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EZ2 Please

Studio: Arena Entertainment » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 9/3/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:

March 2006

Directed By:

Mario G.

The Movie:

This isn't an all-male remake of the indie hit "Sideways" but these French dudes do use champagne, wine, and fresh green grapes to enhance their non-stop sex lives.

The Dudes:

The dudes are an interesting variety of nice looking "Average Joe" types to cute Twinks and one guy with long hair and very feminine eyebrows who I was expecting to belt out that stupid "London Bridges" song. The bodies are nice 'n tight, the pubes are trimmed/shaved, and the cocks are uncut.

Scene One:

Fergie! Wait! I mean the dude with the long hair and fem eyebrows, is making out with another dude rubbing each other's bodies and hard bulges. The two get liquored up on a bottle of cheap champagne and out come the uncut cocks. Bubbly is poured on stomachs and cocks and lapped up like two bar flies getting free cocktails. There are plenty of cock sucking switch ups as the dudes chow down on each other's dongs. Champagne is also poured on each dude's tight butt holes and licked off. After a frenzied sixty-nine, more butt munching and some finger fucking, the dudes fuck each other (with condoms) in a variety of positions. Both dudes jack off shoot descent loads.

Scene Two:

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A cute dude with short dark hair and cool sideburns is stroking his big uncut cock in the whirlpool. He rubs his shaved hole and hot hangy nuts as he strokes his cock. He is soon joined by a cute muscular dude with short curly dark hair. Our curly haired friend watches whirlpool guy while rubbing his chest, hard nipples, and uncut cock...ending up joining him. The dudes begin kissing with plenty of tongue as hard cocks are stroked and sucked with some deep throat. There is plenty of fucking (with condoms) as our muscular pal plows dude in the side/missionary position and then really gives it to him from behind. There are plenty of nice close-ups of muscular guy's tight shaved starfish as he fucks dude. There is lots of sink/bounce as the dude with the cool sideburns first rides that hard cock facing muscle guy and then swings around to face the camera. Both guys shoot nice loads with muscular dude grunting loudly as he cums.

Scene Three:

Two Twinks are lying in bed eating grapes. Dude A is handsome with a cool haircut and sideburns while Dude B is a real cutie with black hair and a big sexy nose. Dude A takes B's big uncut cock into his mouth and gives it a good going over....stroking and sucking that hard shaft with plenty of popping noises. Dude B rubs grapes on Dude A's tight shaved butt hole and begins to eat that pucker. There is plenty of cock sucking and butt munching as the dudes rub the grapes on each other and lap up the sweet fruit juices. Dude A sinks down on B's condom covered dong and goes for a fast ride. Dude B slaps those butt cheeks as he plows that hole. The dudes switch to a hot side/missionary position for a while and then Dude A fucks his pal (with condom) from behind. Dude A shoots a thick lil' load on B's chest as B jacks off and shoots a larger load on his friend.

Scene Four:

A cute slender dude with dark hair and sunglasses is sitting by the pool. A very handsome Twink (see cover art) with dark hair is swimming in the pool. Our slender pal stands up, pulls off his swimming suit and reveals dark pubes and an uncut cock. He quickly joins Twink in the pool. The two booze it up with some wine and begin to kiss with plenty of tongue. Twink sits on the pool's ladder as Slender dude sucks and strokes his hard uncut cock with some hot deep throat action. Once out of the pool and onto a lounge chair, Slender dude begins licking Twink's feet and sucking his toes. Slender once again sucks Twink's hard veiny dong.

Slender dude sinks his tight asshole down onto Twink's condom covered cock and begins to bounce up and down in pleasure. Twink fucks his friend in the missionary position and then from behind giving him a complete workout. There are some nice camera shots of Twink's tight hairy hole as he fucks his pal. Twink jerks off and dumps a thick load on Slender dude's face. Slender strokes off and cums on his own stomach.



"EZ2 Please" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography provides plenty of very nice close-ups of the cock sucking, fucking, and butt munching. The picture quality is nice n' sharp and the editing keeps each scene moving along at a nice steady pace.


The sound is clear providing the viewer access to the dudes sexy French and plenty of noises of love.


The extras include an interactive menu featuring a hilarious muzac/easy listening type ditty you might hear in a dentist's office waiting room, chapter stops, scene selections, website information, a nice gallery featuring promotional photographs of the models, and trailers for: "Desire of Men", "Superfreak", "Custom Rims", "Young Husbands on the Low Down" and "Piece of the Action" which features very cool rockabilly music, grave robbing, and a handsome reanimated dude! Frankenstein's monster was never this randy!

Final Thoughts:

"EZ2 Please" is a fun watch. The dudes are definitely into each other as they engage in some very heavy kissing, cock sucking, ass eating, finger fucking, and butt sex. The use of champagne and grapes during sex was clumsy making the movie more fun to watch. Scenes Three and Four are my personal favorites featuring Twinks who are cute without being feminine. The videography is cool providing many nice close-ups of the action and the picture quality is sharp and clear. The editing keeps each scene moving along without ever becoming dull. I recommend to fans of cute French dudes and cheap champagne.

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