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Who's That Girl #2

Studio: Vouyer Media » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/8/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Who's That Girl #2

Vouyer Media

Genre: Gonzo, New Performers

Director: Vince Vouyer

Cast: Lindsey Meadows, Vince Vouyer, Trisha Marx, Brian Pumper, Scotty Lyons, Ryaan Reynolds, Alex Gonz, Joe Blow, Steve James, Sabrina Lewis, Heather Silk, Carmella, Chris Charming, Tee Reel, Billy Glide

Length: 193.5 minutes

Dates of Production: 4/9/2006, 4/15/2006, 4/25/2006, 4/27/2006, 5/4/2006, 5/9/2006 (box); 4/23/2006, 4/28/2006, 5/16/2006, 5/25/2006, 6/6/2006 (credits)

Extras: The first extra was a value adding 23.5 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Vince that incorporated footage from interviews, photoshoots, and general preparations for the scenes. If you like getting to know the ladies and seeing more of them (including nudity and occasional extra sex) this bit of Cutting Room Floor material will be appreciated by you as much as I liked it. That said, I can just about guarantee that most of you will like the Bonus Core section even better since it was divided into two scenes of extra sex with Vince Vouyer doing Carmella for another 13 minutes and then him getting a blowjob and titty fuck from Ryaan Reynolds for about 7 minutes. Each scene added value and the photogallery and double sided DVD cover (with attractive cardboard slipcase) were also nice additions.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Who's That Girl #2 was presented in a anamorphic widescreen color with an approximate aspect ratio of 1.85:1 as shot by director Vince Vouyer for his new company, Vouyer Media. The lighting was not flat and even like his previous work at Red Light District and Platinum X Pictures but it was still substantially better than that which you'll find in most gonzo porn. There was little grain and the fleshtones were better this time making me think that the HD picture might look even better on one of the newer high resolution formats. The composition of the shots was such that the ladies were made to look as good as Vince could make them, and given his level of skill developed over the years, he showed he still has what it takes. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo English but there was no separation between the channels and the vocals were on the low side in all but a few circumstances (at which times they were too loud of course).

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Body of Review: Vince Vouyer has long been a directing madman when it came to gonzo sex and hot, young women. The guy likes sex and I've seen him checking out ladies when I ran into him (it's his favorite sport other than laying them) so it makes sense that his best work would come from any movie that would combine his desire to work with newcomers and have hot, passionate monkey love. His latest such project was Who's That Girl #2, the sequel to the well received Who's That Girl 1, where Vince and his minions provide a heck of a lot of good sex with the same technical values that have put many others to shame in the gonzo world. Here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used at all:

Scene One: Lindsey Meadows, the beautiful young lady on the front DVD cover, was up first and while she may be too lean for me, she came across as everything advertised in regards to the movie (young, new to porn, and a major babe). She wore the same outfit as on the cover though it didn't stay on for long and then masturbated as if truly getting off on the camera capturing her every move. The cameraman was Jimmy so this freed up Vince Vouyer to walk over and interview her for the slut bunny she claimed to be. Usually, age is one of those areas that the gals exaggerate by saying they're younger than they are but when she said she was 24 years old, I thought she was going the other way (she didn't look that old). Vince licked her and rubbed her the right way, leading to her putting on a display of oral aptitude herself. The hummer was fine and led to him drilling her pretty aggressively. It took her awhile to actively participate at a level I enjoy seeing but the gal gave an overall fine performance from the tease to the ending blowjob where she worked out his load using both hands and her mouth before swallowing the load. According to Vince, her blowjob was exceptional from his end too but it looked way better than average too.

Scene Two: Trisha Marx, a lean gal with light hair and some sexy lingerie (fishnet shorts, a black thong, and a skimpy pink & black top), looked to be 20 years old as she claimed to be during her interview with cameraman/director Vince while she lounged on the chair. This prepared her for the scene that showed her taking on Brian Pumper and Scotty Lyons, who had been poorly playing ping pong with one another upstairs. Thankfully, their version of ebony and ivory was better sexually than in terms of their skillful gamesmanship and they welcomed the chance to work with her (starting with Scotty to ease her into the moment). Scotty isn't exactly well endowed (compared to Vince or Brian at least) but it was a decent start to see if she was ready for the big leagues. She slobbed his knob well enough and seemed able to pump back when he was vaginally banging her in doggy style. He then took her upstairs where Brian was fully erect by the table so she dropped to her knees in order to please him. She really seemed to savor the taste of black cock more, giving a more active performance as she did so in fact. I found it interesting that her ability to handle the larger cock improved over the smaller one but desire will do that for you I'm told. She did have some blemishes I didn't care for on her ass but once she was turned on, she went wild in a passionately active bit of screwing (with both guys). I was almost surprised that she didn't do anal or a DP with the way she was getting but the guys popped the facials into her mouth for swallowing and the fun scene ended.

Scene Three: Ryaan Reynolds, an exotic gal with a bubble butt and an otherwise curvy figure, was up next and claiming to be 18 years old on the couch. The tease included some oiling up that was hot and the interview was okay as she gave some amusing anecdotes about her past sexcapades. Jimmy was on camera and her partners for the scene included Alex Gonz, Scott Lyons, and extra loads by Joe Blow and Steve James. Once the interview was finished, she started playing with a jelly dildo, sucking and fucking it to prepare her for the men. This didn't last long as you could hear the guys wanting in on her act so she began sucking away in earnest as they took turns in her mouth. She was built for comfort and not for speed but she also seemed to have some drive in her to excel at her chosen field of work. It wasn't the most active ride of the show but aside from some issues with her crotch (the shaving seems to have been too close for her comfort), she gave a solid ride and swallowed all the loads (even extra loads) that came her way. I can see why Vince wanted a piece of her in the extras section of the movie.

Scene Four: Sabrina Lewis, a lean brunette with a pretty smile and some nice moves for a 20 year old, was up next (joined later by Heather Silk) as she skipped the tease in favor of blowing Vince Vouyer. Her all natural body looked built for speed and it was decidedly nice package she was working with (the ladies would probably say the same about Vince I'm sure). Her tight pink shorts were nice and the thong begged to be torn off with my tongue but the oral kept distracting me from observing her too closely. As Vince was boning her pussy, Jimmy commented about sunbathing Heather, and she was told that the shapely blonde only did women. Jimmy wanted to check her out and the scene then started cutting back and forth between the gals, Heather in a large blue mesh outfit that hugged her curves oh so well. Heather then joined the duo by masturbating on a nearby leather chair while Sabrina sucked off Vince with the same level of skill she showed earlier. The heat of the couple drove Heather to wanting to change her ways so she soon ended up sucking off Vince too-albeit not as skillfully as Sabrina did. They then bent over on the couch with their asses in the air with Vince vaginally tapping both of them using his power strokes (and the gals cleaning off his cock out of each other's cookie). Heather got so into watching Sabrina get more dick than she was getting that she begged for more from Vince, who obliged her as you knew he would. Both gals warmed up nicely and by the end, they were actively riding cock and making all the right noises, resulting in Heather taking the load in her mouth to cumswap with Sabrina. Whew!

Scene Five: Carmella, a light haired gal with a hot fleshy ass that I'd like to meat (yeah, MEAT), was up last as she teased the camera during the musical interlude and then ended up working with Chris Charming, Tee Reel, and Billy Glide after the interview she gave Vince. Her black spiderweb outfit was fine and enhanced her look a lot but she had a lot to work with too (she was lean but not too lean). Claiming to be 19 years old (and looking it), she said she wanted to fuck and Vince was more than happy to provide the meat puppets after she masturbated for a few minutes. Tee won the draw so he went first, going down on her to liven her up a bit. The way she attacked his cock with her mouth, it certainly worked and she might have been a little overwhelmed by the size he offered but she showed some talent that I appreciated watching. She was an active vaginal screw and she then took on the other men one at a time until the very end of the show when she'd suck one off while another would pound her pussy. They ended it by rubbing out loads on her crotch, tits, and mouth rather than all in her mouth to swallow as the other ladies had done but it was still a decent scene with a lot of replay value and chemistry between the performers.

Summary: Who's That Girl #2 was the latest hit from Vouyer Media and well worth a rating of Highly Recommended. The levels of fuck for the buck, the skill of the attractive ladies, and the variety of specific scenarios was more than enough to merit the rating but even the extras were a nice change of pace from the standard crude you'll find at far too many companies these days. There were some minor rough edges along the way but in large part, the newness of the ladies was enough to overcome these shortcomings easily. In short, if you want to see quality newcomers in heated scenes that didn't look like they were deer's caught in the headlight type of thing, Who's That Girl #2 should be on your short list of titles to look for if you want this kind of gonzo offering. Vince hit another homerun here and I can only wonder if the next volume will find him offering such a strong cast.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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