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Boobs Of Hazzard 2, The

Studio: Other » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 9/4/06

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The Movie:

This sequel to Pure Play's original Dukes Of Hazzard parody stars a few of the same girls from the first film but not all of them. Gone is the story (well, there is one here but it's so pedestrian and stupid that it's not even worth mentioning) and the running time of the feature is barely over an hour making it a little pricey for what it is. But does the girl on girl loving hold up? Well, long story short, we only get three scenes but at least they're three good ones. Here's how it all goes down…

Chapter 1 – Charlie Laine And Mackenzie Mack: Mackenzie Mack is the Boss Lady and she gets Charlie in her van alone. They pull over to the side of the road and start to kiss, and soon their clothes are coming off. Mackenzie lies down and spreads her legs so that Charlie can eat her pussy, and rub her clit. She fingers her snatch and laps away at her for a bit, while Mackenzie rubs her clit with her finger and looks hot and pouty. They tongue kiss and then Charlie sits down with her legs wide open so that Mackenzie can return the oral favors. She uses her pierced tongue to maximum effect, rubbing it along her clit and her lips until her pussy swells open and she uses her fingers on her while continuing to lick her. Charlie pulls out a purple vibrator and Mackenzie fucks her pussy with it for a while. After that Mackenzie pulls out a pink vibrator and gets down on all fours so that Charlie can fuck her pussy with it from behind while she rubs her clit from underneath. Mackenzie rolls over and spreads her legs so that Charlie continue to fuck her with the toy and she can really work her clit faster and harder than she was before. They kiss then Charlie stands over top of Mackenzie who fucks her pussy with the purple vibrator she was using earlier. They kiss and suck on each other's nipples a little bit before Charlie cuffs Mackenzie and leaves her there, ending the scene.

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Chapter 2 – Charlie Laine And Celeste Star: These two are in the barn arguing over money when the mood hits them. They start to strip and then to kiss each other, with Charlie sucking Celeste's tits and then Celeste sucking on Charlie's. Celeste gets her legs spread wide and Charlie pulls her panties to the side and eats her out with a whole lot of enthusiasm, really sucking her pussy into her mouth as far as she can. She pulls out a little vibrating ball and works Celeste's clit with it while fingering her at the same time. From there Charlie lies back with her legs spread so that Celeste can eat out and finger fuck her. From there the girls move into a tasty looking sixty-nine and tongue each other for a few minutes with Celeste using that vibrating ball on Charlie's snatch while Charlie eats away at her box. From there Charlie bends over the table so that Celeste can finger her pussy from behind and use that ball on her some more, then Charlie ties Celeste to the table and runs out of the barn, bringing the scene to a close.

Chapter 3 – Charlie Laine, Jezebelle Bond And Karly Montana: Charlie meets up with the other two girls out at the side of the road. They offer her a ride and they drive off to a wooded area and unload their picnic gear beside a tree. They have a few drinks and talk a bit before the two talk Charlie into taking off her top so that they can suck on her tits. Karly eats Charlie's pussy while Jezebelle continues to play with her nipples, and then Jezebelle uses her tongue and her thumb on Charlie's pussy while Karly rubs her breasts from behind. Charlie then gets Karly on her back so that she can eat her pussy while Jezebelle licks away at her tits, then Jezebelle uses a pyrex dildo on Karly who bucks her hips into the phallus like she really wants it. Charlie takes over dildo pumping duties while Jezebelle fingers her pussy from behind, and then Karly sits on Charlie's face so that she can have her pussy licked. All three of them work each other up into quite a frenzy before the scene ends and they all snuggle up to one another on the blanket they've laid out to play on.

That's it. Three scenes at just over sixty minutes in length is all she wrote, kids. While the three scenes are definitely hot (especially if you're a fan of Charlie Laine who appears in each one of them), the running time here is pretty brief. The photography is nice as are the sets and the costumes – if you dig the poor Southern Girl look then you'll like what you see here, it's just that we don't see it for long enough. A couple more scenes like we see in the first Boobs Of Hazzard feature would have made this one a winner, but here it just comes up too short.



In typical Pure Play fashion, the video quality is above average boasting nice color reproduction and excellent lighting and production values. Skin tones look nice, there aren't any hefty problems with compression artifacts or edge enhancement, and there's a reasonably decent level of detail present in the image.


The English language Dolby Digital 2.0 sound mix is pretty solid. Dialogue comes through clean and clear and without any problems in terms of audible hiss or distortion. The hokey hillbilly background music that they've used throughout the production comes through nicely as well.


Pure Play has stashed a few decent extra features on the disc in and amongst the static menus and chapter stops. First up is a Behind The Scenes featurette that runs for just over twelve minutes in length. In here you'll see some outtakes, a blooper or two, a few on set interviews of little substance and some nice footage of the girls getting it on from an on set perspective.

Up next is a Live Strip With Carlie Banks which is, as you'd guess, a strip tease performance in which the lovely little blonde number who played Daisy Duke in the first Boobs Of Hazzard movie strips out of a peasant girl get up and rubs her pussy for the camera. She even sucks her toes a bit towards the end of this ten-minute clip. A second clip, Never Before Scene Strip With Celeste, is also included and it starts with Ms. Celeste Star pulling off her yellow lingerie and playing with her nipples. She rubs herself through her panties then takes them off and spends the rest of the time fingering herself and playing with a pyrex dildo. She looks completely gorgeous in this scene and while it would have been nice to hear her instead of the music, this is hot stuff.

The last supplement is entitled Bonus Uncut XXX Scenes which is a little misleading as they're not new scenes as the title would suggest. What this material is, is just under fifteen minutes worth of footage shot on a camcorder while the three girls are performing the last scene. We get to see the sex from a few different angles and it's interesting to see what it looked like from behind the camera but it's nothing we didn't really get a better, more polished look at in the feature itself. A decent still gallery of thirty-sex photographs set to music from the feature plays out in slideshow format and finishes off the extra features.

Also included inside the keepcase for this and a few other Danni.com releases is a booklet entitled Danni's Hard Drive: A 10-Year Celebration Of Beautiful Women. This is a nice, glossy twenty-five page booklet that contains photographs and vital statistics for a few of the women who have modeled for and are associated with one of the most popular adult entertainment websites in the world.

Final Thoughts:

While the overall presentation is quite nice and the extra features add some heat and some insight into the production, the fact of the matter is that at just over an hour in length Boobs Of Hazzard 2: Back To The Ranch is too short to be an essential purchase. The lesbian lovin' is fun to watch and well shot and the cast are all hotties but there just isn't enough bang for the buck here to make this worth more than a rental.

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