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18 Today 24: Let's Play Doctor #2

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Alexx O'Toole » Review Date: 9/2/06

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Gay Adult Movie
Nelson De Oliveira
CAST: Rafael, Carlos, Jeferson, Eric, Guilherme, Ricardo

The Good Stuff
18 Today #24 Let's Play Doctor #2 is young Latin guys fooling around in a Dentists office. The guys in this film are all I would say late teens very early 20's. They are all young, horny and ready for action. They don't speak English so what minimal dialog there is you can't understand it. Although who needs a translator for sex, the actions speak for themselves.

Scene 1
Jeferson arrives at the dentist office and it is apparently empty and unlocked. So being the young fella that he is he explores and goes through some drawers before eyeing up the dentists chair. He adjusts it to get the proper height. What else is there to do in an empty dentist office being a horny guy? Nothing but to strip and wack off. He is a slim young latin guy. Light caramel complexion minimal body hair, big shaved nuts and trimmed pubes. His pole is average size and uncut and he flails away in the chair until he shoots his thick white load.
[Actors: Jeferson | Sex Acts: Jacking | Positions: N/A | Condoms: N/A | Dicks: Uncut | ]

Scene 2

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Ricardo arrives at the office to see Guilherme at the reception desk. The doctor isn't in yet so Ricardo has to wait. Guilherme being the good receptionist goes to get Ricardo some water on a delightful tray. When he is delivering it to Ricardo in the waiting room (Which by the way has porno mags to read while waiting.) yup you guessed it, he spills it all over Ricardo. Dang Ricardo now you have to get naked. Guilherme and Ricardo begin making out and Ricardo just gets completely naked. He has the most muscular body from the whole film decent muscles ripped and golden. Guilherme dives in for some oral action on Ricardos thick uncut rod and shaved nuts. Eric, the actual dentist comes in and sees the guys getting busy and decides to join them. He is probably the oldest of the whole movie being early to mid 20's with the lightest complexion as well. Guilherme finally gets naked revealing his nice uncut custard chucker and large shaved nuts. Eric also gets undressed and he has similar equipment to the other two guys. Everyone makes out with everyone else and at one point or another has the others guys cocks in their mouth for some nice blowing. After the oral extravaganza Guilherme gets it doggie style from Eric with a face stuffed full of Ricardo. Ricardo rides Guilhermes cock next and there are some good close ups. You see Guilhermes balls crawling around in his sack while Ricardo is riding. Next up Eric being the dentist wants to show off so he gets some DPA action from his young friends. Afterwards Eric looks worn out so takes a brief breather before everyone is jacking and creaming on him. Everyone shoots a nice load, Ricardo actuall spraying his load in Erics mouth and Eric even sucks the dregs from Ricardos cock.
[Actors: Ricardo, Guilherme, Eric | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Anal, Jacking |Positions: Doggie, Cowboy, DPA | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Uncut | ]

Scene 3
Carlos is another of the Dentists in this office even though he looks barely young enough to be out of high school. This office is apparently beat off central because Carlos climbs into the chair and starts flogging the bishop. As with almost all of the guys in this flick he is slim and tan. Carlos has a hot pleasure trail and natural pubes, also the thing that sets him apart are his beautiful light hazel eyes. He is uncut and average in the schlong department and after beating it for a while he shoots a decent wad on his hand and bush.
[Actor: Carlos | Sex Acts: Jacking | Positions: N/A | Condoms: N/A | Dicks: Uncut | ]

Scene 4
The final scene is probably the best of the movie as it has the three younger guys in it. When you are just 18 as these guys are supposed to be just the wind blowing turns you on. For this scene there is a lot more blowing than just the wind and these young guys are definitely turned on. Carlos the dentist greets his 2 afternoon patients Rafael and Jeferson. After a cursory examination of both Rafael and Jefersons oral cavities with his eyes Carlos decides he would rather examine them with his tongue and cock. These three guys are out of there clothes in a flash and stuffing their faces with cock or making out like crazy. They don't care who is where, its like being in a sinking ship, grab the nearest thing floating, but in this case its grab the nearest bobbing cock and suck on it. I don't know if its that these three guys are all twinks or what. But even with Jeferson and Carlos who were seen in the two previous stroke off scenes their cocks look bigger. I think its just that they are all really turned on....and it shows. The three of them have heavy uncut cocks and nice nuts. You really get to see their cocks in this scene going in and out of each others mouths and like I said, they look big. After everyone has tasted each others salami and played tonsil hockey with each other Carlos gets it from Jeferson doggie style. Rafael puts on a condom and lubes up, Jeferson takes a break from fucking and goes for a relaxing cowboy ride on Carlos pony. Next up Rafael gets it from Carlos missionary, Rafaels hole is so tight it takes a while for Carlos to work his hog in. A moment of bad editing where you see Rafael begin spurting before we are back to him getting plugged by Carlos. Now its really time for the pop shots. Rafaels cumshot is seen in its entirety, even show twice to make it look juicier followed by Carlos pulling out and cumming in Rafaels pubes and rubbing it in, ending with Jeferson cumming on Rafaels shoulder. You can tell these guys were turned on, they were smirking and having a good time and their cocks stayed hard the whole time.
[Actor: Carlos, Rafael, Jeferson | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Anal, Jacking | Positions: Doggie, Missionary, Cowboy | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Uncut | ]


This film is presented in full screen, there really is nothing uber exciting, just your everyday run of the mill standard quality porno.


One word sums up the extras......Blah.

Photo Gallery: 30 stills from the movie.

Trailers: Lets Play Doctor part 1, Camp Fire Twinks #1 3, Keepin Score #1 & 2

Meet the Models: Ooh that's exciting right? Maybe it's a bio on the models or something? WRONG! When you select it it tells you to email the website and you can meet the models.

Website/Ordering info: Just what it says the website address and a 1-800 number to order videos from.

At the End of the Night

18 Today #24 Let's Play Doctor #2 was a decent flick. As I have said in past reviews young guys don't really float my boat, but in this one especially the last scene their enthusiasm definitely makes up for their young age. I mean when you are 18 like these guys, you are basically an erection on two legs. Another good thing about this film is that the actors are all versatile which is another plus in my book. The French Connection is very good at finding guys who give as good as they can get. The negatives which are minimal are the menus. They are covered in childish drawings of teeth and smiling mouths and just cheese up the movie. Also the language which I mentioned before. I love me some good porn dialog so I wish I could understand what was being said. With that being said I give this one my rating of "Rent It" for fans of young twinky Latins maybe a recommended rating.

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