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Gettin' Some

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 8/14/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Dates of Production:

September 2003 through October 2005

The Movie:

Again, Amateur Straight Guys Productions has delivered the goods: no-frills amateur filmmaking at it's hottest. Handsome Daddy Doug and his cute Bear Cub pal Jay get nine hot straight (and one openly gay) dudes to do their thang.


CK is a cute college frat-type dude with short black hair, sexy husky build, smooth chest, full dark pubes, and a plump cut cock. CK watches some straight porn with his hand stuffed down the front of his pants. Doug pulls CK's shorts off revealing a hard cock, which he happily begins to stroke. Doug really goes to town on CK's cock: sucking, licking, jacking, deep throating as his mouth makes smacking sounds. Doug moves down to lick CK's gooch and eat his ass (no close-ups). CK jerks his meat, gets finger fucked, and shoots a load in Doug's waiting mouth.

Guzzo and Steve:

Steve is a cute 21-year-old openly gay Latino dude with dark hair, slender build, full pubes, and cut cock. Guzzo is a hottie with a nice tight lil' body, short dark hair and cool sideburns. Steve wastes no time getting at Guzzo's hard cut cock to slurp down his throat. Doug spreads Steve's butt cheeks to show off that tight hairy hole and do a little finger fucking. Steve eats Guzzo's hairy butt hole (no close-ups) and in return, Guzzo chows down on Steve's cock and gives it a good sucking. Guzzo fucks Steve from behind (with condom) and switches to the missionary position. Steve jacks off while receiving a frantic fuck from Guzzo and shoots a load on his own chest and stomach. Guzzo strokes off and shoots on Steve's face, chest, and in his mouth.

Jared and Bryan:

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Jared is a cute shaggy-haired dude with a tight/smooth body, full pubes, low-hanging balls, and big cut cock. Bryan is cute with dark hair, nice chest, and cool sideburns. The dudes tell Doug that they like to eat pussy. "Just like breathin' air". The dudes begin to watch some straight porn and rub their bulging crotches. Jared's hard cut cock pops out and he begins to stroke it. Bryan eyes Jared's hard cock, pulls out his own cut cock and begins to jack it. Bryan reaches over and begins to stroke Jared's cock, which leads to Bryan sucking it. Bryan knows how to play the skin flute as he gets into sucking Jared's cock making plenty of sucking and lip smacking noises. Jared fucks Bryan in the missionary position (with condom) and really gives him a going-over from behind. Jared shoots a thick load on Bryan's butt crack as Bryan squirts his load.

Cameron and Lane:

Cameron is a hot, clean-cut looking college type with blondish-brown hair, smooth chest, cut cock, full brown pubes, and a tall/slender build. Lane is handsome with short dark hair, goatee, smooth chest, cut cock and full dark pubes. The dudes are watching a straight cheerleader porno. "I don't know if she can spell her name." Cameron's towel is open exposing his cock and balls and he begins to stroke them. Lane begins sneaking looks at Cameron's hard tool, finally reaches over and strokes that dong. Lane begins to suck Cameron's cock and balls while jacking his own. Lane lies down on the carpet, spreads his legs, and allows Cameron to fuck his hairy hole in the missionary style (with condom). Lane continues to jack his hard cock while being fucked. Cameron cums on Lane's stomach and Lane shoots a thick load on his own chest and stomach.

Nate, Ken, and Jackson:

Nate is handsome with short dark hair, nice body, and cut cock. Ken is hot with a military crew cut, tattoos, and large cut cock. Jackson is cool looking with longish dark hair, smooth body, and cut cock. The three dudes are in Ken's living room, which has some cool album covers displayed on the wall ("Liquid Sky" soundtrack, Blondie, Nina Hagen, Pat Benatar). The dudes are sitting on the sofa watching straight porn. Doug decides to suck and measure each cock. Ken wins with his 8 inch cock while Nate and Jackson measure in at eight inches.

There are plenty of sucking switch ups as Doug sucks each dude, Ken goes down on Jackson, Jackson sucks Nate, Ken blows Nate. There is a nice shot of Ken's hairy hole as he is bent over sucking Jackson's cock. Jackson takes each one of Nate's balls into his mouth. Hot! Ken spreads Jackson's hairy hole, fingers it, and begins to munch down. Ken eats Nate's hairy butt as Jackson sucks Nate's cock. Finally, there are some descent butt munching camera shots. Nate sits in the middle and strokes his buddies hard cocks. Nate gets a cum bath as Ken and Jackson shoot their loads on his chest and Nate squirts a thick load on his own stomach.

Sean and Crow:

Sean is a hottie with short black hair, smooth chest, big cut cock and full pubes. Crow is handsome with blonde hair, smooth chest, trimmed pubes, and cut cock. Sean is playing with himself as he watches a straight porno. Sean lubes his cock up and strokes it to full hardness, lifts his legs exposing his hairy butt crack and rubs it. Sadly, there are no shots of his spread butt hole. Crow enters the room and Sean immediately chows down on his stiff cock giving it a good workout. Crow fucks Sean from behind (with condom). Sean beats off and shoots a load on the carpet with one of the loudest/heartfelt orgasms I've ever heard. Hot! Crow pumps a generous amount of man juice onto Sean's butt crack and cheeks. Doug scoops up some of Crow's load and feeds it to Sean.



"Gettin' Some" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography consists of basic XXX shots with plenty of close-ups. The camera is hand-held and steady providing a sharp n' clear picture. The editing is basic and keeps the scenes moving at a nice pace.


The sound is clear providing the viewer with plenty to listen to as these dudes make loud slurping, smacking, and licking sounds while sucking cock. There are plenty of breathy moans from "Missy X" (the gal in the off-screen straight porn the dudes are watching).


The extras include a trailer for "Dude, Suck My Dick", scene selection and chapter stops.

Final Thoughts:

"Gettin' Some" is another hot movie from Amateur Straight Guys Productions. The dudes are believably straight (with one being openly gay) and are handsome in an everyday, non-pretty boy way. The dudes seem to really be into the action and enjoying the experience. Sean makes some of the hottest sounds I've heard in porn as he shoots his load. Definitely no acting here.

My one complaint is that there are not enough close-ups of the butt munching. This is odd since the other Amateur Straight Guys movies I've reviewed have had plenty of these. Other than that, the videography provides plenty of close-ups of the cock sucking and some excellent butthole close-ups in the three-way with Nate, Ken, and Jackson. The movie is a fun watch and a turn-on.

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