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Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 8/12/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:

June 2006

Written and Directed By:

Mike Esser


Andrew McKay, Martin Mazza, Andy Stone, Marc Aron, Billy Rawson, Luke Watts, Kristian Winters, Rick Chester .

The Movie:

Deep in the heart of Australia's bushland live the horny lads of Kangaroo Valley. These eight good-looking dudes are ready, willing, and able to show you a good time.

The Dudes:

These handsome Aussie dudes range in age of early twenties to somewhere in their thirties. There is a nice variety of tall/slender and muscular body types, dark and blonde hair, full/trimmed/shaved pubes, and uncut/cut cocks.

Scene One:

Marc Aron (thirty-something with dark hair) and Andy Stone (Twink with blonde hair) are outside drinking beers and standing around like models near a couple bales of hay. The two dudes begin to make out, feel each other's bodies, and suck hard nipples. Andy's hard uncut cock pops up out of his pants as he unbuckles Marc's belt and pants revealing a fat uncut cock. Andy gets down on his knees and sucks/licks Marc's big ol' dong and balls. Marc returns the favor by stroking and sucking Andy's tool.

Billy Rawston (looks like a dark-haired James Dean) is secretly watching the guys get it on. Andy lowers his tight hole down on Marc's stiff condom-clad cock and begins a nice ride. Marc works Andy into the missionary position for a good old-fashioned fucking. Billy joins in and Andy sucks his uncut cock while still being fucked by Marc. There are plenty of switch ups as Marc fucks Billy and Andy takes a turn as well (with condoms). All three dudes shoot loads with Marc squirting the largest amount of man milk.

Scene Two:

Kristian Winters (handsome dude in his thirties) is in the cottage lying nude on his bed. Andrew McKay (cute with dark hair) enters the room toweling off after a shower. The dudes make out and stroke their large cocks. Kristian strokes Andrew's uncut cock and sucks his foreskin...ending up in a sixty-nine as Andrew gets a chance to suckle Kristian's cut cock. Kristian continues to sucks Andrew's cock paying attention to his foreskin.

The face fucking turns to fucking as Kristian takes Andrew from behind (with condom). Billy Rawston shows up and has his butt hole eaten and finger fucked. Kristian fucks Billy from behind (with condom) while Billy sucks Andrew's cock. Kristian and Andrew shoot their wads on Billy's back. Billy does not cum.

Scene Three:

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Martin Mazza (with plenty of tattoos) is taking a shower when Rick Chester (cute shaggy-haired dude) enters the communal bathroom to shave but ends up sneaking peeks at Martin. Martin notices and immediately grows hard. Rick's stiff uncut cock is soon sticking out the front of his boxer shorts as he and Martin begin to kiss, rub their bodies, suck hard nipples, and stroke those cocks. Martin eats Rick's tight lil' hairy hole. Martin really chows down on that butt!

Martin fucks Rick's mouth with his cut cock. Rick fucks Martin from behind (with condom) with short fast strokes. Rick switches positions and finger fucks Martin and then plows him missionary style on the bathroom counter. The dudes move the party outdoors as Rick fucks Martin doggy style. Martin beats off and cums in the grass. Luke Watts (tall/slender) walks up and watches. Martin leaves as Luke and Rick begin to make out.

Scene Four:

Luke and Rick engage in some heavy soul kissing in the rain. Rick is still hot and ready as he eats Luke's ass and finger fucks him. In return, Luke deep throats Rick's member. Back inside, Rick fucks Luke from behind (with condom) while gazing at a large mirror. Luke plays a little sink/bounce as his hard cut cock sways in a circular motion. Luke fucks Rick's mouth as Rick finger fucks him leading to Luke shooting a big/thick load on Rick's chest. Rick jacks off and squirts a thick load on his own stomach and eats it.

Scene Five:

Rick is sleeping and dreaming of Andy naked and jacking his hard cock. Rick wakes up and begins to beat off while watching Andy chop wood. Andy notices Rick watching him and begins to grind his organ as well. Once inside, the two make out, rubbing their hard cocks together. Rick and Andy are soon locked in a sixty-nine sucking each other's cocks and balls. Andy sinks down on Rick's condom covered dick and takes a ride. Next, the dudes find themselves in a heated side/missionary position as Rick continues to plow Andy. Andy shoots a huge load all over his stomach and trimmed pubes. Hot! Rick squirts on Andy's stomach and chest.

Scene Six:

Martin and Andrew are kissing on a large sectional sofa. The action heats up as the dudes stroke each other's hard dongs. Martin sucks/licks Andrew's cock and balls and then moves around to munch his butt. The dudes are willing to do every damn thang as Andrew eats Martin's butt and begins to fuck him from behind (with condom). The lads face each other, jack off, and shoot their loads.

Scene Seven:

Luke is lying on the sofa stroking his hard cock while rubbing his chest and balls. Outside, Martin and Andy are completely naked and making out. Martin gets down on his knees and sucks Andy's dick while Andrew joins Luke inside on the sofa for some kissing. These two separate parties become one as all four dudes eventually end up inside making out, sucking cock, and "choking their chickens". Each dude jacks a load onto Andrew as he shoots a load of his own.



"Auzziebums " is shot directly on high quality video and presented in wide screen. The videography by is professional providing steady shots with plenty of close-ups of the cock sucking and fucking. There are some very good close-ups of the butt eating; however, there are plenty of missed opportunities as well. The picture quality is nice and sharp, and the editing keeps each scene moving along at descent pace.


The sound is clear with plenty of sex noises. The music is top notch and very cool with a variety of hypnotic tribal beats and techno.


The extras include a professionally shot gallery of XXX photographs of the models and scenes from the movie, chapter stops, and scene selection option.

Final Thoughts:

"Auzziebums" is beautifully photographed. The colors are rich and the picture quality is sharp. The dudes are all handsome with a nice age range of early twenties to mid thirties. Some of these dudes possess very large tools. The sex is hot but I cannot tell if the dudes are really into each other. At times, they seem to be simply going through the motions. The music is the best I've heard in a xxx movie. There is an interesting use of blending the music with the model's voices which is very cool/trippy. I wanted to mention the Videographer and Music Composer by name but the end credits are too small to read.

With such wonderful videography at his disposal, I'm not sure why director Mike Esser didn't call for more close-ups of the rimming. Scene Three contains some excellent close-ups of the ass eating but the other scenes do not. Scene One contains some very hot foreskin sucking that will be a major turn-on for fans of uncut cocks. My favorite lad is Rick Chester. With his boyish good looks, shaggy light brown hair, and big uncut cock, he is a real dandy. I recommend for fans of handsome lads with sexy Aussie accents.

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