's teenaged (18+) nephew Jimmy Joe (Owen Hawk) shows up at the ranch after running away from home. Flashback: Owen, clad in Daisy Dukes and cowboy boots, is thumbing a ride. A hot dude (Diego De La Hoya) stops in his red convertible and offers Owen a ride. Within moments, the two have their uncut cocks out and are playing with each other. Owen goes down on Diego's hard cock...hope Diego pays attention to the road. Diego picks up another young (18+) hitchhiker named "Freckles"! (very cute Brad Benton).

After pulling off onto a side road, Diego sucks Brad's hard cut cock and balls with plenty of deep throat and face fucking while Owen makes out with Brad. Brad kisses Diego with plenty of tongue and then goes down on Owen. Owen's hairy hole is spread wide as Diego spits on it and begins to munch down...leading to some finger fucking. Diego becomes quite busy as he spreads Brad's butt cheeks and eats his hole as well. Brad really digs having his hole eaten as he moans with pleasure. There is a butt hole buffet as Diego eats Brad and Brad eats Owen.

There are plenty of oral switch-ups as each dude takes turns sucking cock and having his tool sucked. Owen is spread eagle missionary on the convertible's hood as Diego eats his pucker and Brad sucks Owen's cock. More hot finger fucking ensues leading to Diego fucking Owen from behind (with condom) as Brad fucks Diego from behind (with condom). It's a fucking conga line! As with the cock sucking, there are plenty of butt-fucking switch ups as each dude gets fucked and has a chance to do the fucking. All three dudes jack off and shoot nice loads.

Scene Four:

Hot dude (Ricky Martinez) and his equally sexy boyfriend (Arpad Miklos) are making love to themselves in front of mirrors creating a slow-simmer of narcissistic pleasure. The dudes hungrily rub their own chests, nipples, and hard bulges. Ricky pulls out his large/fat uncut cock and begins to slowly stroke it...capping and uncapping his long foreskin up and over his slick pink cock knob. Arpad is rubbing his hard uncut cock against the mirror making his foreskin slide back and forth.

Arpad teases his hairy butt crack, spreads his cheeks exposing his tight hairy hole, and begins to tease it with the tip of his fingers. Ricky begins to lick and suck his own cockhead! Arpad follows the lead and begins to lick his own cock knob as well. Very hot! Both dudes lie down in twin beds and continue sucking their own thangs and fingering their own holes. There is plenty of foreskin play as Ricky pulls and stretches his overhang and begins to lick and suck it and finally tugging on it. Ricky jacks a decent load into his own mouth as Arpad shoot a very large load onto his own tongue and eats it.

Scene Five:

Dean and Marcus are back at the bar and are invited to a private after-hour's shindig by muscle-bound Jake Andrews. It's always a pleasure to see Jake Andrews, as he is fucking hot!! Dean and Marcus stay at the sidelines and just jack off while they watch the five dudes, including Jake, get it on.

This hot group grope fest is accompanied by some foot-stompin' down home Texas Two Step ditties. The dudes make out, rub bodies, play with hard nipples, cock stroking and sucking dick. Damn! These dudes know how to suck a mean cock with plenty of deep throat action. The cock sucking is followed by plenty of butt munching, finger fucking, and fucking (with condoms). The seven dudes work themselves into a frenzy as each eventually jacks off and shoots a load.



"Buckle Roos Part I" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Todd Montgomery (with second camera work by my gal Mr. Pam) is professional providing many close-ups and an excellent view of the sex. The editing by Andrew Rosen is equally professional and keeps the action and scenes moving at a perfect pace. The picture quality is consistently sharp, crisp, and clear.


The sound is sharp and clear. The music by Nicholas Pavkovic and Rock Hard is quite good. There are plenty of country western instrumentals featuring guitar, drums, banjos, and keyboards. The music perfectly fits the cowboy/ranch theme of the movie.


The extras include a scene selection option, chapter stops, a gallery of cast photos beautifully shot by Mick Hicks, Jeff Burton, and Greg Lenzman, action stills from the movie, previews for "BuckleRoos Part II", "Couples II", "Big 'N Plenty", "HOG The Leather File", and "Reload". Plus, something very cool: a commentary by Directors Jerry Douglas and John Rutherford. The commentary is fun and informative with discussions of COLT Studios, Buckshot Productions, the locations, actors, and all the behind –the-scenes activity.

Final Thoughts:

COLT Studios and Buckshot Production's "BuckleRoos Part I" is the highest quality in all-male erotica. The movie won Best Picture at the 2005 GayVN Awards while Dean Phoenix won Best Actor. I love me some Dean Phoenix! The production is top notch and the dudes are masculine n' hot! I love that there is a variety of age groups represented here from early twenties to forties. I like that a plot is woven between and through each scene allowing plenty of Zak Spears (in a non-sexual role). The sex is very hot with Scene Four being one of the best masturbation scenes I've ever watched. The dudes are really into each other and the action so I'm glad to report no "gay for pay" here. The extras are very cool with a commentary track by the movie's two directors Jerry Douglas and John Rutherford. I highly recommend for guys (and perhaps some gals) out there who dig high quality movies and sexy masculine dudes.

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