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Draculya: The Girls Are Hungry

Studio: Private » Review by Ravyn C » Review Date: 9/13/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Draculya: The Girls Are Hungry

Category: Feature Fetish

Sexual Positions/ Orientations: Anal, Double Penetration, Anal RCG, Standing DP, ATM, PTM, Anal Spoon, Spoon, Missionary, G/G, Three-Some

Genre: Foreign, Letterboxed, Straight, Vampires, Anamorphic 16:9, Big Budget, Castles/Dungeons

Director: Susi Medvsa


Elen Saint-Szoliali and Katrina's lover

Julie Silver-Orphan and Draculya

Liliane Tigeras Countess Hilona, Elszebel, 1st Executioner

Lucy Love- Katrina

Natalli Di Angelo-Cemetery Vamp

Nikki Sun-2nd Motorcycle Vamp

J.J.-Count Budway Drakowisky, 2nd Executioner

Dillion-Count Brasov

Vanessa-1st Motorcycle Vamp

Rudy-Gyorgy Drakowisky
Production Date: 12/15/2005

Condoms: No

Toys: Yes- female breast harness, Cat-o-nine tails, leather hoods, chains and collars. Strap-on with harness

Number of Discs:1

Length: 2 hrs.

Release Date:8/28/2006

Features:Interactive Menus ,Chapter Selection ,Behind the Scenes, Cast Profiles Previews for Porn Wars, Company Information ,Parental Lock ,DVD-ROM Compatible, Cross sell for other Private Titles: Snow Angels, Sex Angels 2, Private Life of Jennifer Stone, Witch Bitch and its most recent Porn Wars.

Synopsis: Draculya, the girls are hungry is a big budget original movie masterpiece filled with gothic passion and hard core lust shot in a European castle and a real 15th century dungeon. A Vampire saga that rises up from the evil sex minds of two 1880's Carpathian women that prey upon the sexual desires of men and women alike feeding off of them after the victim has an orgasm.

Audio/ Video: presented in 16.9 Anamorphic Widescreen, subtitles in 6 different languages and sub-titles in 4. Sound in Digital Stereo sound . The picture very crisp, clear and precise with no pixilation or distortions. The soundtrack used in the background gave the movie the exact mood it needed to bring the movie alive. Though it had its moments when the narrator spoke. The detailing and colors used in the cover though dark detailed its goth and fetish theme.

Body of the Review: Private's version of Draculya is a complete turn around from what we are used to in Vampyre movies. The lead role in most all movies has always a male Vampyre as the seducer , this time around the head Vampyre's played by Julie Silver and Natalli Di Angelo. These beautiful and vivacious women seduce the body and mind plotting and watching as their succubus sexually feed from their victims. Draculya gives us the viewers a small taste of the Goth and Fetish lifestyle without leaving the comfort of your own home. The behind the scenes clip which runs for 11 minutes gives us a musical journey as the girls get ready for the shoot with details of the camera angles, lighting and sound checks. The dress rehearsal features the Private girls having fun on the set baring their fangs to the camera. Dress rehearsal proved to be just as fun as they try on the costumes used for the movie. The Victorian style of clothing used reminiscent of the 1800's give Draculya the dark gothic appearance to which the ladies look absolutely beautiful .

Opening Scene: Lucy Love , Elen Saint

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The movie opens with two beautiful girls coming down the steps lurking around in the castle in total darkness. While one of the girls reaches for a match lighting the candles which fill the foyer, the other patiently watches as she becomes afraid of her surroundings. Both dressed in very seductive goth attire with easy access to their clits the Lucy is comforted by Elen by playing and teasing her waiting clit. Dressed in black leather skirts and tops both these beautiful ladies find themselves on the staircase exploring each others sweet puss as Julia watches from afar. The candles mysteriously are blown off by a huge gust of wind after Julia departure.

Scene 1: Liliane Tiger, Dillion, Natalli De Angelo, Julia Silver

This next scene opens with Julia dressed in a long coat (as seen on the cover) naked underneath wearing spike heels. She makes her way to an iron fence where she has Liliane naked chained to a fence. She taunts the servant making her beg to be release dragging her to the Master bedroom to torment Count Brasov (Dillion). Liliane is made to service the Count and Natalli licking up the milk from her feet. The Count eager to be pleased as well dips his shaft into the saucer of milk offering it to the servant as Natalli plays with her clit. Hungrily Liliane devours his cock as he deep throats her .The trio move off to the bed as Liliane strokes his shaft with her feet only to straddle him for an anal RCG. Liliane and Dillion go back and forth between ATM, Anal RCG, Anal Spoon while Natalli is busy on the bed playing with herself while having her toes sucked. Dillion unloads in Liliane's mouth.

Scene 2: Liliane Tiger, Dillion , Rudy, J.J. , Elen Saint

This next scene opens to the Count having bad dreams about the Seductress who comes to him in his dreams sucking the life out of him. At the side of his bed is the servant girl still very much naked with a leash and collar around her neck. Liliane ventures down into the dungeon where another victim ( Elen Saint) is tied and bound with her hands above her. Liliane plays her mind games with Elen making her think that she is going to be released and leaves her there waiting her fate. Liliane returns to an inner chamber were there are 2 men waiting for her to command them. Liliane chanting some words makes a third man appear with a hard on. She is made to kneel in front of the men as she gives them all head. They drag her off to the table were she is sandwiched in between both men that have both her holes filled. There is a standing DP that I give them all credit for that they didn't fall over. As well as standing scissor which lead back to giving head to one of the guys. They finish off the scene with Liliane jerking one of the guys off with her feet as the other jerks off with his long blonde hair wrapped around his shaft.

Scene 3: Julia Silver, Lucy Love, J.J. Elen Saint

This next scene opens with the Witch's daughter speaking to the mysterious voice that have released her from bondage. Lucy make their way up to the master bedroom but is stopped by Julia as she is bitten by her. The scene continues with a time shift to present day Europe as the last of the Dracovian clan awakens Dracovia with his own sexual desires which have weakened him as her minions seduce him. Dressed in long red gowns and leather hood these ladies break his resolve as they both are eager to drink his cum. The smell of sex awakens the Vampyre Julia who is on the prowl for her next meal.

Scene 4: Nikki Sun, Vanessa, J.J.

The next scene opens with a view of a shipping trailer that has been covert over to a dungeon type garage .Inside we have Nikki and Vanessa licking the handles of the bike. J.J. chained up being held against his will is made to enjoy the bondage. Release from the chains. Vanessa dressed in a leopard print skirt and stockings with no blouse is the first to go to her knees to suck him off. Nikki wearing a red skirt and a female chest harness with matching collar baring her boobs joins Vanessa paying tribute to his shaft. Nikki then spreads her legs wide on the handle bars of the bike for JJ to slide his shaft right into her puss. JJ flips her over and does her doggie while Vanessa waits for him to pull out so she can suck his rod before going back into Nikki. The girls trade places as Vanessa is being prep for some anal action. Not noticing the group of Vampyres that has materialized they go on switching back and forth between Vanessa and Nikki until JJ unloads on their faces.

Scene 5: Julia Silver, Dillion,Vanessa, Nikki Sun

Confronted by Dracovia and her two female minions , Dillion is slowly stripped of his will and the doors to his own sexual depravity are opened. Collared by Julia who is standing next to him with her leg raise and position perfectly to have him eat her out as the other 2 vamps work on his throbbing shaft. All 3 are on the floor enjoy some toe sucking while getting the other off while Dillion anal spoons Vanessa. The girls switch back and forth with one having their mouth all over the others puss and milking his sac. The ladies each participate in anal spoon, RCG, ATM, Doggie Anal just before he empties his sac on their faces.

Scene 6: Natalli De Angelo , Elen Saint, Julia Silver

In this last and final scene We have Elen in a short black leather dress with a zipper down the middle draped over Dracovia's coffin speaking out loud to her presence baiting her to come for her. Elen lays herself down in the cramp coffin while she slowly undoes the zipper reveal her naked body and begins to play with her clit. . Julia takes the bait kneeling next to her coffin . She rips the stocking off of Natalli fingering her puss distracting Julia enough to bit her wrist drinking her blood. The scene moves over to the cemetery were the slow tease from these hot ladies raises the heat level to the maximum as they drive each others unnatural lust to the extreme. Dressed in all black with matching corsets, garters and stockings , Elen pins Natalli up against the cold concrete wall which leads down to the mausoleum only to kneel before her to eat her muff. She spreads her lips to give more access for Elen fingers to penetrate her deeper. Elen turns her around baring her firm ass to be fingered in both puss and ass. Natalli returns the favor sliding herself in between Elen's legs. Elen is then seen wearing a strap-on and goes to work on Natalli . They go back and ofrth switching off using the strap–on on each others until their pussies are soaked with juices .

Ravyn's Final Thought's: First of let me say that Draculya for a feature fetish production was a bit toned down than what I was excepting. Seen as a teaser glimpse into the lifestyle for those that are Fetish and Goth "curious" Draculya certainly explores and entertains some areas in the fetish realm. Though boot licking and licking milk out of a saucer isn't what you many call fetish, the appearance of such is indicated in the movie. The leather attire wore is in proper prospective as the role of a Domme is clearly seen in Julia Silver's role as the Succubus in total control of her minions. Needless to say that Liliane Tiger outdoes herself as the Cemetery Vamp. The majority of the cast played dual roles which at times was rather confusing. What Private should have done instead, being that this was a high budget movie added extra personal from Private's vast collection of beautiful ladies they have on contract. The Director Susi Medvsa excelled in bring out the Vampyric nature of the story line combining it with a small hint of a werewolf storyline which means there is a sequel somewhere in there. Kudos to Susi for Draculya . I look forward to future movies done by her. She did a great job on keeping the storyline and sex together as did the cast. On a scale of 1-10 .. I personally give Draculya an 9 . Bravo Susi!

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