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Cherry Boy Asia

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 9/10/06

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Date of Production:

June 2004

The Movie:

Ten cute Asian Twinks hook up for some good old-fashioned cock sucking and butt sex.

Tyrone and Ace:

Twenty-two year old Tyrone is a definite cutie with longish black hair parted in the middle. The front of his hair is bleached and dyed an orange-ish pink. He has a nice smooth chest, small/slender build, shaved pubes and balls, and a cut cock. Tyrone is soon sucking Ace's uncut cock. Ace is cute and small in stature with a smooth body and shaved pubes/balls. Ace is soon giving Tyrone a good face fucking as he pounds his uncut tool in and out of Tyrone's hot mouth. Tyrone pulls that stiff cock out of his mouth and then burps! Ace fucks Tyrone (with condom) in the sink/bounce, missionary, and doggy style positions and the two fuck like bunnies. Ace jacks and shoots a thick load all over Tyrone's face and neck. Tyrone does not cum.

Geuis and Jay:

Geuis is a cute twenty-one year old with a small/smooth body, tattoos, braces on his teeth, and cut cock. Geuis begins to suck Jay's uncut cock. The viewer is never allowed to see what Jay looks like. Geuis continuously chokes on Jay's hard cock as he gives some crummy head. He is obviously not enjoying sucking and choking on Jay's dong as his eyes water heavily from choking. Jay fucks Geius from behind (with condom) and then switches to the sink/bounce. Unfortunately, the viewer also gets to see Jay's condom-covered cock with poo on it! Fucking disgusting! Jay eventually shoots a thick load on poor Geuis' face. The scene is a total turn off!!

Jun-Jun and Spike:

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Jun-Jun is a cute nineteen year old with a tall/slender build, smooth chest, tattoos, shaved pubes/balls, and a cut cock. Spike is tall/slender with a nice tight body, shaved pubes, and cut cock. The viewer only gets a quick glimpse of Spike's face. From what I can tell, he is cute. Jun-Jun sucks Spike's hard cock bobbing up and down the stiff shaft. Spike fucks Jun-Jun from behind (with condom) and then switches to the missionary and sink/bounce positions. Spike shoots a thick load onto Jun-Jun's hair. Jun-Jun does not cum.

Ramil and Arjay:

Both dudes are very cute with short hair and smooth/slender bodies. Arjay is the taller of the two. The dudes are making out and rubbing each other's bodies by the swimming pool. The dudes engage in plenty of hot tongue sucking and nipple licking. Arjay pulls Ramil's shirt off and his jeans down and begins to lick and rub the bulge in Ramil's white briefs. Ramil has nice dark pubes and a stiff cut cock that Arjay gladly sucks stroking the hard shaft and nursing on the knob. Ramil licks Arjay's chest and nipples and he rubs the bulge in his jeans. Ramil finally reveals his nice dark pubes and cut tool as the two switch up on the cock sucking. Sadly, there are no good close-ups of the sucking which ruins what could have been the movie's hottest scene. The two randy dudes engage in an uncomfortable looking sixty-nine on a wooden table, which leads to Ramil fucking Arjay's hairy hole from behind (with condom). There are finally a few close-ups as Ramil fucks Arjay in the missionary and sink/bounce positions. Ramil jacks a thick load on his own stomach while Arjay cums on Ramil's face.

Patrick and Mark:

Mark, a cute twenty-nine year old with dark hair and moustache, is sitting alone in his hotel room (room number 69). He is soon on the telephone ordering the services of cute rent boy Patrick. Patrick is twenty-three years old and smaller in stature. After agreeing on a price, the two dudes begin to make out on the bed with plenty of tongue sucking and body rubbing. Shirts are quickly removed revealing nice smooth chests as the kissing leads to chest and nipple licking and sucking. The dudes continue to make out and roll around on the bed. Pants are removed as bulging white briefs are rubbed. Patrick begins to earn his money by sucking Mark's cut cock working the brown knob with quick nursing motions and chowing down on those sexy hangy nuts. Mark goes down on Patrick's cut cock while continuing to stroke his own dong. After a bit of out-of-focus sixty-nine, Mark fucks Patrick bareback in the missionary and doggy style positions. Mark shoots a nice load on Patrick's back and butt. Patrick strokes his hard cock and shoots a thick load on his own stomach.



"Cherry Boy Asia"" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography is hand-held and tends to be somewhat jerky at times. Most scenes provide plenty of close-ups except for Scene Four, which contains the hottest dudes. The editing is good and keeps each scene moving along at a nice steady pace. The picture quality is a bit grainy throughout the entire movie and some of the shots are completely out of focus.


The sound is clear with some very groovy 1970s instrumentals. Unfortunately, the camera dude is obnoxious and annoying as hell. He is a demanding tool who barks out orders over and over such as "take off your clothes". As the dudes try to comply, dip shit continues to order them to undress. Dude! Are you fucking blind? That is exactly what the dudes are doing! Fucking obnoxious!


The only extras are an interactive menu and chapter stops.

Final Thoughts:

I have mixed feelings about "Cherry Boy Asia". The positives are that the dudes are all cute, there are some descent close-ups of the fucking and sucking, and the editing keeps each scene moving along at a nice pace. The number one (or should I say number two?) negative is that nasty poo condom in Scene Two. Fucking gross! Additional negatives are the demanding/obnoxious camera operator who never shuts up, poor Geius repeatedly choking on that cock, plenty of out of focus shots, and no close-ups of the two hottest dudes in the movie sucking cock (Scene Four). If you can handle that nasty poo condom, then I suggest a rental. If not, skip it.

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