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Dirty Duos

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 8/23/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Dates of Production:

February 2005 through November 2005

Directed By:

Tom Bradford, Csaba Borbely, Sebastiano Broggi

The Cast:

Frenky, James Jordan, Julien Viconzo, Tamas, Ken Spencer, Helmut Muller, Gianni Nascimento, Austin Rogers, Sasha, Vipera, Gerry Preston, Kevin Cage

The Movie:

Fourteen handsome Eastern European hunks engage in lusty man-on-man sex in this sampler from six Private Manstars' movies plus one scene not included in previous releases.

The Dudes:

These hunky dudes have short dark hair, a nice variety of tall/slender and shorter/muscular bodies, hairy/ smooth chests, full/trimmed/shaved pubes, and hard uncut cocks.

"Desperate Househusbands"

Frenky, sexy with a nice hairy chest, rubs and squeezed the bulge in James' underwear and pulls it down to reveal a big uncut cock. Frenky strokes, sucks, and slobbers on that big tool as James loudly sighs. Frenky slaps James' big cock knob against his tongue and then engages in some heavy soul kissing. James goes down on Frenky's large uncut dong giving it a nice polish. Frenky has a cool foreskin that covers the knob even when his cock is fully erect. James eats Frenky's hairy butt and then fucks him from behind (with condom). This is some hard fucking as James pounds that ass in the missionary position as Frenky beats his meat. James cranks his thick load onto Frenky's muscular hairy thigh while Frenky jacks some thick cum onto his own hairy stomach.

"Internet Sex"

Julien, a real looker with plenty of tattoos, is in bed making out with Tamas, another hottie with plenty of tatts. Tamas sucks Julien's big ol' uncut meat stroking and pulling on that thang. Julien returns the pleasure by going down on Tamas' uncut dick as Tamas fucks his face. After plenty of deep tongue kissing, Julien munches down on Tamas' hairy little hole and teases it with his tongue. After more cock sucking switch-ups, Tamas eats Julien's hairy asshole. Julien fucks Tamas (with condom) in a very hot side/missionary position and then from behind giving that butt a pounding. Julien spurts a big load the flies all over Tamas' chest and abs. Tamas shoots a thick load on his own abs and pubes.

"Jailhouse Cock 1"

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Sexy inmate Helmut is being interrogated by uniformed hunk Ken. The questioning takes an interesting turn as Ken pulls out his long uncut cock and Helmut immediately wraps his hand around it stroking the stiff shaft and nursing the knob. An intense sixty-nine follows as both dudes gorge themselves on uncut man meat. Ken finger fucks Helmut with two digits while continuing to suck his dong. Ken fucks Helmut from behind (with condom) sinking his fat cock shaft into that tight butt hole followed by the side/missionary and missionary positions. There are plenty of great close-ups of the penetration. Both dudes finish up by jacking off and cutting loose with wads of love juice.

"Fuck Factory"

Gianni, handsome with an olive complexion, and Austin, very cute with a buzz cut, are making out in the factory. The two engage in some very heavy tongue sucking while rubbing each other's bodies and stiff uncut cocks. Gianni sucks and licks Austin's hard nipples, smooth chest, big cock and balls. Austin, in return, chows down on Gianni's hard dick. Austin fucks Gianni from doggy style (with condom) and switches to the side/missionary position. The two rub their bodies together while kissing and stroke their cocks to climax squirting cum all over Austin's stomach.

"Graduation Gay"

Sasha, hot n' hairy, is giving Vipera a relaxing backrub. Naturally, the massage turns into heavy kissing and crotch rubbing. Sasha begins to suck Vipera's uncut cock giving the cock head close attention with his hot mouth. Vipera strokes Shasha's uncut tool, which leads to him sucking the hard thang...licking that knob like it's an all-day sucker. Vipera fucks Shasha (with condom) in the side/missionary position causing Sasha to make some very sexy and interesting guttural noises of pleasure. After a lil' of the old sink/bounce, the dudes shoot their thick loads with Vipera dumping his cum on Sasha's nuts.

"Jailhouse Cock 2"

Sexy uniformed prison guards Gerry and Kevin seem to have plenty time on their hands. Perhaps the inmate population is down. The dudes engage in some good ol' tongue sucking (Gerry has a pierced tongue) and bulge grabbing. Kevin strokes his own uncut cock then it's off to sixty-nine land as the guys stuff their gullets with plenty of Grade-A uncircumcised beef. Soon the dudes are standing on a tall metal ladder...the perfect place to suck each other's poles. The guys jack off and fling their man juice onto their discarded guns on the floor below.

"Mystery Scene"

Not only is this scene the hottest in the movie, it has no title and the dudes clearly do not match up with their supposed photographs during the closing credits. Dude A, muscular with short dark hair, is jacking his uncut cock when in walks Dude B, clearly the sexiest man in the movie with a nice muscular hairy chest. Dude B joins in as the guys begin to feel each other up leading Dude A to suck the long foreskin and fat cock of Dude B. Very hot! These dudes really chow down on each other's cocks jacking and sucking those foreskins (Dude B's foreskin covers the cock knob while his cock is fully rigid). After a wild sixty-nine, Dude A fucks Dude B in the sink/bounce and doggy style positions (with condom). Both dudes shoot descent loads with one landing on Dude A's muscular butt.



The movie is shot directly on high quality video and presented in widescreen and fullscreen. The videography is professional providing a very sharp picture quality and plenty of close-ups of the cock sucking, butt munching, and fucking. The editing is top notch allowing each scene to flow at a natural pace and never become dull.


The sound is sharp and clear with cool instrumental music accompanying the sighs, moans, gurgles, and pouts that go along with hot sex.


Interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, and language selection of: English, French, Dutch, Spanish, and Italian. The subtitle selection is Dutch, Portuguese, and Greek.

Cast profiles, scene details, and trailers for "Gay Orgies", "Lucas Foz", "Janos Volt", "Threesomes", and "Frenzy" round out the disc's extras.

Final Thoughts:

The movie is definitely a huge turn-on. Every one of the fourteen Eastern European men are very handsome with some being downright beautiful with their tight muscular bodies and big uncut cocks. The dudes seem to really be into the action making the sex very hot. The production quality is top of the line providing the viewer with an all-around pleasurable watching experience. I highly recommend to fans of Eastern European males with untrimmed tools and sweaty man-on-man lovin'. This is a perfect chance to explore what Private Manstars' movies are like. You will not be disappointed.

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