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Skater Girl Fever

Studio: Vivid » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 9/17/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The Movie:

Dave Naz's Skater Girl Fever starts off with the camera following a terry cloth clothed gal wandering down the street with her board. From there we see clips of the girls from the film kissing and goofing around – it's very candid and informal and not at all like you'd expect a porno movie to start out like. Tommy Pistol shows up clad in some red Chuck Taylor's and flubs a few skate tricks and James Deen leers at some of his co-stars while Leah Luv blows bubbles with her gum and the camera captures her big, pretty eyes. It builds really nicely. We know that the sex is going to start but before we get there, Naz teases us a little bit to build up our anticipation. It's a nice trick, it's far more effective than just thrusting a fuck scene upon us, and the odd camera angels show off the man's experience and technique very nicely. The credits scrawl across the screen and Christie Lee talks to Nadia Styles about what she and will not do in their scene with Tommy. Once that's over with, the show starts.

Here's who fucks who and how they do it:

Scene One – Leah Luv And Nat Turner: As Andre Williams croons Let Me Put It In, Leah sits on the toilet and does her thing. From there she unbuttons Nat's pants and pulls out his cock, looking cute in her sweater and her stocking cap with a big pom-pom on top. She sucks his cock like she means it and plays with his balls while looking right into the camera with those big eyes of hers. She stands up and pulls up her top to expose her perky tits while he lifts her skirt up and takes her panties down. She lies back on the couch with her legs spread and he eats her trim little snatch. From there he slips into her and fucks her missionary style, and a few minutes later she gets on top of him and rides him cowgirl. She gets down on all fours with her face down and her ass up so that he can eat her asshole for a minute, then he slips two fingers into her as a primer for what's to come – his cock! He fucks her ass doggy style while she rubs her clit, and then he sits back so that she can ride his cock reverse cowgirl style with her ass. There's a bit of ass to mouth and then she sits on a skateboard and he hovers over her so that she can eat his ass a bit before sucking him to a finish and taking his load in her face. This scene is solid, and it's pretty hot thanks to Leah's natural good looks and enthusiasm here. She doesn't go too over the top but she's obviously into it. At over forty-minutes it's a bit too long but better too much than not enough.

Scene Two – Gia Jordan And James Deen: When this scene starts, Andre Williams starts singing again as Gia's got James' cock rammed down her throat – the green Vans are a nice touch! She blows him and he gets her green terry-cloth pants off so that he can play with her ass and pussy while she sucks him off. She gets down on all fours and he fucks her from behind, she blows him, and then he fucks her some more, lightly chocking her this time. She gets on top of him and rides him reverse cowgirl style for a little while, and he crams his fingers into her mouth. She tells him she wants him to fuck her in the ass and he seems pretty open to that idea as before you know it she's riding him reverse cowgirl again with his cock up her backdoor. She gets off of him to suck him off a bit and then climbs back up for round two, and after she's done with that she gets down on all fours again and he works four fingers into her ass while she rubs her clit. From there he makes her slip a finger into her own ass as he moves his cock back in there, and then he moves it into her pussy while she reams herself back there. He moves his dick back into her ass and she moves her fingers into her pussy as he holds her head up and pounds away at her, then he pulls out so that she can deep throat him and gag on his prick for a minute. She lies down and he lifts up her legs to fuck her asshole some more, chocking her while she rubs her pussy. He pulls out and she deep throats him, licking his cock and balls and shaft and head. She gets down on all fours and he pile drives her asshole, then he pulls out to finger her ass before putting those same fingers into her mouth. From here he makes her work four fingers and a good portion of her fist into her asshole, only to have her lick it all off of her hands. She sucks him some more and ends the scene. This was another strong scene. James dominates her the whole time but she seems to enjoy that and the dirtier things get the more fun she seems to be having.

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Scene Three – Faith And Kimberly Kane: These two sit on the couch and chit chat for a bit, both in terry cloth short suits and tube socks with teased hair and very little make up on. They start to kiss and Kimberly's top comes off so that Faith can suck on her tits and spit on her chest (while wearing Elvis style aviator shades). Kimberly returns the favor and devours Faith's breasts, pulling down her shorts and eating her ass. Faith forces Kimberly down and does the same thing to her and shakes her ass cheeks around playfully, spanking her a bit from time to time before lapping away at her pussy. She flips her over and goes to town on her, eating her out and tonguing her asshole. From there it's Faith's turn and she lies down with her legs spread so that Kimberly can eat her pussy and use her fingers inside her cunt. Kimberly tongues her asshole and then gets on all fours so that Faith can put her thumb inside her ass and finger her pussy. Faith sits on Kimberly's face and then they move into a sixty-nine and work one another over that way. Kimberly goes nuts on her pussy and ass and eats her and fingers her before she squats over Faith's face so that Faith can rub her asshole while she licks at her snatch. From there, Faith pulls out and old school seventies style vibrator and makes Kimberly sucks it before she slips it into her cunt and fucks her with it. After that Faith gets on all fours so that Kimberly can use the same toy on her from behind, she spanks her ass as she slips it into her pussy. Kimberly rolls Faith over and finishes her from that angle and then the two of them lick the toy off and kiss each other to end the scene. This was hot stuff as these two looked great throughout and were obviously really enjoying each other. Both girls were into the action and not at all removed from the moment. If you dig girl on girl sex, this is one you don't want to miss.

Scene Four – Charlotte Stokley And James Deen: Charlotte's in her panties on the couch and James moves in, pulls them to one side and eats her out while Andre Williams sings 'Favorite Pair Of Pajamas.' He licks her and fingers her and the camera closes in on her face – very little make up, her freckles all in plain site looking way too cute. He slides his prick into her pussy and fucks her while she's still on her side, and after that she moves over and deep throats his cock, gagging all over it. He strips her nude save for the yellow tube socks and the green Chuck Taylor high tops as he fucks her missionary style and she rubs herself off. She gets on top of him and rides him reverse cowgirl style, then he bends her over the arm of the couch and fucks her pussy doggy style, working a few fingers into her ass. He spreads her ass wide open and she slips a finger in there again, and she blows him before riding him reverse cowgirl style on the couch. They spoon and he pounds her puddy a little while longer, working her ass cheeks around and around and working two fingers into her ass. He stands up and she gets down on her knees in front of him and starts sucking his dick, and then he lies back on the couch and she rides him cowgirl style. After that she gets down in front of him again and takes his cock into her mouth and he finishes there. Another really hot scene, as these two have a nice chemistry together. Charlotte looks great with her freckles showing and while some might be put off by the bruise on her ass and a zit here and there it really only makes it more real and doesn't take away from her natural good looks in the least.

Scene Five – Christie Lee, Nadia Styles And Tommy Pistol: These two are blowing bubbles and goofing off when Nadia starts playing with Christie's pussy by pulling her lips open underneath her red terry cloth shorts. They share their gum, playing with it in their mouths, and then Nadia sucks on Christie's tits and tongue kisses her. Christie then sucks on Nadia's tits for a bit before bending her over and taking her shorts off so that she can massage her ass cheeks and poke her pussy from behind with the bubble she's just blown. She licks at her snatch for a bit and then starts to really go down on her pretty aggressively. From there, Christie bends over and Nadia rubs her finger up and down her ass and pussy from behind before Christie rolls over and spreads her legs for her. Nadia licks away at her clit and pulls her lips open with her fingers and then eats her out for a while. Christie then sits Nadia up on the couch with her legs spread so that she can eat her out and as she does, Tommy Pistol, lying on a skateboard, zooms into the frame underneath Christie's naked crotch and starts eating her out. Christie rams her snatch into Tommy's face and rides his tongue and then Nadia moves in and eats her ass at the same time. Nadia then starts sucking Tommy's dick while Christie moves into a sixty-nine with him. The two girls share cocksucking duties, and then Nadia decides to ride him cowgirl style for a little bit. Once she gets off Christie sucks his cock clean and then moves in herself, riding him cowgirl style while Nadia slaps at her ass cheeks and while Tommy finger's Nadia's spread pussy. After that, Nadia sits on Tommy's face while Christie gives him a blowjob/handjob before getting on his cock and riding him reverse cowgirl style. From there, the two hotties move into a sixty-nine with Christie on top so that Tommy can go from Christie's pussy to Nadia's mouth and then into Christie's asshole and back again. He goes between the ass and the mouth a few more times before Nadia and Christie trade spots and Tommy starts fucking Christie's mouth and Nadia's asshole while Christie finger fucks her pussy from below. The girls both get down on their knees in front of him and he blows a big wad across their two faces. This was another really hot scene. The girl on girl foreplay really got things moving nicely and Tommy's comedic appearance kept things light to start with but he soon got into the scene as did his two co-stars.

Those looking for the typical 'perfection' that so many porno companies seem to think is hot should look elsewhere. The girls here are all natural and a lot of times they're wearing little to no make up. There are blemishes, bruises and even a pimple or two around if you want to look for them and, shock of all shocks, Christie's even got a little bit of a gut on her. You know what though? It's hot. These are what girls look like and it's nice to see someone bothering to actually photograph them the way that they look in real life. While it shouldn't be shocking to see this, the fact that so much porn caters to the standards of perfection that the industry seems to want to make the norm does make this a stand out title for that reason. The camera work from Dave Naz and Eon McKai does a great job of capturing what these girls really look like and the wardrobe – late seventies and early eighties street fashion and skate wear – really works well with the lighting and the music. This project all comes together very nicely and it's all quite sexy but not for the reasons that a lot of people are drawn to pornography. There's a minimalist factor at work here, something that we should see more of in XXX filmmaking. Gregory Dark called Naz's photography 'reality eroticism' and that's the perfect way to sum up not only his still photo work but also his first foray into hardcore porno moviemaking.



This shot on video production looks pretty clean presented here in a reasonably stable 1.33.1 fullscreen presentation. There is some mild edge enhancement in a couple of spots and a noticeable bit of mpeg compression evident in some of the darker colors and the blacks but other than that, there's not a lot to complain about save for once or twice where the reds bleed just a bit. Skin tones look nice and natural, the compositions are dead on, and aside from the fact that this digital video production looks like a digital video production and as such suffers from the minor defects usually associated with the format, everything is coming up roses as far as the look of the film is concerned.


The Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround track is quite sufficient. The dialogue comes through cleanly and clearly as do all of the moans and groans. The guitar driven soundtrack is mixed in properly at a decent level to make sure that we can hear both the music (which is really good… where's the soundtrack Vivid?)as well as the performers as the same time. Bass response is nice and lively and overall, for a porno movie, this is a way, way better than average effort and it actually sounds really good.


Extras on the disc include a trailer for The ReBelle Rousers as well as for Skater Girl Fever which features no sex or nudity but which still manages to be hot somehow.

From there we're treated to a Behind The Fever featurette which starts off with some random behind the scenes footage showing off a few of the different pairings that we see in the finished product. We also see some more candid moments, like a few of the stars snacking and goofing off between takes. Rebelle Rousers director Octavio Winkytiki shows up here and we see him working with Naz shooting the scene with Faith and Kimberly Kane, getting different angles and ensuring that the lighting is right. Naz, sporting a Black Flag shirt, couches the girls and then we see Tommy Pistol goofing off and getting wet. This featurette runs four minutes and nineteen seconds.

Up next is an Other Works By Dave Naz menu which isn't really anything more than an advertisement for four of his photo books and a website link set to some Andre Williams music. A photo gallery of images both hard and soft from the shoot, also set to some Andrew Williams music, is included and contains twenty-four images.

The whole thing is wrapped up in some slick, stylish menus and chapter selection is provided for the feature itself. The packaging for this release is a sturdy paper slip case that features some great late seventies/early eighties style photography on the cover that really suits the movie nicely.

Final Thoughts:

An excellent combination of naturally sexy women, hot sex, and kink all shot really well and set to a great batch of songs, Skater Girl Fever isn't your everyday run of the mill smut film. It's artistic without being pretentious, it's completely hot without being too intensely dirty and most importantly it's fun. Highly recommended.

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