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Dirty Dan's P.O.V. #2

Studio: Mach 2 » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/19/06

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Dirty Dan's P.O.V. #2

Mach 2

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Dirty Dan (AKA: Dani Duran)

Cast: Sandra Romain, Dirty Dan, Candace Von, Mike John (cameo only-no sex), Jessi Castro, Alexis Silver, Destiny Summers, Kelly "Fuckin" Wells, April Blossom

Length: 139 minutes

Date of Production: 6/28/2006 (box cover); 7/4/2006 (credits)

Extra's: My favorite extra was the addition of 9.5 minutes of hardcore sex footage deleted from the scenes called "Bonus Scene". It wasn't all perfect looking but this is the kind of thing that fans repeatedly claim to want the most and only a few companies are providing it at this writing. I also really enjoyed the 21.5 minutes of Behind the Scenes footage since it provided something of a positive take on how the cast interacted outside of their scenes (most appeared to be friendly and hospitable; having a good time). There was also some fun Tease footage that lasted 4 minutes, an interview with Jessi Castro where she diddled herself that lasted about 4 minutes (too short), a minute long outtake of goofy footage where the cast flubbed their lines, some trailers, a photogallery, and a double sided DVD cover where the second side was a couple of covers to other movies.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Dirty Dan's P.O.V. #2 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Dirty Dan for release by Mach 2. I hadn't run into the guy's works before and as I listened and watched him work with the ladies of the scenes, I got the impression that it was really Jake Malone portraying another of his characters (except that he wasn't abusive to the ladies and generally treated them well). As part of a timeline, his company, RLD/PXP, was involved in a summer shut down when this was shot and his voice sounded the same but this is not a definitive commentary about ID so don't fuss at me for getting it wrong. The lighting was varied, with a few scenes lacking proper lighting that caused a lot of grain and some video noise but the other scenes were pretty solid in that sense. The composition of the scenes was generally pretty good, enhancing the look of the ladies more than a little bit in several cases with some sloppy editing taking place from time to time. In all then, the visual elements were okay to good, with some room for improvement. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English with no separation to speak of and limited attention paid to the dynamic range. Some of the extras (and even scenes) were on the low end of the audio scale, forcing me to turn up the volume to hear what was said.

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Body of Review: Mach 2 is a new company to me that I've found has some decent directors and a host of my favorite performers involved with. I only heard about them recently and my attempts to get hold of some of their titles to review were successful so I'm here sharing a second look at what the company has to offer. This time, the title was Dirty Dan's P.O.V. #2 and it had a selection of point of view scenes with some talented ladies worth watching. Here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that some of them showed Dan holding tremendous potential to make really good porn and others showing some of his quirks in need of polishing up. With no condoms used, here we go:

Scene One: Sandra Romain, playing a student with an outstanding balance left to pay before she leaves, decided to barter with Dirty Dan in his living room while in her tight fitting blue dress (no underwear). She looked like she had bedroom eyes and wind tossed hair, slowly massaging herself up close to him when he started feeling her breasts with his wrinkled, freckled hands. By this point, I was pretty much convinced that "Dan" was actually Jake Malone, given his voice, hands, and decent camera style, but I let it go for the moment as she was honing in on his moderate package with her hands and mouth. This is an area that some of you are really going to appreciate; the cock in question looked about four inches long and not enhanced by camera magic like so many others in porn tend to be. This is the male equivalent of the complaints some of my female friends have when they say the porn stars are too hot looking and they'd enjoy the sex on screen more if the gals were fatter, uglier, and or more "normal". It made for a nice change of pace though and Sandra is always up to provide a good scene, regardless of who she's with. She energetically and enthusiastically slobbed his knob, titty fucked him, and let him nail both her pussy and ass with the vigor one would expect of a lady really into the action. This kind of professionalism enhances a scene and one wishes that Ed Powers could find such gals for his series. The tease footage was also very good with her ass in the air and her early swallowing of a load did not finish things up as in other works by other directors; it just served to let him last longer when plowing her. She was an active ride and I'd invite her home to meet my friends anytime. She spit out the second load to her breasts but that was a small complaint given how well she began the show.

Scene Two: Candace Von, a black gal with a winning smile and great chest, was up next as Mike John was assisting with the editing of a scene when he told Dirty Dan that he couldn't save the scene because of a pop shot to the blanket. It was quite funny the way he presented it and soon enough; a rescheduled Candace appeared in her orange dress to redo the scene with Dan. She went to the couch and after some small talk was using a white man dildo with Dan at the helm. She really didn't appear too into the action at this point and with his growing, albeit small, cock in his pants waiting to bang her, I can see why she'd be less than enthusiastic about a toy when the real deal is available. This led to her sucking him off playfully and while it was clear she wanted a bigger cock, she treated him well as she gave it up for the guy. Her aural skills were limited and she finally used her huge titties to rub him the right way before the vaginal boning commenced. Watching her breasts bounce was half the fun and she knew it, keeping them in motion all the longer to enhance the action as the thick gal slid up and down on his rod. It ended with a facial that she didn't swallow but the scene was okay to watch a time or two.

Scene Three: Jessi Castro, a very cute Latina in a skimpy green and no panties, was up next as she taught Dirty Dan Spanish through the use of colors. She'd bend over and he'd appreciate the learning trick, soon finding that his needs included sexual terms. This led, of course, to him feeling her up as she outlined his new lesson for the day, making me think it's time for a refresher course taught by the gal as soon as I can find an opening (pun intended). The funny thing about Jessi is that in some angles, she looked more like pop singer Bjork than a Latina but she was a decent lay, if somewhat more mechanical than the previous two, relying too much on him doing most of the pumping during the penetration for example. There were a few positions that she seemed to excel at and the editing was a bit weaker on this scene than the others but I'd like to see more of her as a result of the action that was strictly oral and vaginal with a mouth shot to close.

Scene Four: Alexis Silver and Destiny Summers, the two busty gals featured on the front DVD cover, were up next with Dirty Dan as Alexis tried to sell him a condominium. He lost track of what she was saying in favor of fantasizing about the gals having sex in the bathtub with a large flesh colored dildo, wanting in on the action himself. The manner in which it was done was clearly more creative then usual (the vocals and visuals were skewed to show it was a dream sequence at first but led to the gals kissing in the bedroom before too long. There was a lot of titty play initially in the scene between the ladies and after they included him, they made it a point to use titty fucking after the oral to get him extra hard. The screwing was a bit more complicated since there were two of them and only one of him but the gals both rode him hard and tried to participate as best they could with some PTOGM (sucking him clean out of the other gal's pussy). I would have preferred that they go down on one another as he drilled them but they might have forgotten he was working on them so I guess I can see why this didn't occur. It ended with the gals cumswapping, at least before the fantasy ended and they were back to selling him on their project, and while it wasn't their best scene (especially Alexis), it wasn't bad either.

Scene Five: Kelly "Fuckin" Wells, a well known extreme queen with lightened hair, was up next as she came into his home and accused Dirty Dan of being "a lousy fuck with an extremely small dick." Apparently, her sister was one of his models and she was full of attitude when she talked to him so she followed the formula by dropping to her knees. It was funny when she immediately recognized his cock based on the description but she gave him a powerful hummer before demanding he fuck her ass. He obliged her and she gave up lots of nasty talk as he did so, impaling herself on the cock like it was far meatier. I might not be the biggest fan of her "look" but I'm the first to appreciate how energetic and skilled she is and when in the right circumstance, she can get me ready to go too but she generally isn't my type so I thought it fair to mention that. It ended when she swallowed his load with a smile, making it seem like she was okay with his act after all the smack talk.

Scene Six: April Blossom, a curvy little cutie in a red bikini, was up last as she hung out by the pool with Dirty Dan. This was the shortest scene of the bunch and I think guys that like gals sporting some baby fat will appreciate her most of all (I liked her look, having been out with a number of gals that had similar bodies myself). Dan played with her breasts and cookie before she blew, titty fucked, and rode him; though the scene cut away to the living room mid stream in the titty fuck. In all, she let him do much of the work but it wasn't a bad scene so much as a limited scene and I have a feeling that he popped early given the expression she made when it took place. There was a bit of his load in her mouth and a bit on her chest but it seemed like it must've tasted okay given her expression too.

Summary: Dirty Dan's P.O.V. #2 started off with a great Sandra Romain scene and declined from there. If a couple of other scenes were as well handled, I'd be singing Dan's praises all the way to the offices of Mach 2 and back but even the weakest scenes here showed a guy with some raw talent at work. I look forward to seeing if this example of his work was much like Jake Malone's since even having been told they aren't the same guy, I felt some kind of connection between them. There was a nice selection of extras and the premise used in most scenes was sound (often funny) so check it out as a Rent It and see if you enjoyed it more than I did. Dan proved he has the skill to make it big with the opener, now lets see what he can do to ramp up the heat a bit for a follow up.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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