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Aprende 2

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 8/27/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:

April 2006

Produced and Directed By:

Enrique Cruz

The Movie:

Enrique Cruz provides us with another group of hot dudes who are ready for action. From the tropics of Puerto Rico to the gritty alley ways and dorm rooms of New York City, these dudes are hugry for man-on-man lovin'.

Scene One:

Two dudes are standing nude in a tropical lake making out. One dude is handsome with short dark hair, smooth chest, trimmed pubes, and an uncut cock. The second guy is cute and curly haired with sideburns, tight body, full pubes, and an uncut dick. The guys make out with plenty of deep tongue kissing which leads each dude to suck the other's hard tool, stroking hard cock shafts and sucking knobs. Our cute curly haired friend gets fucked from behind (with condom) as the dude gives him a full ass pounding. Both dudes jack and dump nice loads.

Scene Two:

Two hot guys are making out in the hallway of an old building. Dude A has closely cropped dark hair, cool sideburns, a tall/slender build, and a plump cut cock. Dude B is wearing a baseball cap, has a nice slender build, goatee, and uncut schlong. Dude B begins to eat Dude A's tight shaved hole. There is a very nice shot of Dude A's swingnig cut cock with nice knob and balls while he is having his butt munched. Dude A makes himself comfortable on a table and begins to jack off while Dude B fucks him roughly in the missionary position. For some reason, the dudes take their party from the table to a dirty floor where the fucking continues. Dude A continues to beat his meat and shoots a big load on his stomach. Dude B strokes his hard cock and squirts a load on Dude A's face. The dudes go at it a second time and end up making out, jacking off, and shooting two more loads.

Scene Three:

Two dudes are hanging out in their frat house bedroom, which is decorated with a DMX poster. The dudes are good looking with one having curly hair, soul patch, and a big cut cock while the other wears a baseball cap and sports a large uncut tool. The dudes engage in some heavy kissing followed by cock sucking as both cut and uncut cocks are licked, stroked, and gobbled into hot wet mouths. The curly haired dude gets his hairy butt hole plowed in the missionary position (with condom) while he jacks his big ol' dong. Curly strokes out a frothy load onto his stomach while Ball Cap jacks his uncut cock and shoots all over Curly's chest and hair. Not satisfied, the guys go at it again with more kissing, jacking, and sucking which leads Ball Cap to squirt a huge load that flies everywhere.

Scene Four:

Two good looking naked dudes are making out with plenty of kissing and body rubbing. Both dudes have smooth muscular chests and big cocks: one is cut while other is uncut. There is plenty of finger fucking and fucking from behind (with condom) as these two get down to some sexual business. More finger fucking ensues followed by fucking in the missionary position (with condom). Both dudes shoot thick loads of juice.

Scene Five:

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The dirty stairwell of a frat house becomes a hotbed of sexual activity as two cute dudes kiss and stroke each other's uncut cocks. They are interrupted by a very hot African American dude who quickly joins in by kissing, sucking cock, and having his long cut cock orally pleasured. The two Latino dudes begin to fuck (with condom) from behind while one still chows down on that long black cock. The dude doing the fucking pulls out and shoots a descent load. More loads are shot as one dude gets a nice thick load on his face and another shoots a huge load that sprays like a fountain. Very hot!

Scene Six:

Our hot pals from Scene One are still going at it in the tropical lake. They notice a third dude, a hunky guy with short dark hair, tight body, and uncut cock, watching them. The dudes motion for the third guy to join in...which he immediately does. There are plenty of cock sucking switch-ups as each dude sucks dong and gets his tool slobbered on. The three dudes are now inside on a bed where they continue their fun. There is plenty of hot kissing, body rubbing, nipple sucking, and additional cock sucking as these guys engage in a sexual free for all. Finger fucking leads to some sink/bounce and missionary position (with condoms). Our spying pal is the only one to cum and he does not disappoint: his thick load is quite a turn-on.

Scene Seven:

Dirty alleys usually do not come to mind as a place to get one's groove thang on....but any port in a storm I suppose. Three dudes (two sexy Latinos and one hot African American dude) are getting it on near a smelly dumpster. After some heavy kissing, the butt munching of tight shaved holes, fucking from behind (with condoms), and sucking big hard cocks ensues. The dudes jack their meat and shoot nice loads...with one hitting a dude all over his face and mouth.

Scene Eight:

A cute twink wearing a baseball cap is sitting on the front porch reading a book. Another equally attractive twink joins him as the two begin to flirt and kiss. After relocating to the bedroom, the dudes continue to make out and begin to stroke each other's big uncut tube steaks. These dudes really know how to suck a mean cock by stuffing those hard shafts into their mouths, stroking those veiny stalks, and nursing those big cock knobs. There is some very hot tongue fucking of a tight shaved butt hole followed by fucking in the missionary position, from behind, and a revealing side/missionary position (with condoms). Both dudes jack their tools and dump descent loads.

Scene Nine:

This three-way consists of two hot African American dudes and one sexy Latino twink. The twink spies on the two dudes as they make out and pull each other's hard cocks. Twink soon joins in. The cock sucking and face fucking is plentiful as each dude sucks and strokes hard man meat and gets his tool sucked in return. The sucking leads to fucking (with condoms) as one dude get plowed from behind while another enjoys the missionary position. All three dudes pull their puds and let loose with some fine loads....one in particular is very thick.

Scene Ten:

There is plenty of kissing, body rubbing, and cock sucking as these two hot dudes enjoy each other. After some hot deep throat action, the fucking begins (with condoms) as one dude takes it from behind. The dude doing the plowing uses a smooth stroke and a cool circular motion while he does his thang. The doggy style turns into a fast and furious missionary position as the dudes jack off and shoot their loads on each other's bodies.

Scene Eleven :

These two hot, butch, and husky dudes are a complete turn-on. The tattooed love boys get right down to the action as they engage in some very heavy kissing and begin to suck each other's fat uncut cocks. There is plenty of face fucking and very hot foreskin pulling as the dudes chow down. The fucking is rough n' tumble from behind (with condom). The dude doing the fucking pulls out and cums all over his pal's tattooed back. There is more cock sucking, foreskin sucking, and some HOT DOCKING as the dudes use their beautiful foreskins for pleasure. There is more fast fucking from behind (with condom) with two additional thick loads being dumped. Very hot!



The movie is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography is clumsy at times but always delivers plenty of very nice close-ups of the action. The editing keeps each scene moving along at a steady pace. The picture quality ranges from very sharp/clear to grainy with a few pixel problems. Overall, the picture quality is fine and does not distract from the action.


The sound is clear with a very cool/interesting mix of natural noises such as traffic and nature noises, sexual noises as these dudes get down, techno/hip-hop music, and voice over of Enrique Cruz reading sex stories received on the internet. The idea works well giving the movie an experimental feel.


Interactive menu, scene selections, chapter stops, and almost forty additional minutes of sex included in the Screen Test #1 & #2.

Final Thoughts:

"Aprende 2" is a non-stop sexual frenzy. The dudes are all very sexy and appealing with an age range of nineteen or so to mid twenties. There are a variety of body types from tall/slender/tight to husky/muscular. The pubes are full/trimmed/shaved, and the cocks are uncut with a few being cut. The dudes look to really be into what they are doing and having a good ol' time sucking those cocks, getting fucked, and shooting some very generous loads of man juice.

The videography can be clumsy at times kind of veering off in all directions but always provides good/full coverage of the action and plenty of wonderful close-ups. As mentioned, the sound is very cool and innovative. The videography and sound make the movie have a strong experimental feel to it. I was very pleased to see the inclusion of some hot docking. Docking is something that I do not regularly see in movies anymore unless they are strictly foreskin fetish movies. So, it's very cool to see the act make its way back. Overall, the movie is a big turn-on. I recommend to fans of beautiful Latino and African American dudes (which I am) and movies with a very raw and interesting look/feel.

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