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Briana Loves Rocco

Studio: Vivid » Review by Ravyn C » Review Date: 8/21/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Category: Feature

Director: Antonio Adamo

DVDs per Case: 1

Production Date: 9/14/04

Genre: Straight, Couples

Condoms: Yes

Length:1 hrs. 58 mins.

Sexual Orientation/Positions: Missionary, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggie, Spooning , BJ, Anal Sex - Reverse Cowgirl , Standing Doggie Style, Double Penetration, Cunnilingus, VTM, ATM, BDSM

Performers: Alberto Rey, Alexa, Anita , Briana Banks, Crystal, David Stanley, Frank Gunn, Gouray, James Brossman, Karina, Paul Thomas, Rocco Siffredi, Shylar Cobi, Tera Bond

Audio/Visual:The movie is presented in the full-frame format, the footage rather sharp looks like it was shot on video rather than film. The sound quality on the five bonus scene was very poor. One would need to literally strain to hear the dialogue between the actor and crew. The flesh tones were very crisp yet the makeup on the females performers could have been better .The costumes used by the ladies of Vivid especially the black corset type cat suit Briana wore were exquisite.

Extras: DVD gave the viewer more than an hour in depth extras from previews to four up and coming Vivid titles: Emperor, Monique on the Sky, Fade to Black 2( all directed by Paul Thomas) as well as Invasion of the Porn Shooters directed by Chuck Lords. The interactive menus gives you a choice of sex lines to call before or after watching the DVD or logging on to VividVideo.com for more choices of lovely Vivid ladies to download to your pc. This DVD provides a chapter selection and fetish selection. The Behind The Scenes which is filmed in Budapest, shows the entire cast jumping on and off the tour bus enjoying the beautiful cities, its outdoor cafes with some commentaries from the Director on some key film shots. Bonus Scenes which amount to five shorts each lasting roughly about six minutes, Briana Text Bio and a slideshow with cast and crew.

Overview of the Movie: Briana Loves Rocco, a feature film from Vivid is overwhelmingly saturated with phone sex info-mercials. The average man would turn off the DVD to find another title that leads straight into what he is looking for; the hard core sex for some serious stroking. This movie, has an very interesting storyline to it. It is not for anyone that is faint of heart.The movie itself was a series of extremely hardcore scenes that pushed Briana's buttons as much as her limits, showing she could take anything Rocco dished out and provide some seriously wild sex at the same time. This isn't a movie about "Fairy Tale Endings" it is a realistic look at how rough and aggressive some couples are in today's day and age. There is a deep message about the bonds between love, sex and violence in Briana loves Rocco. Written as an aggressive title for those that enjoy it hot and heavy. You have to watch that you don't get caught up in the moment of being in love with your partner. Karma has a way of biting one in the ass for letting sex govern their mind and body.

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Body of the Review: Rocco known all over Europe as an cultural idol and porn royalty has met his match and true love in Briana Banks. Briana. Who is the tallest, leggiest, nastiest blonde goes in search of her match in Europe. With Briana doing two anal shots with some heavy DP action with Rocco.This could actually be the outrageous thing these two people have ever done. You decide as your mouth waters watching them go at it.

Opening Scene: In a small classroom setting filmed outdoors,the female students are dancing around the gazebo baring their almost bare bottoms to each other prior to the Professor arrival. The class which is being taught by Aleberto Rey " Violence in Films" has bored Briana who has fallen asleep in his class and is chasties for it.Once class is dimissed, she returns back to her dorm room to again be hasslled by her roomates for not indulging her sexual needs as they do.Storming out of the dorm room to a near by cafe to study, she finds herself staring at Rocco who is having his own daydreams about he lost love.

Scene One: Briana Banks,Rocco Siffredi

In dream like sequence,Rocco remineses back to a times where he is with his lost love in the forest making out in a horse drawn carriage. Briana wearing a a very short white dress and high heels spread her leg to accomadate his waiting tongue and fingers. In the very agressive scene Rocco removes his belt wrapping it around her neck and his cock shoving it down Briana's throatto the point of suffocating her with it.He then beats her face with his meat. He plunges deep inside her doggie style switching over to RCG. He continues to beat her ass even more priming her ass for some very rough anal sex. Rocco empties his load on her face as she catches most of it in her mouth.Once the day dream is over her then notices that she wasnt the one.

Scene Two: Alberto Rey,Alexa

As Briana goes to speak to the Professor about the class and her missing notes, she peeks in to find him head deep into one of his other students. Dressed in a traditional boarding school uniform,Alexa is on all fours on his desk getting her bottom spanked. The Professor binds her legs together making it easier for him to eat her ass out while she is still on her knees, He stuff his cock into Alexa's waiting mouth teasing her her with it. Alberto then takes her from behind doggie style, spooning, RCG,anally to cumming all over her ass.

Scene Three: Anita,James Brossman, Karina

With Rocco directing his cast and crew on a tennis court, he finds himself not happy with the location bringing them inside the mansion they had been shooting around all day. This being the weakiest of all the scenes, it doesnt show too much of the girls playing with it each. I does show the ladies servicing the male co-star repeatedly as they both want to suck andride his cock on the stairs. James does eventually cum in both their faces.

Scene Four:Briana Banks,Frank Gunn, Rocco Siffredi

In this next scene, we have Briana purchasing a magazine at sex shoppe filled with Vivid products. Coincidently the magazine happens to fall out of her bag and picked up by Rocco. he casual flirts with her introducing himself as a director adn producer of romance movies. Briana tells him that she is a film student at the near by college.Shortly there after he has convinced her to go back to his place to be in his movie. She changes into a all black corest looking cat suit with crotchless stockings and hells.With camera in hand,Rocco films her crawling towards him on her hands and knees. She teases his cock on film licking it slowly smacking her ass with each long lick.Blind folded by Rocco,Briana enjoys having his fingers buried deep inside both her holes. With niether of them taking notice that his brother played by Frank Gunn has entered the set with his girlfriend Crystal,he joins them for some heavy DP action.Frank's girlfriend stays in the background playing with herself as she watches.Both brothers take turns taking her ass only to have a double shot to her face.

Scene Five: Alberto Rey,Tera Bond

This last and final scene is shot poolside in the luxurious cabana. Alberto is laying down on a massage table literally recieving a full body massage from Tera. She slowly peels off the tiny two piece bathing suit she wasnt actually wearing. She rubs her perky breast gently into his back while licking his ear lobes. Working her magic fingers all over his firm body she gets to work right away on his cock.Tera rides him on the table,spooning, missionary to finallyhaving him cum on her face continuing to stroke himself until he comes again on her.

Ravyn's Final Thoughts: Throughout the entire movie as I watched I noticed a few key items that turned out to be a very big turn off to me. In each scene there was something that all viewers might or might now pick up on. Here is what I saw in each of these scenes; Scene #1- Briana's moaning became utterly annoying it had no realism to it. Also there was a major gross moment when Briana spit his cum out her mouth only to suck it back into her mouth. I dont know if anyone else has to stomach to enjoy that. Scene #2- Alexa's moans and physical enjoyment of what she was doing was more noticable. I also picked up on the change in color of condom which Alberto used, he went from green to red. Scene #4- With Briana it was very hard to distinguish if her moans were from pain or pleasure or both. Frank Gunn's now sports a much shorter haircut,put on more body mass, firm abs,new tat. This all might be very small and very minor details to those who are viewing the moving as how my good friend "Don" would say it " for stroke value". Overall Briana loves Rocco isnt for the weak at heart and into romance. This is for those that enjoy the rough sex and the name calling. My advice it belongs in your collection..

May All Your Wicked Desires Come True.... Ravyn

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