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Studio: Ninn Worx » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 8/18/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:

Three of the 'flagship' ladies of recent Ninn Worx releases are focused in on for this release, AWA, which stands for the starlets themselves – Anais, Wanda Curtis, and Angel Cassidy. All three of them are popular for similar reasons in that they're all built for speed, they've all got some serious skill in the bedroom, and they're all very attractive. With that in mind, it makes sense to pair them up here and the results are pretty steamy.

There's no storyline or ongoing theme here aside from one, two, or three of the ladies appearing in each of the seven scenes on the disc, so without further ado, here's the requisite fuck scene breakdown for your reading pleasure….

Scene One – Anais: She starts this scene off by dancing to that grindy electronica music Ninn Worx has been rehashinig for far too long, but at least she looks nice when she does it, stripping out of her naughty schoolgirl outfit. Once she's got her skirt up she lets her fingers wander south and she starts to masturbate for the camera. Her fuck buddy for the scene comes into the frame wearing a Reservoir Dogs style suit and she submits to him as he grabs her. He kisses her and sucks on her tits before bending her over and fingering her pussy while she's down on all fours. He uses his tongue on her while he's down there and then slides four fingers inside her which he then makes her lick off. She drops to her knees and gives him a blowjob, licking his balls and stroking him. After that she gets on her back and he fucks her pussy missionary style and from there she stands up and bends over so he can fuck her box from behind. Once he's had his fill of that she gets on her knees in front of him and he strokes off onto her face. This is a pretty hot scene primarily because Anais just looks so fantastic throughout and really seems to enjoy the foreplay and the sex. It's a little overdone at first with a lot of visual funk and some quick cutting but once the sex itself starts Ninn wisely slows things down and lets it happen.

Scene Two – Angel Cassidy And Wanda Curtis: Angel walks up an ornate staircase and strips out of her formal gown for the camera. She undresses and plays with her breasts before spreading her legs and fingering herself. The camera cuts to Wanda Curtis who is on the other side of the room. She too starts to strip and then begins to finger her pussy until Angel comes into the frame and starts eating her out. She bends over and Angel goes to town on her with a big red vibrator, which she inserts into her pussy after sucking it and getting it wet. Once she's fucked her with it, Wanda kisses her thighs and legs before letting her tongue hit Angel's snatch and lapping it all up and sucking on her clit. She inserts two fingers into her and then the scene ends. This is a great scene, these two obviously enjoy working with and on one another and the sincerity shows in the genuine heat they create.

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Scene Three – Wanda Curtis: Wanda starts this scene off by getting out of her white lingerie and standing in the bathtub where she pours some water over herself. She slides a finger into her pussy and fucks herself with it, before her boy toy comes into the scene and they start to kiss. He lies her down and fondles her tits while he eats her pussy out, using his fingers on her at the same time. From there he stands up and she kneels in front of him to suck his cock and play with his balls. He gets her on her back again, this time to fuck her missionary style while she works her clit. She stands up and bends over and he fucks her from behind, before she gets him to sit down so that she can straddle him reverse cowgirl style. After that she gets down in front of him, sucks the tip of his cock and then jerks him off all over her breasts. Wanda looks nice here but the sex is average and nothing really stands out about it. It's not bad, just not remarkable.

Scene Four – Anais, Wanda Curtis And Angel Cassidy: All three girls are dressed in angel themed lingerie when the scene starts, the camera swirling around them and taking them in using soft focus to bring us into the moment. They each start to undress and play with their breasts, Anais getting naked first so that the other two can suck her nipples and eat her pussy. Wanda stands up so Anais can suck her tits while Angel eats Anais out, and then Wanda sits on Anais' face, while Angel still laps away and uses her fingers on Anais. After that Anais eats out Angel while Wanda gets underneath Anais and goes to work on her snatch with her tongue and her fingers before eating her ass out. While this is going on, Wanda bends over so that Angel can finger fuck her and they do a sort of acrobatic daisy chain thing that works nicely with each of them giving and getting at the same time. Wanda really goes to town on Anais who gets dripping wet when her ass is eaten. From there Wanda stands up so that Anais can eat her pussy while she plays with Angel a bit. After that both girls work on Angel a bit as she stands up and they kneel in front of her to get her off with their tongues and fingers. While the similar dress makes things a little tricky to figure out once or twice, there's no denying that there's a whole lot of really hot, wet girl on girl fucking in this scene. Hot stuff.

Scene Five – Anais And Isabella: As she struts in front of a water fountain in black lingerie she slowly starts to strip for the camera and soon she's down on all fours fucking her own pussy with a glass dildo. From there it cuts to Isabella who is already nude and is fingering her own pussy pretty frantically. The next thing you know they're both in the same room together, clothed. Isabella starts stroking Anais' neck and soon she's playing with her tits. Anais lies on the piano bench and Isabella strips before she starts sucking Anais' nipples and then eating her pussy. Soon enough Isabella fucks her with a ribbed dildo, but only briefly before the tables are turned and it's Isabella's turn to receive. They kiss and the scene ends. This isn't a bad scene, but again, it's only average. The chemistry is there but these two aren't on fire for one another, merely going through the motions and making it look like they want each other more than they really seem to.

Scene Six – Angel Cassidy: Angel prances around topless showing off her tits and then taking off her panties to show off her ass and pussy. Her man walks into the room, naked and hard, and she sucks his cock like she's really hungry for it, using her hands and her tits on him at the same time. She lies on her back and he finger fucks her pussy before he lies down and she rides him reverse cowgirl style (the only condoms used in the feature are in this scene). They spoon on the bed and he fucks her pussy from that angle for a bit, and then the condom comes off as she gets down on her knees in front of him and sucks him to a finish, taking his load into her mouth and onto her face. Again, this is an average scene. Angel's tits are fake and this scene somehow manages to accentuate that fact with the lighting more so than a lot of her other work, probably because it's lit very conventionally and in a very revealing manner as opposed to the artsier lighting of some of the other scenes. It's not bad and she seems to enjoy sucking cock here which is always a nice touch, but it's not a classic either.

Scene Seven – Wanda Curtis: Wanda dances around, clothed, near a torch on a patio. She plays with a cane and then strips only to sit down with her legs spread so that she can finger herself by the light of the pool she's now in front of. Her man comes into the frame and she goes down on him right away, yanking his cock out of his pants and sucking it down fast and hard. Then all of a sudden she's naked in the pool which makes no sense but does allow for a nice shot of her wet body coming out of the pool before she hops on pop for some cowgirl style cock riding by the fire. He slaps her ass and plays with her tits as she bounces up and down on him and really grinds her pussy into his cock seeming to want it all inside her. After that she gets down on all fours so that he can fuck her pussy doggy style while she holds her ass cheeks open to give us a nice view. He pulls out and she gets down in front of him to stroke and suck his prick until it erupts all over her mouth and onto her tits. This scene would have been merely average save for the way that Wanda really grinds her partner in the last portion – that showed sincerity in her moans and really made this one work. It's also very well shot and set in a nice poolside area that gives a bit of class to the whole thing.



Shot in 1.33.1 fullscreen, and for the most part the image is strong, colorful, and quite detailed. There are some mild compression artifacts and once in a while the colored lighting gels and digital effects used in the transitions get a little out of control but otherwise, this movie looks quite good.


The Dolby Digital 2.0 sound mix is perfectly sufficient and noticeably better than your average porn movie. The classical score mixes in with the more modern background music composed for the film and, when played out overtop of the rather sadistic and taunting dialogue, it makes for an experience that borders on the surreal. Everyone who speaks can be hard cleanly and clearly and there aren't any problems with hiss or distortion on this set at all.


Once again there's a behind the scenes featurette provided. If you're at all familiar with how Ninn Worx assembles their documentaries you'll know what to expect here as it follows the same formula that they've been using for some time now. Each of the main starlets gets an informal interview and there's some nice behind the scenes footage in here that was obviously shot on set while the production was in progress. It's not a bad look at the making of the movie but a bit more context and some tighter editing certainly could have made it better. This featurette is roughly twenty minutes long.

There's also a massive hardcore photo gallery and thankfully it's a pretty good one containing over one hundred still shots, many of which spread out over a few minutes and playing out set to music in slide show format.

Final Thoughts:

When it's all said and done, this isn't a bad collection of scenes. The girls all look good, the sex is average to above average, and there's some genuine creativity to the release that is lacking in a lot of modern smut. A bit more intensity in a few scenes would have helped things out but as it stands this one is worth a look as you get a fair bit of content for your dirty porno dollar. Recommended.

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