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Indecent Radio

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/19/06

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Indecent Radio

Wicked Pictures

Genre: Vignette

Director: Jace Rocker

Cast: Anna Mills, Evan Stone, Devon Michaels, Van Damage, Holly Wellin, Eric Masterson, Seth Dickens, Jenna Presley, Steven St. Croix, Alex Sanders, Tony Tedeschi; Tommy Gunn & Billy Glide (bonus scene only)
Non-sex roles: Frank Bukkwyd (others not credited)

Length: 78 minutes

Date of Production: 2/6/2006

Extras: Most people like extra sex scenes so the scene between Devon Michaels, Tommy Gunn, and Billy Glide from 3 Wishes will probably be the best extra for those of you that haven't seen it or own the movie already. I prefer extras made solely for the DVD in hand so it wasn't as valuable to me but it was a decent scene between the trio and lasted about 14.5 minutes for those keeping track. In my mind, the best extra was the 23 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Red Ezra (and edited by Jef) since it was made for the show, had a lot of the performers interacting (including nudity, sex, and talking about their roles) as well as the director on the set. There were several photogalleries (Wicked loves to provide photogalleries), and trailers to movies such as Camp Cuddly Pines, Hook Ups 9, Eternity, All About Keri, Sold, and others (though surprisingly not one for The Visitors, two promotional reels (2005, 2006), a Wicked Pictures DVD catalog, an Awards and Nominations list, a company profile, some desktop backgrounds, a true double sided DVD cover and a cardboard slipcover for the DVD case.

Condoms: Yes

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Audio/Video Quality: Indecent Radio was presented in a 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Jace Rocker for Wicked Pictures. The vignettes were all lit fairly well and that limited the grain and video noise in the five vignettes. The composition of the shots was decently handled and that enhanced the already attractive appearance of the cast but the editing and short nature of the scenes weakened the stroke value more than a little bit for me. The fleshtones were accurate and the minor goof ups didn't get in the way much (if you look, you'll find a lot of them) though director of photography Francois Clousot has done a lot better in the recent past for the company. The audio was presented in the usual 5.1 Dolby Digital English Surround with a secondary track in 2.0 Spanish for those of you wanting to hear bad dubbing. There was no separation between the channels (at least for the vocals) but they were clear enough. The bad music was distracting for me but this is a common issue for this type of movie, even from a company as good as Wicked Pictures.

Body of Review: Wicked Pictures is better known for their blockbuster hits like The Visitors than their smaller efforts that tend to slide underneath the radar screens of many fans. Like most porn titles, fans look for the performers first, then the director or company, and then the type of show so it makes sense that when the company contracts out a director not exclusive to them such as Jace Rocker, the tendency is to leave the budgets really small and not use the impressive array of contract performers the company has on call. Such was the case with quickie Indecent Radio, yet another title about a radio DJ talk show hostess that listens to stories of sexual depravity and shares them with her audience. The thematic elements were pretty lame but what about the scenes you ask? Well, there was one that really rocked (no pun on the director's name) and almost all of them had a pretty solid hummer) but the others fell far short of the skills I've seen from most of the ladies so you'll want to check this one out before dropping cash. Here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that condoms were used in each of the scenes:

Scene One: Anna Mills, a busty gal with large implants and a curvy body, was up first as she described her Old West fantasy with Evan Stone as the cowpoke held up the train. The tongue in cheek scenario aside, the couple looked like a strong match for one another physically though I haven't seen a lot of energy from her recently in porn. He went down on her and she went down on him, both displaying the kind of skills that fans like to see, but when the penetrative sex came along, the scene declined markedly. He did most of the work and she gave an over the top performance vocally that seemed exceptionally fake. She had potential but simply didn't show it off very well and that limited the stroke value of the scene (the few vaginal positions weren't utilized all that well either). He glazed her chest at the end but she wouldn't touch his rod other than a short kiss at the end, marking it as a weak beginning to the movie.

Scene Two: Devon Michaels, the curvy redhead lead of the movie, was up next as she made a pitstop at a ranch on her way to Bakersfield in her old time red Cadillac. After some playful banter with a lame farmhand played by Van Damage, the two did each other outdoors behind the car. Her tight jeans fit her nicely and her crop top barely covered her implants with the duo giving some oral (Van only did some titty oral though) before banging. She gave an active hummer that showed some solid skill on his spotted dick, getting him really hard as the generic music played too loudly in the background. He vaginally hammered away in a few positions for a couple of minutes and then jerked off to her mouth but this was another case of an otherwise decent performer letting the guy do all the work and lowering the heat as a result.

Scene Three: Holly Wellin, a brunette from England that typically shows her partners a really good time, was up next as she took on Eric Masterson and Seth Dickens. The scenario was that the two men were WWII bomber crewmen stationed in England in 1943. With casualties so high, they wanted to get laid at least once before going back up on a mission so they picked her up at an officer's hangout. She took them back to her apartment and brought them in the bedroom where Seth's tattoo betrayed him (USMC) but few of you will care since she provided both with some of her fine oral work. After slobbing their knobs especially well, using hands and mouth like finely crafted precision tools, they took turns poking her pussy on the squeaky bed. She was not her usual enthusiastic self when it came to screwing but her oral was still well worth checking out as she'd suck one off and let the other pound away on her cookie. It was a short scene (they were all short as I recall) and she took a double dose of vitamin S to her face. It wasn't a great scene but at least she shined in part of it.

Scene Four: Jenna Presley, a very cute brunette in a ghost story, was up next with Steven St. Croix playing a geeky reporter for a scandal rag (he played it for laughs and came across like a combination of Jimmy Olsen, Barney Fife and Carl Kolshack with a little bit of Ernest Worrell tossed in for measure). Jenna was a succubus in a red dress though I didn't think sucking a bus was on her mind. The idea was that they had to finish making love before the music in the haunted house stopped playing or they'd be killed. She had a bit of a goth thing going on and was another gal with serious oral talents as he babbled on like a goofus. Thankfully, she actively rode his cock in her pussy like she was on a deadline and impaled herself like none of the others had done to this point in the show. The multitude of positions were handled well enough and the heat index for the movie elevated a lot in accordance with the quality of the scene (even if she did drop her character midway through the scene). He dropped a big load on her head and the scene ended quickly.

Scene Five: Devon Michaels, finishing up when dumb shit rockers Alex Sanders and Tony Tedeschi broke into the radio station to get her to play a song of theirs, not realizing the station's format was a talk show. Tony held a gun to Alex's head and while I wished the trigger went off, it led to them screwing in the radio station as she sucked off Tony while Alex snacked on her crack. The oral was again well played but the way they took turns (and the way the men did all the pumping) lowered the heat again. I know she's more talented than just as an oral queen so even with the healthy loads to her face and mouth, the scene was weaker than it should have been.

Summary: Indecent Radio was not the type of movie I expected from a pairing of director Jace Rocker and the usually high standards of a company like Wicked Pictures. If you're a slavering fanboy of the cast, you might enjoy it more than I did but as Devon Michael's first top billed movie for Wicked, it wasn't up to what I would expect from her. The technical values, the limited amount of fuck for the buck, and the lack of chemistry and heat from the ladies all made this one a Rent It at best. In short, Indecent Radio was nearly decent and might've worked better if broadcast over the radio given the limitations of the action in most scenes. Wicked Pictures tends to do a much better job than this but if you are looking for a short movie to introduce someone to porn, you could do worse.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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