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Jenna Does Carmen

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/19/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Jenna Does Carmen

New Sensations

Genre: Compilation, Lesbian

Director: varied by scene

Cast: Jenna Jameson, Carmen Luvana, Belladonna, Kylie Wilde, Julia Bond, Tory Lane, Eniko, Jennifer, Katy Caro, Jenna Haze, Krystal Steal, Sabrine Maui, Brooke Milano, Sunrise Adams, Autumn Lace, Hannah Harper, Gauge, Julie Night, Ashley Blue, Katja Kassin, Roxy Jezel, Luna, Jacynda, Monique, Gina B., Dorothy Black, Lauren Phoenix

Length: 323.5 minutes

Date of Production: 7/26/2005 (compilation only; box); 7/26/2005 (compilation only; credits)

Extras: Given the nature of the compilation, the extras were minimal, including a photogallery, a web trailer, and a double sided DVD cover.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Jenna Does Carmen was a series of fourteen scenes lasting almost five and a half hours, spanning a number of years, from the vaults of the New Sensations/Digital Sin Empire. As such, the quality of the individual scenes varied more than a little bit, as did the aspect ratios they were offered in. Still, in general terms, the majority of footage was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color that they were recorded in over the years by their original directors. The lighting was almost always solid, lowering the amount of grain, video noise, and other light-dependant elements of the visual composition of the scenes. The flesh tones were accurate and most of the scenes showed at least a little bit of care with regard to their composition, making the women tend to look better than usual (at least in contemporary terms with regard to the scenes: meaning scenes from 2001 looked good for their age, as did those from 2003, etc.). There were some visual compression artifacts on the second disc (I didn't see any on the initial disc of the set) but they were limited and I didn't think enough of them to lower the rating in any major degree over them. The audio was generally presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo in English and while there was no separation between the vocals that I could recall hearing in any of the scenes, the music varied a little too much to make sweeping generalizations about. In any case, the sum total of the technical aspects of the DVD set were that they scenes looked and sounded pretty good.

Body of Review: New Sensations was long a forerunner in the DVD format when most companies floundered like they were clueless newbies. They used to be held up as a shining example of WHY the DVD format was so important of an upgrade for fans of porn, showing every nook and cranny of the performers in splendid detail. Weaker companies found out that doing this made a lot of their titles look inferior, some copping an attitude with reviewers that displayed at least some objective analysis in the technical areas while others rose to the challenge that the company offered by becoming better than before. In that sense, all consumers owe New Sensations a debt of gratitude for helping force their peers into the modern age. In recent years, the company has tried to offer something different, providing a variety of series that focus on specific fetishes or consumer desires, sometimes truly hitting gold while other times not quite making the best scenes possible. Still, with such a wealth of material to offer, it's no wonder that they can offer compilations like few others in porn can with the latest being Jenna Does Carmen. The title refers to two of the leading ladies of porn; the lovely Jenna Jameson & Adam & Eve's contract hotty Carmen Luvana. Sadly, the two ladies made precious few scenes for the company before moving on to other opportunities so the rest of the scenes were a selection of golden oldies (some were pretty new) starring a lot of great ladies I've enjoyed watching over the years. Here's a quick look at the scenes by movie, cast, and actions, noting that no condoms took place since it was all about lesbian action this time:

Scene One: My Plaything Jenna Jameson 2: Jenna Jameson & Carmen Luvana were appropriately up first in the only scene of theirs recorded by New Sensations, coming from the leading seller virtual sex simulator of all time. Jenna's black mesh outfit contrasted nicely with Carmen's more innocent white lingerie look, though the clothing fell to the floor pretty quickly as they sucked and played with each other. The clear strap on dildo was appealing as the gals played hard with one another, making it easy to see why I would enjoy the scene even now, years later. I only with the two ladies had more scenes given the name of this compilation and that the DVD was more clearly marked as such on the cover.

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Scene Two: Girl Crazy 1: Belladonna, years ago when she was still something of an up and coming name in porn, was up next with a very cute blonde named Kylie Wilde in a living room scene. It was a lot different than some of Bella's recent lesbian antics that are arguably more hardcore than most male dominated porn with her love of pussy evident in every lick, rub, and playful bit of action from the initial installment of the series. It was a toy heavy scene for those who care but they were great toys and the ladies were enthusiastically having fun here.

Scene Three: 4 Finger Club 22: "Julia Bond, the pierced hotty on the front DVD cover, and the curvier Tory Lane, were up first in the movie. Each wore a minimal outfit that had some neon fishnet accessories and each gave as well as they received here. Although it wasn't noted anywhere on the DVD cover, this scene was directed by the talented Brother Love (look up his work; he's an up and comer) and was hot enough to score Julia the front cover. The gals were playful in how they attacked one another, licking and sticking as needed to get their partner off. They used toys (Tory's ability with a dildo impressed me a lot) in each hole and each gal took at least four fingers in her pussy. If not for fear of criminal prosecution, I'm sure they'd have fisted one another a few times (they caught themselves when getting close to doing so). My only reservation about the scene was that the gals didn't have the Sybian to work with (a large vibrator in the shape of a saddle) as the series employed in the past. Otherwise, the two gals rocked with lots of energy and chemistry; appearing to get off at least a few times each. Yum!"

Scene Four: Girls On Girls 6: Eniko, Jennifer, and Katy Caro, were up next in a medical examination scene together with all three looking very physically appealing to me. The lingerie, gentle caresses, and sensual nature of the action was another slice of lesbian porn that differed a bit. I'll admit that two of them appeared to be more into it then the third but I had little doubt that each of them added to the dynamic of the scene as they took their time and enjoyed one another a fair bit. The majority of the scene was dominated by fingers and tongues but some toys were employed too (the toy use was where the scene started to appear scripted and/or fake in terms of the ladies getting off). Foot fetish fans will appreciate that some of that took place here too.

Scene Five: 4 Finger Club #19: Jenna Haze and Krystal Steal were up next in this scene from 2001 where each was new to porn but seemingly into lesbian sex, at least more than when Jenna went to JKP. Krystal was already marred by implants at this point but the contrast between the more womanly curves of her and the girlish appeal of Jenna struck me as a nice change of pace too. They followed the formula and each took the requisite number of fingers inside her pussy but the strength of the scene wasn't related to the numbers so much as their internal chemistry for one another.

Scene Six: Girl Crazy 2: Sabrine Maui and Brooke Milano, two very attractive brunettes, were up next as they plunged toys deep inside one another; including a large glass dildo used anally and some minor league spanking. They did use fake moaning too much (and too loudly) but I'd have sucked clean the beef curtains of either gal (or both!) if given the chance to do so here).

Scene Seven: Naughty College School Girls #18: Sunrise Adams and Autumn Lace were the last pairing on the first disc of the set as they laid on a bed and seemed to study a little, taking a break to learn a little more about anatomy. Autumn was okay for those who like barely legal looking gals but Sunrise had that baby doll appeal that was so much nicer then her more recent scenes (this came from the very early 2000's). Each got a toy stuffed inside of their pussy but the majority of the action was driven by the tongue and finger action that elevated the heat of the scene for me. They looked like they were somewhat new to lesbian action and as a result came across somewhat mechanically but true to life as if they were truly learning the finer aspects of female loving.

Scene Eight: 4 Finger Club #16: Hannah Harper and Gauge, a couple of ladies that have proven to be resilient and popular for a very long time, were up next as they followed the formulaic approach to the series by a fireplace. Gauge has long been better known for her anal escapades and Hannah for her contract work relying on her sheer beauty alone so the pairing of the two was almost inspired in a way as the gals had more chemistry then I think I recalled from when I saw this one years ago. Hannah looked especially young and inviting but both were clearly familiar with the female body by the way they played and appreciating the skill of their partner, making a fine scene to enjoy for not only their fans but the rest of the world too.

Scene Nine: Girl Crazy 1: Julie Night, back when she had blonde hair, and cutie Ashley Blue, were up next in a fancy room as they frolicked on the floor of the room. Julie's black fishnet outfit looked great and Ashley's fetish stockings looked great on her as the ladies went at one another. They were also no strangers to loving women, making the scene a keeper by any standard. Ashley even proved her anal skills very nicely as Julie hammered her ass with a dildo and sucked it clean from time to time.

Scene Ten: Girl Crazy #6: Katja Kassin, now wearing brunette locks on top of her near perfect curves, and Roxy Jezel, having added lighter highlights to her tresses, were both up first in what could be deemed a match between the superstars. I have no doubt that they were chosen for the front DVD cover due to the large fan bases each have built up in the last couple of years and in terms of premium pussy, they had it all. The oral given to one another was top notch, from every lick of their pussies to every slurp on their assholes; the gals seemed to build up increasing levels of heat in their living room setting. Neither shied away from anything involving their toys too so I felt the energy oozing off of them to go with their energetic antics. If Roxy has ever had as much spark as this, I don't recall it and the scene was a great way to start off the show. Yum!"

Scene Eleven: 4 Finger Club #16: Luna and Jacynda, a couple of gals I barely remember in porn, were up next as they followed the formula relatively well together. The oral was fair and the toy use pretty good but the aircraft engine sounding Sybian ride proved to be getting them both off like crazy (and I don't mean because of how loudly they screamed either).

Scene Twelve: 4 Finger Club #18: Monique and Kylie Wild, both attractive gals with light hair and fine bodies, were up next in this installment from the series. They changed it up a bit by starting off with the Sybian ride, leaving a slick glaze all over the machine that looked inviting to this reviewer years later. The heat of the scene derived mostly from the chemistry they shared together though with some fine oral work leading the way to great replay and strokability.

Scene Thirteen: Girls On Girls 6: Gina B. and Dorothy Black, two extremely attractive gals with lightened hair and curvy bodies, were up next on a bed after some tease footage of putting on lingerie. I loved the tease a lot and thought that one of the ladies was substantially more into the action than the other but the ability of the gal less into it was enough to convince that she could perform like a champion (acting like she was getting off); marking it as a good scene even for finicky reviewers like me. The asses were great and I'd have licked the sheets clean after they diddled each other but the slow, almost sultry nature of the action at times had me sporting a woody for a long time after the show was over.

Scene Fourteen: Girl Crazy 4: Lauren Phoenix, one of the performers to excel in recent years regardless of what show she was in, and newcomer Tory Lane, were both up first as they made out in a living room. There wasn't a scenario setup with lots of acting; just going at one another in heated fashion while wearing skimpy outfits. The gals were hot enough to rate the front DVD cover and the fishnets looked very good on them as they kissed, rubbed, and played with each other's ass (Lauren's was looking a bit fleshy, the way many of us like it). The chemistry and energy levels were very high and that made me think the DVD was going to be great. They also used large toys and did lesbian anal with the dirty talk being very heated as well. Thankfully, the droning music got lower as the scene progressed so that I could hear what they were saying too. Whew!

Summary: Jenna Does Carmen did have an older scene starring Jenna Jameson & Carmen Luvana but as fine as that scene was, it did not truly define the quality of the title by itself. I could point to a half dozen scenes that invoked a spirit of heat, chemistry, and passion that surpassed the famous pairing up but that'd be a bit too subjective for this summary. In general, there was a lot of lesbian fuck for the buck here, all at a wonderfully low price, with solid technical matters, and the excellence that New Sensations has shown a number of times over the years. For me then, a rating of Recommended seemed the most appropriate rating to give Jenna Does Carmen, thanks in no small part to the wide variety of action you'll get in terms of the ladies presented as starlets in their own niches. The stroke value alone will keep you exhausted for a long time so give this one a look if you enjoy watching ladies get off with other ladies.

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