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Fuck Factory

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 8/20/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

April 2006

Directed By:

Csaba Borbely

The Cast:

Helmut Muller, Flavio McAllistar, Fernando, Fabrizio Mangiatti, Antonio Martinelli, Kevin Cage, Troy Patrick, Iarda Chankin, Gianni Nascimento, Austin Rogers, Glenn Santoro, Mario McCabe, Boris Demitri.

The Movie:

The Boss (Helmut Muller) runs his factory with an ironclad fist and a hard uncut cock. What product is actually produced at the Fuck Factory? Who knows or cares as long as the man juice keeps flowing.

The Dudes:

These thirteen handsome European guys have short dark hair, a nice variety of tall/slender and shorter/muscular bodies, mostly smooth chests, hairy legs, full/trimmed/shaved pubes, and hard uncut cocks.

Scene One:

Gianni, sexy with dark hair and olive complexion, discusses his concerns about sexual dreams involving coworkers with Boss Helmut. Of course, Helmut wants to know the specifics of the dreams: Gianni and Austin (handsome with short dark hair) are making out in the factory. The two engage in some very heavy tongue kissing and rubbing each other's bodies and stiff uncut cocks. Gianni sucks and licks Austin's hard nipples, smooth chest, big cock and balls. Austin, in return, chows down on Gianni's hard dick. Austin fucks Gianni from behind (with condom) and switches to the side/missionary position. Both men beat off and squirt nice loads.

Scene Two:

After hearing Gianni's dream, Helmut is horny and ready for some action of his own. He unzips his pants, pulls out his big uncut cock and begins to stroke. Mario (handsome with dark hair) knocks on the door as Helmut stuffs his stiff tool back into his pants. It isn't too long before Mario is down on his knees sucking Helmut's cock. Two additional hotties (Troy and Flavio) soon join in on the action.

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Helmut and Mario suck Troy and Flavio's hard uncut cocks sliding their hot mouths up and down the hard shafts while jacking their own. There is plenty of face fucking and sucking switch-ups which lead to one big fucking machine (all with condoms). Flavio fucks Helmut in the missionary position while Mario plays sink/bounce on Helmut's cock. There are plenty of head-scratching positions as these dudes fuck and get fucked. Loud moans and sighs fill the room of this Fuck Factory. The scene ends with a three-way fuck: Troy fucks Helmut while Helmut fucks Mario. Flavio is watching the action and jacking off. All four guys beat their meat and shoot descent loads.

Scene Three:

Glenn (another dark haired hottie) refused to join in during Scene Two and angrily informs Fabrizio (beautiful dude with short brown hair and cool tattoos) of the orgy. Fabrizio, in a matter-of-fact tone, tells Glenn that men simply give better head. "Only another man can do the blowjob to another because he knows how to do it well." Fabrizio calls out to Fernando (yet another handsome dude) and tells him Glenn has never been with another man.

The three dudes really mix it up as Fabrizio sucks Glenn's hard uncut cock as Glenn chows down on Fernando's uncut dong, Fernando sucks Glenn's uncut tool as Glenn sucks Fabrizio. Fabrizio fucks Glenn (with condom) in the sink/bounce position (with Fabrizio doing all the work from below. Glenn does not bounce). Fernando fucks Glenn (with condom) leading Glenn to stop the fucking for a moment to suck both cocks. Fernando cums on Glenn's shoulder, Glenn cums as well, and Fabrizio wins the prize for shooting the largest/thickest load.

Scenes Four and Five:

Orgy Time! Kevin informs Helmut that Boris ain't doing such a great job. Angry, Helmut confronts poor Boris in front of Antonio and Iarda (two hot dark haired dudes). Helmut sucks Iarda and Antonio's hard uncut cocks while Kevin fucks Boris (with condom) in the side missionary position. There are plenty of oral switch ups as these dudes go down on plenty of hard uncut dongs. Boris sinks/bounces on Kevin's cock revealing Kevin's hairy balls and butt crack. Iarda plays the same game of sink/bounce on Helmut's condom covered cock. Antonio watches and jacks off while sitting on heavy machinery.

Doggy style and the traditional missionary positions are included as these dudes corn hole every available butt. Antonio and Iarda beat off and shoot thick/ropey loads. Kevin sucks Helmut's cock and eats Boris' hairy hole. Kevin switches back and forth between that big uncut cock and delicious butt. Kevin fucks Boris' tight pink rosebud with his tongue. There is a butt munching party as Helmut chows down on Boris while Boris rims Kevin's ultra hairy hole. Hot! The dudes jack off and shoot their man milk in thick creamy loads. Boris is quite vocal as he climaxes making the scene very sexy.

Scene Six:

Gianni, still concerned about his sexual dreams, walks in on Fernando and Fabrizio sweeping the floor. Gianni informs them that Helmut has advised that he needs therapy in the form of a full bottle of whisky and plenty of man sex. Fabrizio tell him to forget the booze but is happy to fulfill the man on man sex. Fabrizio sucks Gianni's cock as Gianni sucks Fernando. After plenty of cock sucking variations, the fucking (with condoms) begins. Fernando fucks Gianni from behind as Gianni sucks Fabrizio. Gianni engages in a bit of the ol' sink/bounce with Fernando and The Two F.'s tag-team fuck Gianni from behind. Hot! There is plenty of heaving tongue kissing as the three dudes jack off and shoot their thick loads.



The movie is shot directly on high quality video and presented in widescreen. The videography consists of basic shots/angles and provides a steady camera, plenty of close-ups, and a very sharp/clear picture quality. The editing is equally professional providing scenes that move along at a nice pace.


The sound is sharp and clear with an original score by Juhasz Gabor providing a nice instrumental accompaniment to the horny dudes' loud moaning.


Interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, and language selection of: English, French, Dutch, Spanish, and Italian. The subtitle selection is Dutch, Portuguese, and Greek. Cast profiles and trailers for "Job Wanted", "Gay Culture", Graduation Gay", Desperate Househusbands", and "Horny Hotel" round out the disc's extras.

Final Thoughts:

The movie is a turn-on. The dudes are all very handsome with beautiful bodies and uncut cocks. The production quality is very high and provides an excellent crisp and clear widescreen picture, and top of the line videography. The extras are fun with some hot trailers and informative model profiles. My only complaint is although the models are all very sexy and the action is hot, they seem like sex robots. There is a coldness about them. One exception is Boris' heart-felt moans as he climaxes at the end of Scene Five. That said, the movie is still a big ol' turn on and I highly recommend for fans of hot European men with wonderful bodies and uncut cocks.

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