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Horse Hung Hispanics 20

Studio: Latino Fan Club » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 9/19/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Dates of Production:

April 2004 to May 2006

Produced and Directed By:

Brian Brennan

The Movie:

When The Latino Fan Club talent scouts spot a sexy young Latino, they just hand him a card and ask if he'd like to pose for the camera. These eight hot Latino dudes are from the Barrios of New York City.


Angel is a hot twenty year old with a thick New York accent, short black hair, and lil' mustache. Angel is feeling kind of horny and since his girl is on vacation, he's gonna get his rocks off. Angel lounges back on some comfortable pillows, pulls up his shirt revealing a smooth chest, and slips his hand down the front of his baggy blue jeans. Angel is watching straight porn and pulls down his jeans and maroon boxers to reveal thick full black pubes, cut cock, and plump balls. Angel stokes his hard cock with his right hand and spreads his legs to show off his hairy gooch and butt crack. Angel strokes his stiff cock, rubs his balls, and shoots a big thick load. Hot! "Man, I needed that."


Mike is a handsome dude with long black hair, pencil thin John Waters mustache, goatee, and plenty of tattoos. He's wearing a white "wife beater" tee and some shiny boxing shorts. As Mike relaxes on a blue sofa and watches some straight porn, he begins to rub his basket and teases the viewer by pulling his shorts aside revealing full black pubes, balls, and part of his cock shaft. Mike soon pulls off his shorts and out pops his hard uncut cock with plenty of foreskin. Mike rubs and pulls his foreskin, strokes his hard dong, and rubs his nuts. He spreads his legs to show off his hairy ass crack and gooch while rubbing a thumb over his cock head and piss slit. Mike jacks his big fucker and shoots a medium clear load of man juice.


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Flaco is a hot dude with short black hair, goatee, tight lil' body, and hairy chest. Flaco is undressing in a dirty locker room, pulls out his large uncut cock and takes a piss in the dirty urinal. He sits down in a folding chair, which just happens to be in the locker room. Flaco rubs his bulging crotch, unbuckles his belt, pulls down his blue jeans and boxers to reveal a jungle of full black pubes, uncut cock, and nice balls. Flaco pinches and pulls his left nipple, as his right hand is busy pulling on his foreskin and stroking his cock. He pulls back his overhang and points his big cock head directly at the camera. Mike rubs those hairy nuts and beats his meat shooting a nice thick load.


Dario is a handsome dude with a short military cut and beard stubble. He selects straight porn and begins to slowly rub his body. After playing with the bulge in the front of his baggy blue jeans, Dario pulls off his black tee shirt revealing a hot muscular chest with just a little bit of hair. Dario pulls down his blue jeans and gray boxers to show us his uncut cock and shaved pubes. Dario makes that big uncut tool bounce around as he rubs his nuts. Dario strokes his foreskin up and over his cock knob and begins to pull on his overhang. He shoots a huge thick load, scoops his juice up, and rubs it on his spent schlong.


Bernardo is cute with dark curly hair, goatee, and baseball cap. Bernardo is sitting at his computer when he becomes horny. He takes off his blue tee shirt to show off his slender body and smooth chest and begins to rub the front of his jeans. Soon the jeans are down and Bernardo is rubbing the front of his gray boxer shorts. He pulls out his uncut cock with the foreskin still covering his knob and begins to stroke his dong to hardness. Bernardo rubs his lush black pubes, his hairy nuts, and rubs his piss slit. After more cock stroking and foreskin play, Bernardo shoots a very thick load.


Jamie is cute with short black hair, goatee, and tattoos. He is nude pouring a cup of Joe in the kitchen. Jamie retires to the sofa and reveals his fat uncut cock and full pubes. Jamie watches straight porn, spreads his legs and gently toys with his hardening cock. He works his cock and foreskin to full erection and begins to stroke that big thang and rub his balls switching between both hands to pull that pud. Jamie works himself into a frenzy and dumps a medium sized load.


This Puerto Rican hunk is very handsome with curly black hair pulled back, mustache, and a lil' chin hair. Vladimir is telling a story of a barber in Puerto Rico who felt him up a few times. Vlad had a hot smooth chest with cool tattoos on his arms. He pulls down his pants to reveal his huge uncut cock and shaved pubes. Damn! That dong is fucking big! Vlad makes that big fucker bounce up and down. Very hot! He pulls his long foreskin up and over his knob as he jacks that monster meat. Vlad's strokes become faster as he squirts a thick load out of his big knob that flies everywhere.


Rodrigo is a good-looking dude with buzzed black hair and a husky build. He is talking to some gal on his cell phone and begins to play with himself. As he tells the chick he wishes she were there, he pulls down his pants to show off his full dark pubes and uncut cock. Rodrigo pulls on his foreskin as he strokes his fat cock shaft. He pulls back his foreskin to reveal a shiny knob and then plays with his hangy nuts. Rodrigo finally sits on the sofa and continues his phone sex. He beats his meat and squirts a large thick load that goes flying in the air. Hot!



"Horse-Hung Hispanics #20" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography is quite good providing plenty of close-ups of the dude's hot foreskin, hairy balls, and butt cracks. The editing is great keeping each scene moving along at a quick pace making sure the scenes never become dull. The picture quality is nice and sharp.


The sound is clear with a cool Latin music accompaniment, loud moans and sighs from the dudes, and some very sexy thick New York accents.


The extras include an interactive menu, scene selections, chapter stops, website information, and trailers for: "Parole Officer Perez", "Boyz N the Crib 2", Latin Showboys, and "Ruffneck Rehab".

The big standouts are a bonus scene featuring two hot Latino dudes sucking and fucking with two big uncut cocks and full pubes and a cool Latino Fan Club documentary called "Never too Big" which contains scenes from their earlier productions. The viewer is treated to a number of hunks as they beat their meat and cum: Chris/"Elephant Man", Freddy Mac, Joey 12'' Albano, Nelson Eddie, Reynaldo de Leon, and Ruckus. This footage is very hot.

Final Thoughts:

As usual, The Latino Fan Club does not disappoint. "Horse-Hung Hispanics #20" is a huge turn-on and fun watch. The dudes really get into showing off their bodies, big uncut cocks, and shooting loads for the viewers. Every dude is damn sexy and seems quite at ease in front of the camera. The videography provides plenty of close-ups, and the editing is excellent. Some solo movies can become dull and monotonous but not his one. The length of each scene is perfect. The picture quality is nice and sharp providing the viewer with a clear view of these big dongs. I highly recommend for fans of sexy Latino dudes with lots of heavy foreskins.

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