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Perfect Ass, The: Brazil

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 8/19/06

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Straight/Brazilian Women

Director: Jake Jacobs

Cast: Pietra, Patricia, Agatha, Ju Pantera, and Mayara Rodrigues

Length: 1hr 35 min

Production Date: New Sensations, 2005

Extras: Chapter Selection: Without Act Access
2 Bonus Scenes: From "Lil' Latinas #3" and "Super Naturals" each running about 25 minutes.
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Audio/Video: The Audio of the film is 2.0 stereo but with good, strong sound quality. No major problems were noted with voices or sounds. The Video is full frame color and is pleasing in all respects. Most scenes are outdoors and shot with some good direction.

Body of Review: New Sensations pictures takes their crew south of the border to find Brazilian hotties with nice round behinds and a craving for cock. There are five golden godesses here for your pleasure, each with killer bodies and perfect South American asses.

Scene 1: Pietra
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, DP, Facial
Condoms: No
Pietra is a long legged, thin Latina with soft, sultry eyes. She looks amazing in her black, thong bikini, gyrating her hips in a short strip tease. She's enjoying some 'me time' until Dino and Wesley walk around the corner and start to feel her up. The begin by sucking her budding boobs, then put their meat rockets into her wet mouth. Pietra is hot to watch give oral, but she doesn't give the performance of a pro. Nonetheless, she gives a minute of 69 with one dude before jumping onto the other for reverse cowgirl riding. Banging outside on a tile patio is never easy, but Pietra does a good job. There's not a great deal of chemistry between the three actors, the fucking is soft and slow throughout, but it's all done tastefully and with good camera control. Then a DP enters the scene and because of the tone set by the first 15 minutes, it seems out of place--and Pietra's wrinkled brow makes it less exciting. Pietra still remains the attraction here, despite the scenes sudden shift in tone. Two nasty wads of man plaster cover her face for the end to a decent scene.

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Scene 2: Patricia
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, DP, Facial
Condoms: No
Patricia is an okay brown sugar skinned woman with crazy, red hair. She has a very nice, slim body that she shows the camera while writhing on a bed. She undresses from a cute flourescent yellow set of underwear, revealing her shaved twat and ass. Two massive men pop up and while one chews at her cornhole, the other enjoys have his dick sucked. Patricia gets moved around several times so that she can perform various acts, including teabags and some foot play. She gets a taste of her own pussy and ass when one guy sticks his hand in her caves and lets her lick her various juices. The tone of this scene is much more like the last half of the latter. Some dicks go deep to the back of Patricia's throat. A belt gets put around her neck in mild bondage. She gets slapped lightly. And one dude can't stop four-fingering her asshole. There's a lot of hanky panky leading up to the straightup boning. Some of it strong action, but a bit too slow moving. They ride her in doggy a bit before going into a DP that is pretty good viewing material. So much time was spent at the start with the hanky, that the sex seemed too short. Both men unload on her cute mug, thus ending a strong, but typical act.

Scene 3: Agatha
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, DP, Facial
Condoms: No
There's something about Agatha. It could be the blonde hair and tan, golden body. She has a cute face and perfect meaty thighs and breasts. There's very little pregame action here; Agatha seems to prefer this, crouching into doggy and getting boned poolside. Her tight, trimmed snatch accepts two different man sticks. The pool boys pinch hit her pussy before tapping her ass. The action is smooth and fluid and looks nice but Agatha looks a little pained at times. A DP is a bit of a flop thanks to some really gross, hairy and sweaty man ass from the guy on top. Thick loads slam onto her face like ice cream against a brick wall.

Scene 4: Ju Pantera
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, DP, Facial
Condoms: No
Ju Pantera is a Brazilian babe with a complexion the color of burnt sienna. She plays with her tan body on a couch, stroking her wide, South American ass. Ju Pantera has the perfect look and vibe for those really seeking the Brazilian type. The oral looks nice but a tad too closeup. Ju enjoys a slamming from one man while slobbing the foot long member of the other. JP likes it rough and the men let her have it, one guy pumping her body onto the other guy's dick. The fucking here is good but the scene has a different feel. Like another director took over. Shots are closer than need be and the picture has a sunrise gleam. Some sweaty man ass makes a second appearance. Something in the water must make the men's semen thick. It lands across her chin in thick, white ropes.

Scene 5: Mayara Rodrigues
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, ATM, DP, Facial
Condoms: No
The last South American hottie is by far the youngest looking. Mayara has the figure and face of a 15 year old, that is until she turns around and her thick, bubble butt spills out of her bathing suit. Ass aside, Mayara is thin as sticks. With a little saliva, a running start and a few soft grunts, Mayara accepts a schlong in standing dog. The trio is really clumsy here. Much time is spent lubing up her ass in prep for anal, then it comes after a cut, so who knows how long it really took. Mayara keeps in a standing position for most of the scene and is tossed back and forth between both men. She rides one dude like a rocket in anal reverse cowgirl and then jumps off to taste her ass. A DP soon follows and the hairy man ass returns. Mayara enjoys two semen shots to the face. Overall a decent, solid scene even though Mayara is really way too thin to find appealing.

Concluding Words: This film is put together oddly. It begins very light, assuming the role of a soft, couple-friendly pic. Then the first scene goes into an awkward DP that looks a bit painful for Pietra. Scene 2 follows and includes some very light slapping, mild bondage and a partial anal fisting. None of this is harder than the majority of the porn out there. In comparison, it's actually very tame. I was a bit surprised simply because disc started very soft and slow. The action throughout is standard, second-rate at best. There is some nice fucking and good shots, but the chemistry between the actors is at times way off. Some scenes are clunky and at times the girls look like they are uncomfortable. The ass doesn't play as big a role as the title might suggest, but all the women do have nice, tanned bodies that are a pleasure to watch. Near the end of many of the scenes, sweaty and hairy man ass gets an eye-popping closeup. The camera is aiming for penetrations shots, but it's hard not to miss the funky jungle between the dude's crack--moments that could have easily been fixed through edits or a razor. The Perfect Ass: Brazil is a decent enough film, although you will find better in the porn pile. The 2 hour run time includes bonus material. And the bonus scenes are on par with those in the film. Unless you can't live without South American women, this disc deserves a rental. Rent It


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