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Rebelle Rousers, The

Studio: Vivid » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 8/14/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The Movie:

It's no secret that a lot of the 'alt porn' guys that were starting to build up a following over at VCA took off when Vivid gave them a shot at starting their own line, entitled appropriately enough, Vivid Alt. Winkytiki (with Eon McKai of Neu Wave Hookers executive producing), the same man who guest directed a scene in Ron Royster's ultra hot and way too fun Atomic Vixens release through VCA launches the Vivid Alt line in style with his take on fifties juvenile delinquent movies and drive-in grindhouse fare… ReBelle Rousers. It's hardcore, make no mistake about it, but like his earlier feature it's shot with an eye for detail and makes use of some great sets and fantastic background music so that the end result, while being completely balls out in terms of how graphic it gets and how hot the sex is, manages to be more than a simple document of people fucking.

There's a really basic story here – Kimberly Kane plays Switchblade Molly, a tough dame who runs a lingerie racket with her gang, The Belles. It's all going well for them until they need more help and they have to recruit the lingerie starved Pinups to help them out. It's all rather goofy but the sex, which is what matters, completely delivers.

Here's who fucks who and how they do it:

Scene One – Nadia Styles And Kimberly Kane: This scene starts with Nadia jumping around the room with her skirt flying up a little bit. Some rockabilly music swells up over top before the camera cuts to Kimberly and the music switches to a Morricone-esque guitar piece. Kimberly's all kittened out, leaning against her roadster and smoking a cigarette, dressed to kill in black stockings, a blood red skirt and a tight black top. She arrives at Nadia's house and starts to yell at her and it would seem that Nadia's behavior has left Kimberly a little irate. She shoves a pair of panties into her mouth and then straddles her on the couch after pulling her skirt up and her panties down. She whips Nadia's snatch with the underpants before licking her pussy. She has Nadia strip out of her prom dress style outfit before roughing her up and spreading her legs. She eats her out really aggressively using her fingers on her and pulling her pussy wide open. She gets Nadia on all fours, then takes off all of her own clothes save for her stockings and her garters, and then she finger fucks Nadia in the ass using two fingers and then four. She then moves two fingers into her pussy so that she's basically DP'ing Natalie. She makes Natalie stand up and bend over the old tube style TV set so that she can fuck her in the ass with a big pyrex dildo, the girls looking great against the leopard print curtains and hot pink paint on the walls. Kimberly then eats her pussy and ass before forcing her to kiss her, and then she grabs Natalie by her pony tail and makes her go down on her while she leans against the old TV. Natalie starts at her feet, sucking her toes, then working her way up until Kimberly pushes Natalie against the TV so that she can stick a glass butt plug up her ass. It goes into Natalie's mouth and comes out only so that Kimberly can make her suck on one of her black pumps while she slips the glass plug back into her ass. Once that's done she actually uses the end of an old rotary phone on Natalie by inserting it into her pussy and slapping her asshole with it. She wraps Natalie up with the phone cord and then goes down on her, and then she unwraps her and bends over so that Natalie can eat her pussy and her asshole. She actually fucks Kimberly in the ass with the stiletto of the pump, then uses her finger on her ass while she rubs the heel on Kimberly's pussy lips. Natalie fucks Kimberly's pussy and ass with her fingers at the same time, licking up and down while she does it. She bends Kimberly right over and tongues her asshole and fucks her with the shoe, and then Kimberly stands up and makes Natalie grind her pussy onto her leg before she eats Kimberly out again. The girls kiss and end one of the hottest, sexiest, lesbian scenes that's been filmed in some time. Both ladies look perfect, the sex is kinky enough to be interesting but shot in such a way that it never seems to be 'too much.' At over half an hour long it might prove to be too much for those not into lipstick lesbian action, but for those who are, look out – hot stuff!

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Scene Two – Lexi Bardot: Lexi is decked out in high heels, a leopard print skirt, black bustier and a white shawl. Her hair is up in a sort of pompadour, and she's showing off her fantastic body behind a gold curtain, a tiki bar, some vintage lamps and some old school fifties art deco furniture while some old style rockabilly plays in the background. She strips and shows off her arm tattoo, grinding and pouting for the camera lens. Once she's stripped down to her old school lingerie and showed us what the good Lord blessed her with, she walks into a run down shack where she meets with 'Jimbo' and they get into an argument. He calls in one of his cronies and the two of them stand there for a brief second while she whips down their pants and starts sucking cock. With a dick in each hand she puts one in her mouth and then the other, her tits pulled over her bustier and looking quite lovely. She bends over and Jimbo fucks her pussy doggy style while she keeps sucking the other guy's cock, and then the two guys switch positions for more of the same. Jimbo lies back and she rides his cock with her pussy reverse cowgirl style so that she can rub her clit while she rides him, and we're treated to a little pussy to mouth action here before she turns around and rides him cowgirl style putting her ass in the air for the other guy to slide into. She gets DP'd while the fifties rock n roll swells up in the background, and once that's done she gets down and cleans off both cocks with her mouth. From there she spreads her legs and slaps and rubs her pussy for the camera before Jimbo throws her on the couch and fucks her in the ass while she crams a few fingers into her sopping wet snatch. He pulls his cock out from her ass and slips it into her pussy and then flips her over onto her side and fucks her in the ass again. From there she gets on all fours and fingers her pussy while one of the guys finger fucks her ass which then leads into more ass fucking with his prick while she reaches back and plays with his balls. The second guy picks her up and fucks her pussy while holding her up, and then she's back on the chair with her legs spread getting fingered in the ass and the cunt and sucking dick. She gets fucked in the ass while she sucks Jimbo's cock and then again in the pussy even using her feet on the penetrating cock once or twice. Once both guys are good and ready she gets down on her knees in front of them and sucks them to a big finish taking a double load in her mouth and down onto her neck and tits. Lexi looks extremely sexy here and her enthusiasm in this scene carries it well. She fucks like goddamned champ from start to finish and seems really into what she's doing which only makes things all the hotter. It's also very well shot and well lit and set to some very cool music.

Scene Three – Dragonlily: This scene, titled The Ritual Of Tiki Island, starts with a strobe effect where we see Ms. Dragonlily bound and hanging in front of a giant tiki idol. The strobe stops and she's unbound, dancing in front of the camera to the sounds of some rather pedestrian electronica. We get a great look at her body and her tattoos and it's obvious very early on that this girl is a true natural beauty. The techno subsides and some jungle drums start up and then we get a strange light show while some odd vocal effects segue back into the electronica. From here we see a man wrap some rope around Angie so that her arms are bound and we see him feed it through a pulley attached to the ceiling. Her right leg gets lifted up and her pussy exposed while the man doing the rope work starts slapping her tits and playing with her feet while she can't move. He plays with her nipples and opens her mouth up with his hands, making her suck his fingers like a cock. He slips a finger into her snatch and pulls it wide open for the camera, playing with her pussy lips while she moans, still unable to move before sliding those same fingers into her mouth. He does this a few times and then pulls out a glass dildo, which he uses to fuck her pussy with. He lowers her and spreads her legs then resets the ropes before working her pussy with a pair of black gloves on, holding her ass open at the same time. Once she's really wet he takes out a large glass dildo and fucks her shaved beaver with it for a bit, going from her pussy to her mouth and then into her asshole. After he fucks her ass with the toy he pulls out a bunch of clothespins and attaches them to her pussy, her tits and her pelvis before binding her mouth with metal clamps and letting her dangle there as the camera sucks it all in. A few unfortunate slow-motion effects are a little odd here but then it's back to the kink and he uses a pair of riding crops to smack her belly and her pinned tits. He spins her around and slaps her ass and her feet with some cane and then flicks the clothespins that are attached to her nipples as she squeals, unable to talk as her mouth is still clamped open. He takes the pins off of her breasts and then off of her pussy and then he blindfolds her. As she hangs there unable to see she fingers her pussy and then the scene cuts back to footage of her hula dancing, cutting back and forth between her freely moving around to the music and bound and blindfolded and completely dominated. This one is out there and might be a little too much for some but those well versed in a certain sub genre of Japanese bondage porn will know exactly what this one is all about. If you like seeing women tied up and unable to fight back (and I'm not passing judgment on you if that's the case, the kink element is understandable and hey whatever works, right?) then this scene will have you hard as a rock (or wet as running water!).

Scene Four – Angie Savage: Angie is wandering around showing off her bouncy tits, dressed in a sort of Daisy Duke style outfit. We see her walk up to her tattooed boy toy and start undressing inside his trailer. He starts to suck on her tits and before he pulls her pants down, bends her over, and finger fucks her pussy. He laps away at her snatch and her ass, and we get a good look at the angel's wings tattooed on her back. He strips down and she gives him head, using her mouth and her hand on him at the same time, before she straddles him and rides him reverse cowgirl style. She stands up and bends over and he fucks her snatch doggie style for a bit, before setting her on the counter and fucking her box missionary for a bit, her big fake tits flopping around. He bends her over for more doggie action then she gets on her knees and takes his wad in her face. The weakest scene on the disc is also the most pedestrian and least creative. The sex is reasonably passionate and despite the obvious implants, she's not a bad looking girl, but this is fairly standard stuff – not bad, just not remarkable.

Scene Five – Pace Morgan And Misti May: These two lovely ladies are dancing and hanging out in a bar with a Confederate flag hanging behind them. A big black dude walks into their room and remarks on the 'nice pair of southern beauties' in front of him. He drops his pants to show the ladies what he's got and they decide that maybe the flag behind them is just for show as the two of them drop to their knees and start sucking his prick. At this point the music switches from country/rockabilly to funk. The two dolls take their time with his prick, really getting into the oral action, and then Pace starts to strip for him and lets him spank her ass while Misti keeps sucking. Soon both girls are getting out of their skirts and tight tops, and as he plays with Misti's ass Pace starts sucking his cock again. Misti gets on the couch and spreads her legs so that Pace can eat her pussy while he fucks her cunt doggy style from behind, pulling off him to suck his cock every know and then. He pulls out of her and starts fucking her foot, which is clad in a black high heel shoe, and then he moves over to Misti, spread on the couch, and starts fucking her snatch while Pace kisses her and sucks on her nipples. He bends Misti over and fucks her doggie style while Pace eats her pussy at the same time, licking away at her clit and his cock as it pumps away. Both girls bend over the table and he fucks one doggie style and then the other, going back and forth between the two of them and spanking their asses. They stop for a minute to suck him off then sit on the counter with their legs spread and he goes back and fourth between the two of them again. Misti finger fucks Pace for a minute and then he starts eating them out one at a time. Pace rides him reverse cowgirl style, hooting and hollering as she rides him and spanking Misti's ass as she bends over for her. From there Misti rides him cowgirl style and finger fucks Pace's little snatch while she rides. Pace gets back on top then bends over for more doggie as she eats Misti out. The girls get down on their knees in front of him and suck him off as a team and soon enough he he's back in there with Pace bend over and lying on her side taking his cock in her pussy again and Misti using her tongue and fingers on the two of them paying special attention to her friend's clit. He takes Pace's shoes off and puts his prick in Misti's mouth and rubs it on her tits before he makes Misti lick Pace's feet as he rubs his cock between them. From there Pace bends over and gets fucked doggie style again, before Misti bends over for the same treatment. Both girls bend over and he finger fucks them before trying to fuck them with a plastic alligator. That doesn't work, so he lifts them both up at the same time, carries them over to the other side of the room, and they double team him and suck him off to a finish where he shoots his load all over the two of them. Say what you will about putting a Confederate flag in the background of an interracial three way (it is kind of funny if you think about it, especially as the black guy calls all the shots here anyway), this is a hot scene. The girls are both completely gorgeous and the sex is hot. The foot fetish angle is played up nicely in a few spots and the interplay between the two girls was also a nice touch.

Scene Six – Smokin' Mary Jane: Having really enjoyed Ms. Jane's performance in Naked And Famous, this reviewer was stoked to see her name in the credits. First things first, she doesn't do hardcore here, but none-the-less, here she is and she looks completely fucking hot. After a TV ad parody explains how when she grew up she wanted to be the perfect wife and serve her husband we see her dance in an old fifties style apartment in a rather plain summer dress. She takes it off and struts around in her black stockings and garter, stroking her legs and showing off her tits. She bumps and grinds and takes off her shoes and shows off her feet as she spreads her legs on top of the TV set, Soon the stockings come off but the panties stay on as she shows off her legs some more, rubbing her nylons on her tits and running them over her mouth.

If that weren't enough, check out the end credits where the one and only Masuimi Max dances topless around the room as the surf guitar sounds of the closing credits theme plays out over top. While it would have been nothing short of a godsend to see this true lovely do a hardcore scene, it's always a pleasure to see her and this little appearance here is simply the icing on the cake.



This shot on video production looks pretty clean presented here in a reasonably stable 1.33.1 fullscreen presentation though more often than not during the sex scenes it'll switch over to roughly 1.85.1 widescreen (non-anamorphic). There is some mild edge enhancement in a couple of spots and a noticeable bit of mpeg compression evident in some of the darker colors and the blacks but other than that, there's not a lot to complain about save for once or twice where the reds bleed just a bit. Skin tones look nice and natural, the compositions are dead on, and aside from the fact that this digital video production looks like a digital video production and as such suffers from the minor defects usually associated with the format, everything is coming up roses as far as the look of the film is concerned.


The Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround track is quite sufficient. The dialogue comes through cleanly and clearly as do all of the moans and groans. The guitar driven soundtrack is mixed in properly at a decent level to make sure that we can hear both the music (which is really good… where's the soundtrack Vivid?)as well as the performers as the same time. Bass response is nice and lively and overall, for a porno movie, this is a way, way better than average effort and it actually sounds really good.


Extras on the disc include a trailer for The ReBelle Rousers as well as the upcoming Vivid Alt release of Dave Naz's Skater Girl Fever which features no sex or nudity but which still manages to be hot somehow. The promise of music from The Dwarves and Andre Williams automatically makes this cool, and it's not even out yet.

From there we get Winkytiki's Galleries which is a selection of still galleries that feature Nadia Styles and Kimberly Kane (thirty one images), Dragonlily (twenty-three images), Angie Savage (twenty-eight images), Pace Morgan and Misti May (eighteen images), and finally Lexi Bardot (twenty-two images). With Winkytiki's background as a photographer, these are a little more artistic and impressive looking than your average porno movie still gallery.

From there we're treated to a Behind The Scenes featurette which begins with an interview with Winkytiki who talks about directing the movie for Vivid Alt, and from there segues into some shots and clips from the movie set to some killer rockabilly music. Text blurbs provide humorous digs at the production as we see the film being made and from there we get a few interviews with the girls in a more causal environment than we see them in during the feature. There's a little bit of sex footage in here but not a ton, and in fact it is more of a legitimate 'making of' piece than just an excuse to show outtakes of people fucking (which is a good thing – we actually get a feel for what went into making the movie this way). The whole thing runs for just under fourteen minutes in length and it's all done with a great sense of humor. In addition to seeing the cast and crew doing their thing we also get a look at the sets used on the shoot – it's interesting to see how much slicker a lot of them look once the footage has gone through post production and how much of a difference the right lighting can make. Regardless, this is a fun little featurette that's actually worth watching.

Finishing out the supplements is a segment called Choose Your Position wherein you can opt for Pussy Eating, Blowjob, Missionary, Doggie and finally Cum Shot. Depending on which option you pick, you'll be treated to a clip (or clips) from the film that features that specific position.

The whole thing is wrapped up in some slick, stylish menus and chapter selection is provided for the feature itself. The packaging for this release is a sturdy paper slip case that features some great fifties style pulp/bad teenager movie style artwork that really suits the movie nicely.

Final Thoughts:

The much-hyped Vivid Alt line launches in style. The ReBelle Rousers is sexy, fun, and really well made. There's a great attention to detail in here that you don't see in a lot of porno movies past or present, and the art direction is second to none. With so many great visuals you'd think that it might overshadow the sex, which is really what we're all here to see, but it doesn't, it just accentuates it nicely. The extras are enjoyable and the movie looks and sounds good. Highly recommended!

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