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Jesse's Mood Light Jewel Arouser

Studio: Other » Review by Disco Dirge » Review Date: 8/8/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Believe it or not, there are graduated levels of sex toys. Some seem very basic the pocket rocket, the standard dildo while others are so overwhelming they argue for an increase in free time and the definite need for a date or two with a human being. Whether it's a life size, anatomically arousing fuck doll, or a mere plastic recreation of a favored body part, these flummoxing fantasy aides usually produce more puzzled looks than pleased partners. After all, what does one do with a pseudo snatch, or an ersatz anus? Do manufacturers believe that individuals are actually going to play with and penetrate a latex lady, or some vinyl stud? Better yet, does a vibrator really need to spin, corkscrew, pump and pulsate, disco light show a glaring, while it folds, spindles and massaging a user's privates? Some of these queries only intensify when one sees the selection of faux phalluses, replete with all manner of gratuitous gimmicks and gizmos, flooding the marketplace. As a result, it takes fate, and a little luck to happen upon the proper rabbit-style power peter for your bedroom romps.

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Luckily, the Mood Light Jewel Arouser from the Jesse Jane Collection of products offered by California Exotic Novelties and their Digital Playground Virtual Sex Toys line is all style and a heck of a lot of sexual substance. This seven inch sensation, with almost an inch and a half in pleasure giving girth, does come off as a little overcomplicated at first. The number of controls on the hard plastic handle an on/off switch, two knobs to alter vibration and 'squirmy' levels, and a button to modify rotation are a tad awkward (especially while 'in use' or inserted). Still, the Phthalate-free material making up the shaft and clitoral stimulator cover is soft, yielding and very pliable to the touch. And as for the size, while considerable, it is not intimidating or harmful. The novelty of having multicolored illumination may make for an ad copy appropriate sense of "mood lighting", but it really does nothing for the overall pragmatic design or function. The rim right below the tip is beaded, and produces a nice amount of friction and tensile texture when the device is in motion. Some companies place the orbital aspects of their vibrator inside the shaft, giving the shaft a weird, wonky effect. With the Jewel Arouser, the outer covering is contoured, leading to what the Dirge feels is far more exterior arousal.

A test drive of the device with his significant other indicated that, for the most part, the Mood Light Jewel Arouser was easy to maneuver and insert. Couples will enjoy the amorous adventure of playing around with this item, and it is easy to see both women AND men utilizing this products many erotic elements. The flickering tickler and the fluttering tail do provide a considerable amount of clitoral stimulation, but the effect can be quickly halted by the application of the slightest amount of pressure (no grinding here). Also, the tail facet seems odd, since it's hard to imagine how it is used to affect anything. In the partnership arena, there is technically not much mutuality here. This is almost strictly a one-on-one experience between body and appliance. Two people could not share the vibrations produced here. Granted, one partner could "play" with the other while using the Jewel Arouser, but a separate vibrator (or element) for the other participant would have been welcome. Lube responds well to the surface (since it's made of a jelly-like matter, a water-based lubricant is mandatory), rendering it warm and very slick relatively quickly. While the dimensions may seem daunting, they actually aren't. Penetration is easily achieved either vaginally or anal and once inside this item really delivers. The sensations can be felt both internally and externally, and the motion is so mellow that it really helps produce long, passionate orgasms.

If there is any element that makes this toy a questionable selection, it's the price. Although an MSRP ranging from the high to low $50s is suggested, there is definitely an equal amount of value present, especially when you consider factors like durability and size. But with its otherwise standard selection of features, and the lack of any bonus or added accessories (you can buy your toy its own tote bag for a fee) and the freedom you feel to use (and abuse) it will definitely be commiserate to the amount you end up paying. Still, if one is looking for a safe, substantive personal vibrator that offers above-average attributes and an overall appearance of quality and sturdiness, the Mood Light Jewel Arouser from the Jesse Jane Collection of products offered by California Exotic Novelties and their Digital Playground Virtual Sex Toys line is definitely a sex aide to consider. While the outlay of cash may seem considerable, this excellent marital aide truly does provide a lot of stimulating simulated bang for your adult novelty buck.

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