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Sex Bazaar

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 8/16/06

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Year of Production:


Directed By:

Jean-Daniel Cadinot


Omar Salam, Abdel Aziz, Arnauld Monastier, Djai Kamara, Luigi di Como, Marek Rotman, Mickael Dickson, Oualid Djelal, Sydney McKenna.

The Movie:

A cute French dude on a Moroccan vacation cruises the bathhouses of Tangiers and the shops of the Kasbah where he finds plenty of rough sex.

The Dudes:

These handsome dudes are mostly of Arab descent with olive complexions, dark hair, full black pubes, and cut cocks. To add a little variety, there are also some good-looking African guys and one white French dude.

Scene One:

French Tourist (slender with brown hair, smooth chest, full brown pubes, and large uncut cock) visits the local Hammam (bath house) in Tangiers for some action. Two dudes (one Arab and one African) are already in the bathhouse lounging in their towels. The action is immediate as our French Tourist has his hard uncut cock fondled and sucked by the two dudes. Tourist Dude joins right in by sucking those big cut cocks, stroking the hard shafts, and nursing those knobs. After plenty of face fucking, the guys get down to some very rough and tumble fucking. No slow entries here as they ram their cocks into tight butt holes and plow for all they are worth. There is plenty of love juice spilt as the three guys shoot their loads.

Scene Two:

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Still randy after having his hole roughly plowed, Tourist Dude is not satisfied. In reality, I think most dudes who just got reamed would be resting up for a bit...but not our plucky French hottie. He walks through the busy market places of the Kasbah cruising for sex. A sexy Arab guy pulls him into a secluded shop and gets down to business. Tourist gets down on his knees and sucks that stiff cut cock and has his mouth well fucked. Arab dude forcefully pulls Tourist's pants down, spreads his butt cheek revealing a tight hole; finger fucks him, and roughly fucks him from behind. Arab guy pops his thick load all over Tourist's back. Still not satisfied, French Dude immediately begins to suck the very long cut cock of a hot African guy. The African dude wastes no time plugging his long cock into French Dude's hole and pounding him until they both shoot loads.

Scene Three:

Our French friend is still on the prowl for cock and enters another store. He spies two dudes (a beautiful African dude and a sexy Moroccan guy) getting it on behind a rack of clothes. The African guy has a long slender cut cock that looks to be at least ten inches. The Moroccan dude has no problem stroking that long dong and nursing the cock head. After some butt cheek spreading, the two go at it as the African dude plows that tight hole from behind and then in the missionary position. Moroccan dude jack his uncut cock and shoots a nice thick load.

Scene Four:

As soon as the Moroccan dude leaves, our French buddy practically trips over his own feet to get behind the rack of clothing and chow down on that big ten-inch schlong. French Dude sucks that big dick like someone half crazed with starvation. Of course, our French friend gets his asshole reamed from behind. African dude unloads a big ol' wad on Tourist's back as French jacks his uncut cock and squirts a healthy load in slow motion!

Scene Five:

Our French Friend continues to "shop" and is soon led into another shop by a handsome Arab guy who is quite anxious to have our pal try on some type of ugly pants. Of course, the shopkeeper spies on our pal as he strips down in the dressing room. The shopkeeper barges in, pulls out his stiff cut cock, rubs it against Tourist's hole and fucks him. In between fucking, French Dude sucks that hard cock and then gets fucked quite roughly in the missionary position. The Arab guy shoots a big thick load all over our friend's face while French somehow produces another large load.

Scene Six:

Upon trying to leave the shop, our pal encounters another sexy Arab dude and immediately begins to suck that cut cock. There is more rough fucking as the Arab guy plows our friend from behind fast and hard. Frankly, I'm surprised our Tourist friend does not have a butt hole that looks like ground hamburger. He must have a hole of steel. Again, plentiful loads of cum are shot.

Scene Seven:

The French Tourist heads back to the Hammam where a variety of very handsome Arab men are waiting wearing only skimpy towels. The dudes lounge around stroking their hard cocks and rubbing their balls. This is a sexual free-for-all as cocks are jacked, balls are squeezed/rubbed/licked, cocks are sucked, butt cheeks are spread revealing hairy holes, fingers are inserted into said holes, and plenty of butt fucking. The dudes give something our French friend will remember: they all shoot heavy loads covering his entire face with large amounts of man milk.

Scene Eight:

The French Tourist has at least one tryst left in him. He hooks up with a cute Arab dude and they go for a swim in the ocean. Hopefully, the salt water will be soothing on a certain dude's butt. The two play grab ass in the water and then retire to a private hotel room where they make love. The dudes slowly kiss, rub each other's bodies, stroke their hard cocks, and get down to some oral action. The dudes go through a variety of positions as that hunky Arab guy fucks the insatiable Tourist. Both dudes shoot their thick loads with gusto.



"Sex Bazaar" is shot on film and presented in full screen. The camera work is professional providing plenty of close-ups. The editing keeps each scene moving along at a nice pace keeping the scenes from becoming dull. The video transfer to disc is not so great. The picture is grainy and a number of camera shots are too dark.


The sound is clear with plenty of sex noises mixed in with cool traditional Moroccan music adding to the film's authentic feel.


The extras include chapter stops, a gallery of somewhat blurry grabs from the disc, and a cum shot only option.

Final Thoughts:

The Arab, African, and Moroccan dudes are fucking hot! Of course, our horny French buddy is a cutie as well with his curly 1980s hair and clothes. The sex is plentiful and non-stop with the dudes looking to be quite involved in the sex and loving it. Unfortunately, the lousy video to DVD transfer keeps me from recommending anything but a rental. I strongly recommend a rental because of the beautiful men. If you are a fan of fast and furious fucking, you will dig this movie.

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