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Curious Guys Goes Extreme BiSex

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 9/11/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

May 2006

Directed By:


The Movie:

Curious guys and horny gals embark on extreme three-way bisexual fuck missions that leave no holes unfilled.

The Cast:

Oliver Strelly, Foxy, Talech, Antonio Carigan, Angie Hard, Silvio Ventura, Randy Jones, Liza Monelli!, Joshua Rodgers, Nico Blade, Susanna, Claudio Antonelli.

Scene One:

Angie Hard, a sort of "Plain Jane" with blonde hair, blue eye shadow and glasses, is laying on a bed practicing her best "come hither" look for the camera--complete with finger in mouth. Angie is wearing a white see-through negligee with white bra/panties, and high heels. Angie is obviously horny and begins to rub her boobs, legs, thighs, butt, and between her legs. She spreads her shaved pink pussy and begins to finger fuck herself while rubbing her clit. Angie pulls down her bra revealing nice perky tits as she continues to diddle her little clit, rub her love mound, and play with her asshole. Ms. Hard has a pink double-headed dildo on hand to assist with satisfying her sexual cravings. She sucks the head of the dildo while the other end rubs against her hot lil' cunny making her simper. She slaps that fake dong against her pussy and then begins to fuck herself while holding on to the other end of the dildo between her feet! An impressive act!.

As Angie lays on the bed, legs spread and dildo hanging out of her love hole, Antonio and Silvio enter the bedroom to help her out. Both dudes are hunks with muscular bodies, tattoos, and big uncut cocks. The dudes feel and suck Angie's teats and move on down to play with her hot snatch and some finger fucking. Angie takes a hard cock in each hand and begins to stroke and suck the dudes...switching back and forth. Silvio and Antonio take turns fucking Angie's mouth with their rigid dongs while Miss Thang plays with that puss. Silvio eats Angie's privates while she is busy sucking Antonio. Silvio joins Angie in sucking Antonio's big cock working his mouth up and down that big uncut shaft. Antonio soon joins in on the cock sucking by going down on Silvio while Angie assists him in giving oral pleasure.

Antonio fucks Angie in the side/missionary position (with condom). Angie fucks Silvio's tight shaved butt hole with a large yellow dildo giving his pucker a full workout. Antonio soon takes over fucking Silvio with that big dildo with short quick thrusts. Antonio fucks Silvio (with condom) in the sink/bounce position. Antonio fucks both Angie and Silvio from behind switching back and forth between a tight butt hole and juicy slot. The three end their sexual adventure with a nice old-fashioned daisy chain: Angie sucks Silvio's cock while Silvio sucks Antonio's schlong and Antonio eats Angie's twat. Angie states "I want some cum" and the dudes are happy to provide man juice. Silvio jacks and shoots on Angie's face and lips. Antonio beats off and shoots on and in Silvio's mouth and Angie's tits.

Scene Two:

Foxy, a very attractive honey blonde, is relaxing while wearing black spike heels, purple fishnet stockings, purple panties and bustier. Foxy is a friendly gal who waves at the camera. Hello everyone out in television land! Talech, a tall 'n slender dude with short dark hair, nice dark pubes, and somewhat feminine eyebrows joins Foxy for a hot make out session with plenty of tongue sucking. Foxy is soon down on her knees sucking Talech's hard uncut cock bobbing her head on that cock knob and stroking his stiff shaft. Oliver, a handsome dude with short dark curly hair joins in while Foxy sucks both cocks and the dudes kiss.

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Foxy switches back and forth between those two hard dicks until Talech joins her in sucking Oliver's big uncut cock. Foxy sucks Talech's balls while Oliver takes care of that rigid tool. Oliver goes solo on Talech's cock while Foxy undresses revealing nice pert tits, sexy body, and shaved pussy. Oliver fucks Foxy in the side/missionary position (with condom) while Foxy sucks Telech's dork. Foxy is still wearing her purple fishnet stockings and black spike heels. There are plenty of sexual hijinx as Talech sucks Oliver's cock while finger fucking Foxy's wet tudi, Oliver fucks Talech's tight butt from behind (with condom) and then switches to the missionary position while Foxy sucks what ever cock is available at the moment. Oliver fucks Foxy's pussy from behind (with condom) which leads to a three-way sink/bounce as Oliver fucks Talech and Talech fucks Foxy. If Foxy could somehow twirl two fire batons, the three would have a show stopping carnival act!

The three go at it in just about every combination imaginable as Foxy uses her female charms and fat pussy lips to entice the dudes. Oliver pulls out of Foxy's tight biscuit and shoots an enormous amount of man milk on her butt and Talech's mouth. Hot! Talech and Foxy lock lips sharing some of Oliver's cum. Unfortunately, Talech does not cum.

Scene Three:

Liza Monelli, a waif-ish gal with black hair, heavy blue eye shadow and false eyelashes, is lying around wearing a red bra and panties. Liza rubs her panty-covered quim, spreads her legs, slides her panties to the side and reveals her shaved pussy. Liza is totally into herself as she plays with her lil' man in a boat, rubs that pink panty cake, and finger fucks herself. Not satisfied with just playing with her pussy, Liza exposes her tight butt hole and begins to finger fuck it while crying out in self-gratification. Liza's solo clit party ends as she is joined by hunks Joshua, a hot dude with short brown hair, nice body, shaved pubes, and uncut cock and Randy, a fucking hot muscle dude with shaved head and fat uncut cock. Liza chows down on Randy's fat dong while Joshua sucks her tits and plays with her clit/pussy. Liza switches between those two hard cocks and she gives them an oral exam.

Liza plays a lil' sink/bounce as Randy fucks her nice and fast (with condom) and Liza sucks Joshua. Joshua eats Liza's pussy and sucks Randy's condom covered cock while he fucks Liza and pulls out from time to time. Joshua and Liza are soon taking turns sucking Randy's dick, which is still covered with a rubber. Joshua fucks Liza in the side/missionary position (with condom) while Randy sucks Joshua's cock when it comes out of Liza's mound of Venus. It's now Joshua's turn to play sink/bounce with Randy's hard cock and he gets his tight butt hole pounded.

Joshua pulls Randy's condom off and really goes to town sucking that thick piece of uncut man meat. This leads to a three-way side/missionary fuck (with condoms) as Randy fucks Joshua and Joshua fucks Liza. Randy fucks Joshua from behind, pulls out and shoots a big load on Liza's face and mouth. Joshua jacks off and shoots on Randy's thigh and stomach. Liza proceeds to sucks both spent cocks getting plenty of cum in her mouth.

Scene Four:

Susanna, a good lookin' gal with black 'n blonde hair, is wearing clear plastic platform shoes, pink stockings, bra and panties. Lonely, Susanna plays with her tits and rubs her pussy through the pink panties. She pulls those panties to the side to revealing her shaved love box and begins to diddle her clitty and finger fuck her pussy and butt hole. Nico and Claudio join Susanna for some good times. Nico is a hot dude with a husky build and shaved head that is growing plenty of stubble. Claudio is hot with spiked brown hair and tattoos. Nico eats Susanna's pussy and pulls her pussy lips with his mouth. Claudio and Susanna share Nico's big uncut cock by taking turns sucking that fat shaft and big cock knob. Nico spreads Susanna's pussy with two hands allowing the viewer a nice look at her tunnel of love. Susanna is soon jacking and sucking both hard cocks while Nico and Claudio make out with plenty of tongue sucking.

Susanna is soon getting down to business with some sink/bounce as Nico fucks her (with condom) and Claudio rubs Nico's balls and sucks his condom-covered cock when he slips out of her twat. Nico fucks Susanna's butt in the sink/bounce position while Claudio eats her love clam. Claudio gets in on the sink/bounce action as Nico fucks him (with condom) and Susanna sucks his dong. There are plenty of spread holes (pussy and butt) as Nico fucks Susanna and Claudio's butts from behind switching back and forth between the two tight holes. Claudio jerks off and shoots a large thick load on Nico's stomach. Nico jacks and dumps a small load on Susanna's chin. Susanna licks some of the cum off of Nico's stomach.



"Curious Guys" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography is hand-held gonzo style providing steady shots and plenty of nice close-ups of all the action. The editing by Dr. Faust keeps each lengthy scene moving along at a quick pace making sure that the action never becomes dull.


The sound is sharp and clear. The music by Hack.it is cool techno that accompanies each scene. There are plenty of simpers, pouts, and moans as these horny gals and guys get it on.


The extras include an interactive menu featuring chapter menu and fetish menu (blowjobs, bi sex action, anal, ass to mouth, and cum shots), a full photo gallery of each model in solo shots and pictures from the movie. These are actual high quality publicity photographs and not screen grabs.

There are plenty of trailers as well: "Trans X6" featuring chix with dix, "No Limits 14" with bisexual gals, gaping holes, and cum facials, "Sliders Volume 15" featuring bisexual gals, gaping butt holes and pussies, dildos and cum facials, "Big Ass TransX Winkers Volume 3" with plenty of she-males with big tits, big cocks, and big butt holes, "Monster Gapers #2" with lots of big butt holes and dildos, and "Pushers" which provides a wide variety of golf balls popping out of pussies and butt holes, and a gal getting fucked by a baseball bat up her butt! The gal doing to fucking eclaims: "It's standing right in your ass! That's fucking phenomenal!"

Final Thoughts:

Although I am strictly a dude who digs dudes, I found "Curious Guys" to be a complete turn on. The guys are all very hot and out of the four gals, Foxy and Susanna are the real standouts. The models are definitely into each other and hold nothing back in their pursuit of sexual gratification. The female masturbation scenes are very erotic as the gals stretch their pussies and play with their tits. The man on man action is quite hot as the dudes suck cock and engage in butt sex. The male on female sex is equally sexy as pussies and puckers are plugged, and mounds of quivering love are eaten like a Saturday night buffet.

The videography, editing, and picture quality are professional proving a fast-paced movie with plenty of sex to please everyone. I highly recommend to bisexual and bi-curious dudes. My only complaint is that there is no gal on gal action, which would have been nice to include for the bisexual ladies out there.

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