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Str8 Boys Gay Secrets

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Alexx O'Toole » Review Date: 8/26/06

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Gay Adult Movie
Steve Shay
CAST: Alex Lynn, Cohen Jennings, Donavin Fitch, Corey Fitch, Brandon Banks, Blake Kennedy, Aaron Armstrong, Austin McKenzie, Chad Ryans, Nicholas Starr

The Good Stuff
Str8 Boys Gay Secrets is a pretty basic young guy porno. The premise is that the "straight" guys have well, gay secrets, its pretty self explanatory. LOL. Every scene is preceded by Ian Cole discussing how hot the scene is etc. Each scene starts out with some "straight" guy discussing how he has never been with another guy before and wants to see what its like. So who better to initiate them into the fabulous world of man to man sex than their gay friends. Hence the straight boys get their gay secrets.

Scene 1
After the obligatory I have never been with another guy scene between Alex Lynn and Cohen Jennings they make out and slowly undress each other. Cohen is a cute bleach blonde gay boi and Alex is a sexy dark haired guy. I found Alex hotter but then again I am partial to brunettes. Both guys have the typical twink build. Cohen is completely hairless where Alex has trimmed pubes and shaved nuts. For Alex playing the straight boy he certainly gets Cohens cock out an into his mouth fast enough. Alex doesn't gently introduce Cohen to his penis he mouth fucks him and makes him gag. After having Alex worship his cock for a while Cohen finally gets Alex completely naked and starts sucking his nuts working his way up to his tasty schlong. Cohen has an ulterior motive and wants to take Alexs anal virginity so after blowing, rimming then fingering his friend Cohen slides his cock home up Alexs' pucker and pokes away missionary style. Missionary is where the fucking begins and ends , the actual anal sex is relatively brief before both guys are jacking for their money shots. Cohen squirts a smidge on Alex nuts before Alex jacks and cums on his abs.
[Actors: Alex Lynn, Cohen Jennings | Sex Acts: Kising, Oral, Anal, Riming, Fingering, Jacking | Positions: Missionary | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Cut | ]

Scene 2

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Donavin Fitch and Corey Fitch are chilling out drinking some beers like typical straight guys. (The guys are not related by the way) They chat about girls and how much you getting etc before they get right to having their hands down each others pants and making out. Both of these guys are fit the movies M.O. They are both young and cute. Corey asks Donavin if he ever had a guys suck him off. Donavin replies in the negative so Corey asks if he wants to try it. Donavin is game (What straight guy would turn down a blow job no matter who it comes from after a few beers?) so Corey dives onto that cock like a cock starved maniac. Damian has a perfect thick cock and shaved balls. Corey loves that dick slurping on it in utter bliss. The scene ends with Donavin straddling Coreys chest and jacking and blowing a thick creamy load on Coreys face, a juicy wad on his eye and some creamy spunk in his mouth.
[Actors: Donavin Fitch, Corey Fitch | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Jacking |Positions: N/A | Condoms: N/A | Dicks: Cut | ]

Scene 3
Brandon Banks and Blake Kennedy are apparently friends and Brandon is Blakes hair stylist. So while cutting Blakes hair they discuss how Brandon isn't getting and vag from his girlfriend so Brandon sees an opportunity to get himself some ass from his dreamy friend Blake. While Brandon is feeling up his friends chest his cock is by Blakes face. Blake cant resist the scrumptious aroma of gay cock so he takes Brandons cock out and starts sucking and jacking it like it is the most wonderful discovery since sliced bread. Brandon sports a thick, straight mushroom headed boner and shaved nuts. As a side note the music in this scene was bizarre, with talking or dialog in it. It almost sounded like someone left the TV on. Anywho, Blake is getting hot with a mouthful of meat so he gets out his cock and starts stroking it making Brandons mouth water. Blakes tool is equally delicious looking nice and straight and beefy. Brandon drops to his knees and gets himself a mouthful of cock. The guys swap positions one more time before Brandon bends Blakes bubble ass over the haircutting chair and apparently plugs away at his hole. The actual fucking of this scene was highly disappointing. The camera is in front of the guys so they are facing the camera and there are no shots of actual penetration. So after the not so hot hump action Brandon beats off into Blakes crack. Ending with Brandon saying next time you fuck me.
[Actor: Brandon Banks, Blake Kennedy | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Anal, Jacking | Positions: Doggie | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Cut | ]

Scene 4
Aaron Armstrong, Chad Ryans, and Nicholas Starr are working out or warming up as it may be. Austin Mc Kenzie the coach comes in and sends away Aaron who apparently is his assistant. Austin is the only dare I say man in the whole movie. Appearing maybe middle 20's. After some crunches and push ups the guys start with some jumping jacks. Chad and Nicholas are kidding around miming squeezing the coaches ass. They work up enough courage to go up behind the coach and start feeling him up. He is startled but quickly over comes that when he realizes he can get some young ass for himself. Austin tells Chad and Nicholas that if they aren't interested in a work out maybe they would like another kind of work out which they heartily agree to. Chad and Nick drop down and start sucking on Austins cock before Chad takes a turn with Nicks cock in his mouth. Aaron is across the room watching the guys get busy and wants some action himself so he comes over and Austin asks if he would like to work out the guys the hard way. So Chad ends up blowing Aaron and Nick working on Austins cock. Swap to Chad and Nick now sitting on boxes of some sort and the two coaches sucking them off. Sadly Nick is the only one with a hard on for this scene. Chad ends up on his back with Aaron banging away at his ass with a mouthful of his friend Nick. Austin is jacking taking in the entire show. Austin takes his turn slamming away at Chad doggie style while Chad is busy with the other two guys cocks in his mouth. Chad ends up as the target with all the guys blowing their ok creamy loads on him.
[Actor: Aaron Armstrong, Chad Ryans, Nicholas Starr, Austin McKenzie | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Anal, Jacking| Positions: Missionary, Doggie | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Cut, Uncut? | ]


Audio quality was good, it was nice and crisp and clear. The only complaint I have is the music selection for scene 3 was a little weird. Video quality was clear as well, no shadows, no shaky camera.


Scene Selection

Blake Kennedy Solo Jack Off Audition: Approximately 10 minutes of Blake stripping and beating his meat.

Ethan Parker Solo Jack Off Audition: Approximately 7 minutes of Ethan looking bored and undressing and flogging awa y for the camera.

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At the End of the Night

Str8 Boys Gay Secrets was an entertaining flick. The actors in the film were a tad too young for my own tastes but good looking all the same. All of them were young, slim and horny. I don't believe many of them are straight but I guess that is besides the point. Each scene is something most every gay man has fantasized about at one time in his life. I mean its OK, you can admit it, you secretly wanted to do it with your High School coach on whatever sports team you were on. I know I did. Ian Coles introductions of each scene was rather anti climactic. Sure he's a good looking fella and known in porn but regardless of why Ian was there I found his feigned turned on-ness (sorry for making up my own word) to be annoying. He is rather pointless in the grand scheme of this film if it was said to have one. He never even gets naked. The action was pretty basic only one position for 3 of the 4 scenes in the flick and in the third scene you don't even get to see penetration. There was also some problem with the guys getting and staying hard. With all that being said I give this film a rating of "Rent It" the guys were cute and some even eager, for fans of young guys I daresay it might even deserve a recommended rating.

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