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Anal Swine

Studio: VCA » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/5/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Anal Swine

VCA Pictures

Genre: Vignette

Director: Rob Rotten

Cast: Jamie Elle, Kat, Rob Rotten, Jayna Oso, Richard Klein/Raymond, Taryn Thomas, Johnny "Bad Bob" Thrust, Missy Monroe, Ginger Lea, Jay Ashley, Sandra Romain, Rick Masters, Alec Knight

Length: 117.5 minutes

Date of Production: 5/15/2006

Extra's: The only extras included on the DVD were three trailers, a slide show, and some spam (pretty fucking light compared to some of the competition).

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Anal Swine was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Rob Rotten for release by VCA Pictures. The lighting was solid, limiting any grain or video noise, and the composition of the camera angles showed Rob willing to expand from the basics in order to provide something slightly different than most of his peers seem willing to offer these days. There were some special effects and attempts to get stylish that didn't quite work but once the sex started, he stayed with what worked most of the time and that was too his credit. The fleshtones were accurate and there were no compression artifacts that I noticed, making the visual elements well done. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo English with the vocals getting top focus but some interesting music by Tuscaurora & Big Meat Hammer provided as a special treat. Some of the scenarios weren't exactly suited for the music but there isn't enough original music in porn that doesn't sound like it came from an old video game system for me to complain about attempts at something fresh and new. In all then, the technical matters had some need of polishing up but worked more often than not.

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Body of Review: VCA Pictures has long been a training ground for directors looking to expand into new areas and provide a different look, especially now that the company isn't so fixated on fluffy bunny porn (which I happen to like by the way). Their most recent director to look beyond the borders of contemporary porn and offer something new without the lame label of alt is Rob Rotten; one of the most intelligent men in porn to hear Jimmy D. talk about him (that was how he introduced the man to me years ago when he was still with Rachel). Rob's newest project as director is Anal Swine, a movie that went so far that it had to be censored by the company for fear of pushing limits too far in this day and age. The movie is a series of vignettes that show a number of gals doing anal sex after some heated warming up. Unlike most porn, the music was original and had an edge to it that the younger crowd may appreciate more than jaded old porn hounds like myself but it reminded me of garage bands and the old school punk that you can find in most large cities in the USA. That said, here's a look at the scenes by cast and action, noting no condoms were used:

Scene One: Jamie Elle and Kat, the two gals on the upper left hand corner of the front DVD cover, were up first as they played a couple of gals seeking to make money with a roadside lemonade stand. They had no customers so Jamie suggested they sell anal sex and given their youthful looks, bikini tops, and tight blue jean shorts, it didn't take long before perverted Rob Rotten, giving his best impersonation of Bill Murray imitating Hunter S. Thompson (from Where the Buffalos Roam if I recall correctly), came over to make them a counter offer of two for $40. One look at his outfit on the right side of the front cover will tell you all you need to know about the bizarre nature of his persona here but they took him back to their backyard for the actual sex and provided a solid opening scene. The tease between the ladies and their all natural bodies was a very nice way to begin; Jamie looking at Kat in a transfixed manner telling me she was hot for her pal. The blowjobs and other oral was playful and full of the teasing footage that most of us appreciate, with him banging both of them soundly as a rocking soundtrack played in the background. Kat took the cock better but Jamie was so cute and willing to do extra ATM that the verbalization of the nasty sex they engaged in balanced their skills out. Kat sucked out the load from his cock and swapped it with Jamie in the end, making the first half hour a stroke fest worthy of the name "Rotten".

Scene Two: Jayna Oso, playing a demonic gothic chick straight from The Addams Family, was up next as she took white bread Richard Klein/Raymond over by the fireplace for some action. Her make up couldn't cover her facial blemishes but she seemed ready to rock too as she masturbated beside him, slapping herself silly as she seduced him into playing with her. Frankly, she's looked a lot more appealing to me and the intermittent music didn't really work here (it might have if the band played something closer to Siouxsie and the Banshees or Danielle Dax) but as the camera pulled away, Jayna looked better and I could see why Richard would be so into going down on her. Her oral was good except that he's not exactly gifted but her dirty talk elevated the scene nonetheless and his pounding rhythm in both her pussy and ass were as good as he's done in awhile. She was an active rider of cock in all three of her holes, marking it as another solid scene in most ways, ending with a load to the face as expected, though with her working it out with a sense of abandon (he appears to have been working too much given the limited amount of spew he gave, although it might have been the camera angle covering it up too).

Scene Three: Taryn Thomas, the brunette hotty known for her pretty eyes, lean body, and appealing face, was up next as loser Johnny "Bad Bob" Thrust fell unconscious after screaming about how he should be the one getting to screw women in the ass as he organized his meager porn collection (on VHS no less!). The tapes were mostly from Vivid and he took a giant leap forward when she appeared to be dancing in front of him in some hot looking white and pink lingerie in the corner of the expansive room. She had a positive, coy attitude as she stripped his clothes off and worked his cock in her mouth; using those annoying gagging noises that have wormed their way into porn over the last few years. Noises aside, she gave him great head and like Richard, his meat wasn't enough to test her skills much but she made the most of it all the same. After the oral, she started turning up the dirty talk as he boned away on her pussy and then ass. She needed more than he had to offer but in his defense, he did all the work and that lowered the heat index of the scene for me; even though she was looking great. I've seen her into the sex much more and my best guess is that Bob didn't have what it took to trip her trigger though she looked the part of anal swine as well as any of her peers in the flick. It was too bad that the camera dissolved away before she could swallow too.

Scene Four: Missy Monroe, the curvy blonde anal queen known all over the porn world, played a punk rocker type with spiky hair (dyed pink at the tips) as she went home with nerd Jay Ashley. He was happy that her questions stopped and her mouth started sucking, her torn clothing offering the slightest of resistance to his probing needs as she deep throated him and slobbed his knob as messily as possible. He went right to pounding her ass and she responded perfectly as she pushed back to meet his thrusts on the bed. I know she's built more for comfort than speed these days but many men like her curves and make no apologies for it. Just as Missy seemed to be getting off, Ginger Lea, playing a jealous girlfriend/wife type, walked in and interrupted the couple, shrilly fussing at both of them as she joined in with some oral and anal of her own. Unlike reality, she demanded that Missy continue to participate and the dynamic of the scene had both gals more sexually aggressive and active as a result. Missy was no wallflower here either and took back her role as dominant female but Ginger took the load to her mouth first for the cumswapping that allowed her to swallow the jizz. Whew!

Scene Five: Sandra Romain, one of the leading anal queens of our time, was up last as she cleaned the bedroom in her French maid's outfit that showed her fleshy ass off so very nicely. The tease was hot but she soon started masturbating with a large toilet plunger that was so out of line that the scene censored it with a large black box (with the word "censored" on it). I don't know if the box was a marketing gimmick or a statement about the current state of affairs in porn but I've seen Sandra take some far wider objects inside her so I'd believe anything at this point. Regardless, she warmed up with the cleaning implement and replaced it with Rick Masters and Alec Knight fairly soon into the scene. She gave her all during the scene and this led to them getting awesome blowjobs, fucking her fine pussy, and penetrating her perfect pucker repeatedly with some DP action for good measure. The way her ass cheeks rippled as they tapped that ass was sweet but even her taste testing of their shafts was nothing compared to how much passion she seemed to show for the cocks tearing into her holes. It ended when they came in the head of the plunger and she sucked it clean after a bit more solo action with it. Yikes!

Summary: Anal Swine by director Rob Rotten for VCA Pictures might not win scores of awards or change the face of porn as we all know it but it did manage to offer up some sweaty hot scenes of anal activity that will appeal to many of you, regardless of the labels others may give it in the future. The fun factor was in full gear, the amount of fuck for the buck sufficient to provide plenty of stroke value, and the replayability factor seemed nicely handled too; even if the lack of extras kind of sucked it down a bit on the heat index. Had there been better extras or more footage in the movie, it could have been rated even higher but the respectable Recommended I gave it was earned all the way and not handed out as it would be elsewhere. In short, Anal Swine had lots of anal sex, women acting all nasty as though they were truly into the action, and plenty of stroke material to enjoy for a very long time.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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