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I'm a Big Girl Now #6

Studio: Diabolic » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/8/06

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I'm A Big Girl Now 6


Genre: Gonzo

Director: Sal Genoa

Cast: Sasha Grey, Buster Good, Talon, Codi Star, Piper Parker, Steve French, Tiffany Wright, Aubrey Adams, Molly Henderson, Tony T., Sascha

Length: 150.5 minutes

Dates of Production: 3/24/2006 to 6/16/2006

Extras: The best extra was the 25 minute long Behind the Scenes feature. It had some extra sex, nudity, and some interviews with the cast before and after their scenes (not all of them were given as much time as others though). Still, the picture looked better than the main movie in most cases and while there were some minor flubs on hand, it made for a fun show to watch. There was also a pop shot compilation, a photogallery, and a true double sided DVD cover for those who care.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: I'm A Big Girl Now 6 was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by director Sal Genoa for release by Diabolic. The fleshtones were a bit on the pale side and the lighting about average with minimal grain until about half way through the movie. At that point, the picture started to look increasingly like a VCD in lowered quality with frames appearing to be missing and the action jumpy. I saw no scratches on my DVD and my experience with the company has not been bad at all but this might simply be one of the times a title made it through quality control. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo with the option of turning off the music (which I did) but it had no separation between the channels and the dynamic range was limited as well.

Body of Review: Diabolic has long been known as one of the bad boys of gonzo porn by showing lots of abuse of the ladies (physical and verbal) and is about as far away from the stylish glamour porn many others make as you can get. The latest release of theirs I got in to review is director Sal Genoa's I'm A Big Girl Now 6, the theme being to show gals with less experience in porn doing as much as they could be pushed to do. That said, here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:

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Scene One: Sasha Grey, an all natural brunette that looked barely old enough for porn, was up first as she trolled the internet for guys to screw at the bequest of director Sal (who was off camera giving directions). She just wanted some cock and wore a skimpy blue piece of lingerie when Buster Good and Talon came to the door. She had a lean, firm body with milky white skin and it was clear that Talon had been working out (though Buster was the muscleman of the movie by a wide margin). If you like buff tattoo guys with piercings, Buster's your man but both of the men looked equally endowed. She sucked both of them off as they pushed her oral limits, causing her to tear up as she gagged on their meaty members. She went from cock to cock blowing them in a sloppy fashion before taking turns vaginally riding them with Buster going first. She appeared to be a little spitfire as she aggressively pumped her hips on their cocks while sucking off the other and making some nasty dirty talk. She was less able to handle the cocks in her ass but she did everything in her power to accommodate them as she got deeper and faster in her ride. Buster got the longest rides from her but each seemed to work her over well and she appreciated every stroke from the sound and look of it. The scene ended when she took their loads into her mouth one at a time, swallowing them down like she was ready for more. This was a solid scene to start off the movie

Scene Two: Codi Star, one of the hottest newcomers in porn with shoulder length black hair, a great body, and a winning smile going for her, met Talon inside her home while she was wearing a small pink bikini. The two hit it off very nicely and she was soon undressed and on her knees blowing him every bit as heatedly as Sasha had done in her scene. Her beauty aside and oral skills aside, she then went right to doing anal as she bent over for him to bone. She seemed to be pushing her limits as she bleated during the power strokes he gave her, clamming up during the ATM she gave his rod as she sucked the ass juices right off his cock. Initially, her ride was far too passive but once she was placed on top of him in reverse cowgirl, she rode him like there was no tomorrow; meeting him pump for pump. The rest of the scene managed to showcase her anal abilities rather well too as she worked it to the bone though she did some more oral and even gave up the pussy too. It ended when he popped a nut in her mouth for swallowing, making for a second fine scene to enjoy repeatedly.

Scene Three: Piper Parker, a cutie with blonde highlights and a willing mouth, skipped any tease or major introductions in favor of blowing Steve French and Buster Good in the living room. I'm not sure I believed her claim to be 18 years old (she looked like she was in her upper mid twenties to me) but given her oral aptitude, I'd be misleading you to say that I really cared about how old she was (since she was obviously old enough that I wouldn't go to jail for doing her). After the oral became a secondary act, the guys took turns screwing her pussy as she blew the other. Buster banged her the hardest and her PTM showed she liked the taste of her juices on his dick. She wasn't as skilled an active rider as the last two gals proved to be but she tried her best to keep up with their pumping motions. I think she appreciated that Buster was far less hairy when it came time to slob the knobs but she rewarded him by giving up her ass to him first too. Her oral was fine but the penetrative sex showed that she was too passive throughout the scene, marking it as a bit of a filler except that her potential seemed to be much greater (her oral was good but the rest of the scene was limited in value for me no matter how attractive I may have found her).

Scene Four: Tiffany Wright, a girl next door type with a decent porn body and strong legs, was up next on the couch with Buster Good. She did not appear to be 18 here but he didn't mind as he tried to fulfill her dream of becoming a porn star (she was the sister of a friend of his). Her oral seemed a bit mechanical as she slobbered all over his cock but fans of gals starting out may appreciate it as her coming off like a newcomer seemed more realistic that way. She lacked the rhythm to ride him as actively as I would have liked but she tried hard and that's always a bonus in porn. The anal seemed to pain her more than a little but she worked through it as best she could as she bounced slowly on his cock. The picture of the movie had some issues by this point though since it started looking more like a VCD than a DVD (skipping frames and getting slightly pixilated). She did ATM and the scene wasn't terrible but it wasn't as good as it would've been had she acted like she could take what he had to offer easier. Like the other scenes, she took the load to swallow but tricked the audience by losing the load on her breasts.

Scene Five: Aubrey Adams, the hotty on the front DVD cover, was up next as Talon and Steve French made a booty call to her home (calling her a rich bitch), liking her in her white lingerie as shown on the cover. The problems with the picture continued here, looking rough as though something went wrong with the mastering or the original recording since I've seen better web shows than this was looking. To keep it simply; she did oral, vaginal, and anal and did so in an active manner but the visual elements were not good and I wondered what happened to make it look this way. She's a great combination of hot babe and skilled performer though so I couldn't help but watch her, even as the picture gave me a headache.

Scene Six: Molly Henderson, a skinny gal with dark hair and some Asian in her genetic make up, was up last as she seemed stage struck as Tony T. and Sascha surprised her in Codi's house. This was kind of amusing since it was clear to everyone but her that some kind of script was being followed but once they started in on shoving their cocks down her throat, the abuse porn started in earnest. The gagging, the slapping, and the rougher stuff (like choking) all seemed to be a bit harsher than the other gals of the show had been and it didn't work for me. She had no problems tossing their salad (rimming both men) and she did DP action as well as expected but the picture was really degraded here. If you like her look, she'll probably be as extreme as you like them but the combination of factors was not strokable to me and that weakened it more than a little.

Summary: I'm A Big Girl Now 6 started out with great promise but soon devolved into a poor looking set of scenes. I thought the better scenes were too good to dismiss completely so I rated this one as a Rent It but if you're a fan of the cast and of new gals in general, you could do far worse (again, with the exception of the lame visuals in the last several scenes). In short, a flawed but fun DVD, I'm A Big Girl Now 6 is one you might consider if you find it cheap and can stand the screwed up scenes more than I could.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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