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Jenna's Mouth

Studio: Doc Johnson » Review by Chris Knight » Review Date: 9/21/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The possibility that I'll ever touch Jenna Jameson, no less be fellated or have sex with her, is slim. So when the opportunity to get a blow job from a replica of her legendary lips came around, I was certainly intrigued. My previous experience with porn star body parts is limited mainly to Christy Canyon's pussy, a fascimile of which I nailed on occassion several years ago.

Times sure have changed. Instead of the sticky industrial material Christy's nether region was made of, Jenna's face (of which you get her mouth, nose, chin and cheeks) is made from a material called UR3, which is transluscent, soft and smooth, and more lifelike than any fake flesh I've touched before.

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Behind Jenna's lips is a nubby sheath to hold and caress you, along with a removeable vibrating bullet, which has a rather unique feature to go with the impressive 10-speed, five-function wired remote. Taking advantage of the toy's translucent nature, the bullet features a fiber optic light that tuns the face five different colors. It's certainly interesting, but it's a bit odd to get head from a smurf or an alien. I've never gotten much from a bullet as a guy (I've never been in a vibrating pussy in real life) and the positioning, in the area of the nose, is a bit awkward, so I took it out and gave it to the missus to play with. She seemed to like the variation in speed, and the different types of vibration, including pulses, acceleration and a random mode.

While the orgasm I experienced from fucking Jenna's mouth was very pleasurable (better than my average tug-time), getting there was a hassle. Part of the problem is the size of the mouth, which may be 1/8 of an inch across. I'm no monster downstairs, but trying to wedge my manhood through this thing was enough to make me lose my wood. I tried the included powered lube (think corn flour), but that didn't do the trick, even when Mrs. Knight pulled the mouth open for me to try and enter the dragon. I resorted to greasing her up with some liquid lube, and finally fought my way in, but then, it was too slick, so I kept popping out. Eventually, I was able to adjust and finish up, but it wasn't the best overall jacking experience I've ever had. The fact that the face is not the right size to be a real woman's face, but instead is much smaller, is also a bit cringe-worthy, when you look down and see what's going on.

Jenna's Mouth costs over $60, thanks to the materials and impressive vibe, but there are much cheaper mouths made of UR3, and they might be a bit easier to work with. Try something else first before plunking down the money for this light-up oddity.

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