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Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 8/28/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:

June 2006

Directed By:

Martin Visek

The Cast:

Rocky, Rickie Rich, Skica, Erik, Ross Costanzo, Erik Lenn, Jack Zones, Carlos Chekka, Leon, Petr, Joe Donovan, Ronny.

The Movie:

These sexy Eastern European lumberjacks are interested in two types of wood: the kind one cuts with a chainsaw, axe, and hacksaw...and the kind one sucks. Which type do you think they prefer?

The Dudes:

Every one of these dudes is keeper. There are a variety of tall/slender and husky/muscular body types with all dudes having nice tight bods. The guys look to be in their early twenties to mid thirties with full/trimmed/shaved pubes, mostly uncut cocks while a couple are cut.

Scene One:

Skica (handsome with dark hair, smooth chest, and tanned body), Erik (cute with short dark hair and smooth chest), and Rickie (dark spiked hair and smooth chest) are in the forest cutting wood with their chainsaw, hacksaw, and axe. The dudes mosey on inside for a lunch of bread and sausage. With all the cruising eye contact, I'm surprised they were able to eat. Erik is the bold one here as he begins to rub Skica's arm while Rickie watches and touches his chest. Skica and Erik begin to make out, playfully lick each other's tongues and head over to the bed. Rickie pulls out his long cut cock and begins to stroke as Skica grabs hold of Erik's uncut tool and chows down.

There are plenty of sucking switch-ups as these dudes lick, stroke, and worship each other's hard cocks. Skica fucks Rickie's hairy hole from behind with his uncut dick (with condom) while Rickie eats Erik's tight butthole teasing it with the tip of his tongue. Rickie plays a little sink/bounce on Skica's dong while his large hard cock flops and bobs in the air. Switch up time as Skica fucks Erick (with condom) in a hot side/missionary position while Erick sucks Rickie's tool. Rickie gets a nice cum bath as Erik and Skica jack off and shoot their loads on his chest and stomach. Rickie finishes up by jerking and cumming on his own stomach.

Scene Two:

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Ross Costanzo (a hottie with a mullet!) is relaxing after a hard day at work with a big ol' beer and a cigarette. Erik Lenn (a total fucking hot husky butch with shaved head and goatee) joins him for a beer. The dudes begin to tentatively make out and feel each other's bodies. Ross rubs and licks the big bulge in Erik's blue underwear and pulls out a large cut cock with one of the biggest purple cock knobs I've ever seen. Very hot! Ross happily goes down on that big fucker paying close attention to that egg-sized knob. Ross looks directly at the camera as he gorges on that big tool. Erik pulls Ross' large uncut out from his blue jeans and begins to stroke the heavily foreskinned dong and suck it for all he's worth. Erik also looks directly into the camera as he feasts on Ross' cock...paying close attention to that hot piss slit. Erik eats Ross' tight lil' hairy hole and then fucks him on a sofa in the missionary position (with condom). Erik really gives Ross a good fucking as he switches to doggy style for more of the old in/out. Erik shoots a thick load out of that huge knob onto Ross' chest and stomach while Ross strokes and spills his seed.

Scene Three:

Jack Zones (very cute with brown curly hair and a tall/slender build) is chopping wood thinking about "teaching" the new dude Carlos Chekka (handsome with short dark hair) a few "things" as he arrives with a wheelbarrow full of tree stumps. Obviously these dudes have other ideas than chopping wood as it begins to rain. They duck into the tool shed and begin to kiss and feel each other up. Jack sinks to his knees and sucks Carlos' large uncut cock sliding his mouth up and down the stiff pole. Jack really gobbles that cock and makes plenty of smacking noises as Carlos moans in pleasure. Carlos returns the favor by chowing down on Jack's big veiny uncut dong.

Once inside the house, Carlos slowly sinks his condom covered dork into Jack's tight shaved hole and fucks him from behind. It's sink/bounce time on the cool 1960s looking sofa as Jack bounces up and down with his large uncut tool swaying. The dudes kiss and stroke their dongs to climax as Carlos shoots a nice load onto Jack's stomach and Jack squirts a large load at the same time drenching them both with juices of love.

Scene Four:

Petr (another handsome dude with short dark hair) and Leon (a husky hunk in his thirties with a sexy receding hairline) are enjoying some big ol' beers after work. The beers loosen the dudes' inhibitions as Petr begins to rub Leon's shoulders. Leon makes a beeline to Petr's bulge as the dudes engage in some playful tongue kissing. There is plenty of chest, hard nipple, and bulge rubbing when Leon finally pulls out his large and very stiff uncut schlong. Petr licks and sucks that big thang making plenty of popping noises as he concentrates on the heavy foreskin covered knob.

Leon goes down on Petr's uncut cock stroking the rigid stalk and cramming that dong into his wet mouth. Leon gives Petr's donk a complete workout by concentrating on the knob and flicking his tongue in the piss slit. Leon slides his condom-covered cock in and out of Petr's tight hole in the missionary position like a well-oiled machine. The dudes switch positions to doggy style and back to missionary as Petr continues to stroke his hard dick. Leon dumps a big thick load on Petr's stomach while Peter works a thick load of his own which joins Leon's spooge on his stomach.

Scene Five:

Joe Donovan (handsome with short curly dark hair) and Ronny (fucking hot with longish brown/blonde hair and beard) are outside cutting wood with their chainsaw. Joe is having problems with the chainsaw but that doesn't matter since the dudes are more interested in each other than their job. The job is forgotten as the guys begin to make out and feel each other's bodies. Ronny is soon down on his haunches stroking and sucking Joe's uncut cock. Joe has a nice large cock knob (but not as big as Erik Lenn's. Gawd!) which he obviously enjoys polishing. Hot! Joe returns the favor by sucking Ronny's uncut cock bobbing up and down the shaft and nurses his cock head.

Once inside, Joe fucks Ronny's tight n' hairy hole from behind (with condom) on the dining room table. Joe slides in and out of Ronny's butt slowly increasing the speed until he is really going at it. The dudes switch to the missionary position as Joe continues to ream Ronny's ass. Joe pulls out and dumps a load at the same time Ronny is climaxing. The man goo shoots all over Ronny's balls, hand, arm, and hairy stomach. I noticed a very ugly 1970s macramé owl hanging on the wall watching the entire scene.

Scene Six:

Jack Zone (handsome with dark curly hair) is sitting on a covered sofa when in struts butch muscle-bound hunk Rocky carrying a chainsaw. Rocky naturally takes charge by releasing his fat cut cock with big knob as Jack gleefully grabs the dong and begins to stroke and suck it. Rocky has no problem fucking Jack's face, as Jack seems to love that big cock crammed in his gob. Jack also digs it when Rocky slaps his face with that hard cock. Jack pulls his uncut cock out and begins to stroke it. Rocky sucks Jack's cock for a lil' bit and then begins to finger Jack's tight shaved hole. His condom-covered tool soon replaces Rocky's middle finger as he fucks Jack from behind. Rocky pounds Jack's butt in the missionary position where the dudes end up jacking off with Jack receiving a facial and then cumming on his stomach.



The movie is shot directly on video and presented in fullscreen. The videography and lighting by Lukas Miro is professional and provides nice composition and plenty of close-ups. The editing by Marcello Luca is good and keeps the scenes moving along at a nice steady pace. The picture quality is nice and sharp providing a pleasurable viewing experience.


The sound is clear allowing plenty of gurgles and grunts from these sexy dudes as they get off. The opening and closing song is a snappy lil' synth ditty that has a very 1980s feel. The song goes especially well with the sounds of chainsaws during the opening title sequence.


Interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, photo gallery of the models, and a Behind-the-Scenes look at the filming of various sex scenes.

Final Thoughts:

I thoroughly enjoyed "Woodsmen". The movie is a complete turn-on with plenty of sexy dudes who look to enjoy what they are up to. The production values are professional providing nice videography, lighting, editing, sound, and a sharp/clear picture. My personal favorites in the movie are Ross Costanzo with his mullet, butch daddy Erik Lenn with his cool shaved head and enormous cock knob, and Ronny with his longish hair and scruffy beard. I like that there is a variety of dudes and they do not all look the same. I also found the models looking at the camera as they suck cock to be a huge turn-on. I recommend for fans of Eastern European hunks.

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