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Porn Reviews » Gay Reviews » Hot Shots Double Feature #2

Hot Shots Double Feature #2

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 9/16/06

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Years of Production:

The 1980s


J.W. King, Brian Hawks, Rick Donovan, Jim Bentley, Sky Dawson, Rydar Hanson, Leo Ford, Michael Christopher, John King, Casey Donovan, Chris Allen, and more!

The Movies:

This compilation of scenes from various pre-condom 1980s HIS releases is a fast-paced non-stop suck and fuck festival.

Hot Shots Volume 3:

Scene One:

This handsome dude has blond hair, smooth chest, full brown pubes, nice nips, and a cut cock. Dude jacks off and plays with his nipples while groovy 1970s music complete with cool bass line throbs in the background. The horny guy shoots a generous load on his pubes.

Scene Two:

Cheesy 1970s disco music highlights the action as a hot guy with brown hair, muscular chest, mustache, full pubes, and uncut cock pulls his pud. He is fantasizing of getting together with a tall slender dude wearing a black leather cap. The dudes stroke each other's hard cocks and feel each other up. Our mustached pal squirts a big load and rubs his balls. The other dude does not cum.

Scene Three:

Two dudes, one with longish blond hair and the other with black hair, are making out and feeling each other's bodies. Black haired dude fucks his blond buddy from behind with his cut cock. He pulls out, jacks off, and shoots his load in slow motion all over blond dude's butt. After getting off, the black haired guy sucks his pal's large cut cock and really chows down on that thang! Blond beach dude shoots on his friend's face.

Scene Four:

A 1970s locker room complete with yellow and orange dayglow lockers is the setting for this scene featuring a hot stud with black hair, mustache, and muscular body. He bends his curly haired pal over and fucks him from behind. Mustache dude shoot a load out of his cut cock and all over his pal's back. Curly jacks his cut cock and aims his load on a locker, which happens to have a jock strap sticking out of it.

Scene Five:

Jim Bentley, a cute preppy college type with blonde hair and a nice tight body, is having his cut cock sucked by a hot dude with dark hair. The guys are lying on a bed covered with a zebra striped bed spread while dude gives Jim's big cock a complete oral examination. Jim returns the favor by sucking his friend's big cock and plump knob. There are some very nice close-ups of Jim sucking that big knob and full balls. Dude eats Jim's hairy butt hole while stroking that big cock. There is a bit of sixty-nine and face fucking, as the dudes get down to a 1980s new wave instrumental. The dudes beat their meat with Jim unloading on his own stomach and his pal shooting a sticky n' clear load. We are treated to a quick cum shot from another scene featuring Jim Bentley where he is wearing a 1980s headband!

Scene Six:

A hot short haired dude breaks a beer bottle over a tough Daddy's head. Daddy has dark hair, full beard and mustache and is pissed off. The two rough 'n tumble dudes wrestle on the floor knocking over boxes and anything else that happens to be in the way. The dudes strip down exposing their full pubes and cut cocks and continue to wrestle. There is no actual sex in this scene.

Scene Seven:

A stripper with dark hair wearing a black jockstrap is dancing for a hot blond businessman with too much gel in his hair. After his exotic two-step, the dancer gets it on with Mr. Business in the basement. Dancer dude sinks down on Business guy's hard cut cock and goes for a bouncy bounce. Blond dude fucks the dancer from behind while a groovy "Love Boat" type ditty warbles on the soundtrack. Both dudes beat off and shoot their love juice.

Scene Eight:

Cowboy gangbang! Three randy ranch hands tie a cute tall n' slender dude up in the barn. The cowboys literally rip off his shirt exposing the dude's smooth chest, slap him around a bit, rub his crotch, and make out with him. The dude is a non-stop moaning machine as the cowboys suck his big cut cock, finger his butt, and fuck his hairy hole from behind. "What are you doing to my ass?"

Scene Nine:

It's a four-way college-wrestling match as these cute dudes grind up against each other all in the name of sports. Of course, it's not too long before the uniforms are gone and the dudes are wrestling nekkid. The wrestling leads to kissing, cock sucking, jacking off, and fucking. Doesn't wrestling always lead to such hijinx?

Scene Ten:

-- sponsored by --

A hilariously bad "Roman" set is the highlight of this scene. Cheap "bronze" lions, white curtains, and plenty of cheesy smoke/dry ice provide the setting for some dude in a feathery Mardi Gras type mask. Mask dude is in control of a cute dude with dark curly hair who looks like a dead ringer for John Oats from Hall and Oats. Mask dude fucks his curly haired pal from behind leading both dudes to cum.

Scene Eleven:

Beware! Giant spider!!! The cute John Oates look-alike from Scene Ten is back and is sucking the cock of a dude caught in a giant spider web! There is plenty of cock sucking, cheesy suspense music, and smoke/dry ice to set a sexy and eerie atmosphere. Ha! Both dudes shoot their load as a wonderfully phony giant spider watches from a higher perch in the web.

Scene Twelve:

Rydar Hanson and a hot Leather Daddy type fuck a cute preppy dude while bent over a motorcycle. The preppy dude sucks cock as Ryder and Daddy take turns on that tight butt. The poor prep gets his butt slapped with a leather strap. Missionary fucking, nipple pulling, and loads of man juice complete the scene.

Scene Thirteen:

A hairy muscle bound dude wearing a black hawk mask stands in a jungle and rubs the front of his leather jock strap. The Bird dude rubs his beautiful hairy chest and nipples and strokes his fat cut cock to climax.

Scene Fourteen:

Hey Rocky! Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat! Two dudes fuck like bunnies while a live rabbit sits on their bed! These dudes make out and suck each other's hard cut cocks. Wait; there is also a dove in the room! After some face fucking, sixty-nine, and missionary position fucking, the dudes dump their loads of man milk.

Scene Fifteen:

A variety of cum shots are accompanied by a creepy voiceover: "...than having him look directly into her eyes as you drop the load from your mouth into his. The best homosexual sex is anonymous, impersonal, promiscuous, and public. Johns, parks, beaches, elevators, cars, cabs, busses, subways, alleys, department stores, offices, supermarkets, theaters...."

Hot Shots Volume 4:

Scene One:

Cute n' preppy Jim Bentley is making out with a handsome dark haired dude. The two engage in plenty of soul kissing and crotch rubbing (they are dressed in 1980s running shorts and shoes) while a cat watches from the background. Jim sucks his pal's cut cock giving it a nice wet workout. Jim's pal soon chow's down on his big cut dork stroking and sucking the hard shaft. The dudes watch each other beat off and shoot their loads.

Scene Two:

This is an interesting scene containing extreme close-ups of a good-looking dude with blond hair and green eyes soaping his muscular body in the shower. The close-ups provide plenty of jump cuts as the dude jacks his cut cock and soaps his hairy crack. There is a bizarre voice-over of the dude rambling on and on about his dream: "some creature was masturbating over my body"! Dude strokes his long cock and hangy balls and shoots a big load.

Scene Three:

Two 1970s looking hotties with slender tight bodies, one with longish brown hair and the other with long blond hair, are skinny-dipping in a pond. The dudes climb on nearby rocks and begin to stroke their cut cocks to some Asian music. Brown haired dude fucks his buddy's hairy hole in the missionary position while his pal strokes his cock. The picture is quite grainy and has an 8-millimeter loop quality to it. Brown haired dude switches positions and fucks his pal from behind. The viewer is then treated to shots of beautiful flower-filled fields. The dudes suck each other's dongs leading the brown haired dude to shoot a thick load. Cute blonde dude does not get his nut.

Scene Four:

Cute blonde surfer type Leo Ford is sucking the fat cut cock giving some excellent head. The dude having his cock sucked is wearing a goofy looking oversized hat that obscures his face. Hat dude fucks Leo's tight shaved hole from behind and then in the missionary position as Leo pulls on his own cut cock. Hat dude pulls out and squirts a huge fucking load all over Leo's chest. Leo beats his meat and shoots on his own stomach. Very hot!

Scene Five:

Group sex time! Five muscular dudes entwine their bodies together into one pulsing orb, jack off, suck cuts cocks, fuck faces, suck balls, fuck in the sink/bounce and missionary positions, and do just about everythang. The dudes shoot their loads on a cute guy with short black curly hair. The scene has very crummy lighting.

Scene Six:

Eight man orgy! These slender military dudes with short hair, nice bodies, and cut cocks get their groove on with some fast jack off, cock sucking, and face fucking. They quickly shoot their loads and the scene is over.

Scene Seven:

It's now time for some classy and romantic soft focus as a handsome muscular dude with full dark pubes, smooth chest, and oiled pecs masturbates his large cut cock and shoots a load on his hairy-chested friend. This is another very short scene.

Scene Eight:

Handsome blonde muscle dude jerks his large n' hard cock while feeling his beautiful body. His cock is quite suckable with its long shaft and big purple knob. Dude strokes that hard cock and shoots his load in slow motion.

Scene Nine:

A sexy daddy dude with brown hair and goatee is sitting in a car jacking his cut cock. Daddy watches a younger dude with long dark hair stroke his large cut cock. Daddy becomes bossy: "play with it. Just think of that slick hot pussy as you beat your meat." The cute younger dude shoots a load all over a girly magazine while Daddy barks: "shoot that load, fucker" and dumps a load of his own.

Scene Ten:

Another short scene features a three-way with cute dark haired dudes, missionary position fucking, hairy butt holes, hairy chests, fat cocks: one uncut and two cut, jacking off, cock sucking, face fucking, nipple pinching, and cum loads. I love those hairy chests and disco music!!

Scene Eleven:

The scene cuts between three dudes: a hairy muscular dude posing nude, a good looking long haired hippy type with a huge cut cock and thick dark brown pubes, and a cute blond dude sucking cock, eating ass, and fucking in the sink/bounce position. The model and the hippy shoot nice big loads, as does blonde dude.

Scene Twelve:

A redheaded curly haired dude ( who reminds me of an adult male "Annie") chows down on a big ol' uncut cock with plenty of juicy foreskin. The dude he is sucking has a beautiful hairy chest and is wearing leather chaps. "Annie" sucks leather dude to climax. The sun will indeed come out tomorrow.

Scene Thirteen:

This short scene contains a cool 1980s synth tune while a handsome leather dude with dark hair and goatee sucks a big cut cock. The dude sucks that tool until it squirts all over his goatee.



The movies are shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography is basic and provides the usual camera angles for the jacking off, cock sucking, and butt sex. The editing allows each scene to move along at a quick pace. The picture quality is grainy with varying degrees of grain. The picture quality in some scenes is down right shitty with a jumping screen and what looks like a third generation VHS dub. Not very impressive.


The movies have no live sound. Luckily, there are plenty of groovy 1970s disco and 1980s new wave synth tunes to accompany the action. Some scenes contain odd voice-overs while other have ultra fake/cheesy nature sounds.


The extras include an interactive menu, scene selections, chapter stops, and trailers for: "Kansas City Trucking Co.", El Paso Wrecking Corp.", and "L.A. Tool & Die". There is also a gallery consisting of grabs from the video and website information.

Final Thoughts:

Whew! "Hot Shots Double Feature 2" is a cornucopia of non-stop jacking, cock sucking, and butt fucking presented through clips from various 1980s HIS productions. At times, the editing stringing the scenes together is bad creating confusion for the viewer. In some instances, there are scenes that begin and have no ending. The scene just stops and the next one cranks up. The dudes are all handsome with their late 1970s long hair and various 1980s haircuts. The standout here is definitely cute blonde prepster Jim Bentley with his hot body, big cut cock, and full brown pubes. My favorite scene is number eleven from "Hot Shots Volume 3" featuring the big groovy spider and web.

Most of the scenes are fast paced with a few being downright short. The picture quality is the big problem here. Each 'n every scene is grainy with some having a crappy quality with jumping picture. Even with the picture quality problems, the movie is a fun trip down a 1980s memory lane with the ultra cool music and bad hair. Lastly, I did not spot Rick Donovan anywhere in the movie. I recommend a rental. The movies would be perfect background for a booze soaked party.

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