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Young & Uncut #13

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 9/11/06

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Date of Production:

June 2005

The Movie:

Eastern European twinks (all age 18+) discover the joys of each other's tight ripe bodies.

The Twinks:

Eleven cute dudes with slender/smooth bodies, a variety of dark and bleached hair, full/trimmed/shaved pubes, smooth chests, and all cocks are uncut except one.

Scene One:

Two cuties, one with shaggy bleached hair, the other with short brown hair, are bowling. There are plenty of gutter balls and one dude accidentally drops the ball. Back home, the dudes make out on the bright red sofa with lots of heavy tongue kissing and body rubbing. Blonde dude pulls his pal's blue jeans down and rubs the big bulge in his boxers. Blonde pulls his friend's large uncut tool out and begins giving some head. Blonde dude is totally into sucking his pal's cock. Dark haired dude wants to get in on the oral pleasure so he gets down on Blonde's uncut cock slobbering all over the hard shaft and sucking that cock head.

Both dudes have nice hairy gooches and butt cracks. The guys are soon in a sixty-nine on the sofa gorging on man meat. The dudes eat each other's assholes but there are no close-ups of the actual rimming. Dark haired dude fucks his blonde pal from behind (with condom) with just a quick close-up of some penetration. Finally, there are some good camera shots of the fucking as the two guys go at it in a hot side/missionary position. Dark haired dude jacks off and shoots his load on his buddy's butt. Blonde dude strokes his dick and squirts a large load on his on stomach.

Scene Two:

A slender bleached blonde dude who is quite androgynous is making out with his very cute friend who has curly brown hair with a bit of blonde highlights. As the dudes get down to the usual heavy kissing and body rubbing that goes along with making out, Bleach Boi sinks down and begins to suck his friend's uncut cock. Bleach Boi nurses that cock knob and slowly bobs up and down the stiff wet stalk. Bleach Boi pulls out his own very large uncut cock and begins to work his foreskin up and over the knob. Curly Dude goes down on Bleach Boi's nine inches of love concentrating on his foreskin-covered knob.

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Curly Dude fucks Bleach Boi in the missionary position (with condom) while Boi strokes his own dong. There are absolutely no penetration close-ups during the fucking. Bleach Boi squirts a large load of man juice on his own stomach. Curley Dude beats his meat and lets loose with a descent load on Boi's cock and stomach.

Scene Three:

Two cute dudes are in the kitchen making out. Dude A has shaggy dark hair while Dude B has short reddish brown hair and pierced eyebrows. After some soul kissing and chest rubbing, Dude B goes down on his pal's uncut cock wrapping his fist around the rigid tool and stroking it as he suckles the knob. The dudes make out some more while stroking each other's hard cocks. Dude A sinks down and begins to give his friend's uncut schlong a workout with his mouth. Dude A fucks his pal's hairy hole from behind (with condom) working his cock in and out of that tight hole. Dude B jerks off and shoots a large load on Dude A's chest. Dude A jacks off and squirts a big load on Dude B's chest.

Scene Four:

Two cuties are in the sunroom and heavily involved in a sexual clench. Dude X has short brown hair while Dude Z has very cool black hair and little sideburns. Dude Z unbuckles his belt and jeans giving Dude X free access to his bulging briefs. Dude X works his hot mouth down his pal's smooth chest and flat stomach finally reaching a huge uncut cock with plenty of foreskin. Dude X takes that big uncut tool into his mouth nursing the foreskin-covered knob while stroking the long shaft. Dude Z has a very hot nipple of foreskin at the end of his cock even when his member is completely hard. Hot! Dude Z goes down on his pal's cut cock and gets a good ol' face fucking.

Dude X fucks his pal from behind (with condom) providing a nice shot from underneath of both dudes hairy butt cracks and gooches. Dude Z is beating his meat the entire time he is being fucked and dumps a load of man cream on the bed. Dude X strokes his dong and shoots a thick load on Dude Z's hairy bum.

Scene Five:

This threesome includes dudes who are very cute but not in a pretty boy way. All three dudes have slender/smooth builds and uncut cocks. Two of the three dudes have cool shaggy hair, which makes them look like members of certain alt rock bands. As the three make out with plenty of tongue sucking and body rubbing, one dude sinks down to his knees and begins to stroke and suck some cock. There are plenty of cock sucking switch ups as each dude has his cock sucked and sucks dong. The dudes switch between sucking cock and kissing. The fucking finally commences from behind (with condom) and then switches to the missionary position on the kitchen counter. Two dudes choke their chickens and dump hot loads all over the third guy's chest. The last dude jacks off and cums on his pubic area and balls.



"Young and Uncut #13" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography features the basic porno angles providing medium and close-up shots. Unfortunately, there are not enough close-ups in some scenes. The editing keeps the pace of each scene moving along. The picture quality is grainy at some points but is for the most part nice and clear.


The sound is clear and completely natural as there is no music to accompany the scenes. There are plenty of the usual sex noises as the dudes pleasure each other.


The extras include an interactive menu featuring a hilarious drawing of some bug-eyed creature, scene selection, a photo gallery of stills from the movie, website and ordering information, and trailers for: "The Sexy Builders", "Men of Summer", and "Bi Teen Power #1".

Final Thoughts:

"Young and Uncut #13" is a fun watch with plenty of cute bois. Some of the dudes seem to really be into the action while others look to be simply going through the motions. The sex is hot with my favorite being Scene Four because of the dude with the nice long foreskin. The videography is basic and could have definitely provided more close-ups during the fucking. Scene Two lacks any penetration close-ups and what little butt munching the movie provides there are no close-ups of the rimming. Although the bois are very cute and some of the sex is hot, I'm going with a Rent It due to lack of close-ups.

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