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Holier Than Thou

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 9/23/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

June 2006

Written and Directed By:

Mike Donner

The Cast:

Justin Wells, Eddie Stone, Zackary Pierce, Jason Crew, Kyle Aames, Josh Carter, Brant Moore, Clay Anderson, Damon Phoenix.

The Movie:

Hunky priest Justin Wells is on a self-imposed mission to redeem sinners from evil. "Evil serves up an all-you-can-eat buffet twenty-four hours a day." The priest believes he must become a sinner to save one. He prowls the night in search of those he can redeem through his own brand of sexual healing.

The Dudes:

These nine dudes are all good-looking ranging in age from early twenties to early thirties. There are a nice variety of body types represented here: muscular, husky, and tall/slender. The dudes have black, dark brown, and blonde hair, full/trimmed/shaved pubes, and all cocks are cut except one.

Scene One:

The priest (Justin Wells), a handsome dude with short dark brown hair and a hot muscular body, picks up a young 'n sexy callboy (Jason Crew), fucking hot with short dark brown hair and tall/slender build. Jason takes Justin to a deserted warehouse where Justin tells the dude to simply call him "Father". The dudes begin to make out with plenty of heavy tongue sucking, body rubbing, and crotch grabbing. Shirts are removed exposing sexy smooth chests as Jason licks, sucks and pinches Justin's hard nipples. Not satisfied with only sucking those hard man tits, Jason pulls down Justin's pants and black briefs to yank on some hard cut cock. Justin has a hot veiny shaft with a huge purple knob that is perfect for sucking...and that is exactly what Jason does. Justin slaps his big knob against Jason's hot 'n willing pierced tongue as Jason chows down giving some damn good head.

Jason pulls out his own large cut cock and begins to choke it, as he is face fucked by Justin. "Like it when I fuck your face?". The dudes engage in additional tongue sucking as Justin slowly makes his way down Jason's smooth chest and sucks his large cock...stroking the hard shaft, nursing the knob, and suckin' those hot nuts. Justin fucks Jason from behind (with condom) with fast strokes as Jason moans and sighs. "Nice tight hole. Fuck the sins right out of you!". Justin continues his redemption process by fucking Jason in the side/missionary position with plenty of butt plowing close-ups. Jason jerks his big cock and shoots a thick load on his hand and stomach. Justin jacks off and dumps a thick load of love juice on Jason's thigh.

Scene Two:

Eddie Stone, another hunk of a priest with dark hair, is sitting at his desk while sexy seminary student Zackary Pierce, a good lookin' dude with short brown hair, is pretending to read text books but is secretly rubbing his basket while looking at a magazine filled with naked men. Eddie becomes wise to what Zackary is up to and becomes enraged. Zackary turns the tables on Eddie and begins to taunt him with the nude photos and grabs Eddie's meaty cock through his pants. Eddie bends Zackary over his knees for a good spanking using a black strap. Eddie demands an "attitude adjustment" by ordering Zackary to eat his tight shaved butt hole.

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Zackary buries his face between Eddie's hot butt cheeks, spreads 'em, and licks/tongue fucks that pucker. There are very nice close-ups as Zackary chows down on that tight butt. Eddie slips a leather dog collar with attached leash around Zackary's neck to be in complete control proving that the padre is on one serious ego/power trip. Zackary sucks Eddie's big cut cock working the shaft with is fist and mouth while Eddie continues to pull on the leash...commanding Zackary to bark like a dog! Eddie pulls Zackary's briefs off and starts to tongue fuck that tight butt hole. The dudes sixty-nine as Zackary sucks Eddie's tool and Eddie slaps those butt cheeks and continues to munch hole.

Zackary continues to suck Eddie's cock and begins to finger fuck Eddie's tight bum. Zackary fucks Eddie in the missionary position (with condom) and really rams his hole. Eddie sinks down on Zackary's dong and begins to bounce up and down in a frenzy--cramming that cock into his starved man-pussy. Eddie jerks off as he plays sink/bounce and shoots a thick load all over Zackary's thighs. Zackary strokes his cock and shoots a thick load on his own balls, pubes, and thigh. Hot!

Scene Three:

Clay Anderson, a cute dude with brown/blond hair, is hanging out with his buddy Damon Phoenix, a husky/muscular hunk with a brown crew cut, in their dorm room. The dudes engage in some playful kissing--sucking each other's wet tongues and rubbing those bulging baskets. The dudes remove their shirts to reveal their smooth chests as hands continue to roam over their bodies. Damon licks and sucks Clay's chest, pulls down Clay's blue jeans and underwear, and wraps his hot mouth around that fat cut cock with big purple knob. Damon gorges himself on Clay's big schlong working the shaft with his fist and mouth and nursing that knob.

The dudes fall into a sixty-nine and continue their love making by sucking cock and eating each other's tight butt holes. There are plenty of hot close-ups as the dudes explore those holes with their wet tongues and fingers. Clay fucks Damon (with condom) in the missionary position and strokes Damon's stiff cut cock. Clay begins the fucking with long slow strokes and graduates to urgent short strokes as Damon moans with pleasure and jacks off. Clay is so excited that he begins to suck Damon's toes. Damon fucks Clay in the missionary position (with condom) as Clay strokes his hard tool. Clay shoots a thick load on his stomach as Damon beats his meat and shoots a load on Clay's cock and balls.

Scene Four:

Justin continues his mission in the local gay watering hole. Kyle Aames, a cute dude with pale skin, blonde hair and glasses, is making eye contact with Josh Carter, a hot Latino dude with dark hair and husky/muscular build. Josh cruises the hell out of Kyle by keeping eye contact while rubbing his own bulge. Flustered, shy Kyle doesn't know how to respond so he continues to down his beer. Just as Kyle musters enough courage to make his move, a hot and snobbish bar tender (Brant Moore) jumps over the bar and takes control of Josh. Brant is a hot dude with a tall/slender build and longish black hair. Brant yanks off Josh's shirt and begins to make out. Brant keeps steady eye contact with Kyle as he engages in some hot tongue sucking with Josh.

Josh pulls Brant's large cut cock out of his pants and sucks that big fucker and hangy balls for all they are worth. Kyle gets up to leave but Justin intervenes by grabbing and forcing him over to the action. Justin stands closely behind Kyle rubbing Kyle's body as Josh pulls Kyle's cut cock from his pants and sucks it. Josh is now switching between the two hard cocks as Brant stares daggers at Justin. Justin strokes his own hard cock and forces Kyle onto the bar where Brant begins to suck Kyle's cock and Josh sucks Justin. Brant deep throats Kyle's cock, bends him over the bar and begins to munch his butt. Josh spits on Justin's hole and starts to eat some ass as well. There are plenty of close-ups as the dudes switch up eating those holes with plenty of tongue fucking.

Justin is about to fuck Brant's hole when the bar tender sneers, "No one fucks me." Justin quickly replies, "Then call me 'no one'" and slips his condom-covered cock into that butt giving him a good fucking. Justin fucks Brant with quick strokes as Brant eats Kyle's butt. Justin exclaims, "Get behind me satan" (which immediately brought to mind the cool White Stripes album). Josh is down on his knees sucking Brant's cock and reaching between his legs to play with Justin's nuts. Justin becomes very dominant by barking out sexual orders as he jumps up on the bar and has Brant suck his cock. Kyle becomes bold and fucks Brant's butt from behind (with condom) as Kyle continues to suck Brant's cock. Kyle and Brant share sucking Justin's cock as Justin shouts, "Lick the head! Lick my balls! I didn't say stop!". Brant works a thick load onto his own stomach as Justin pumps a thick load onto Brant's butt cheeks. Josh jacks his uncut cock (with plenty of foreskin) and shoots some very thick love pudding while Kyle shoots on Josh's back.



"Holier Than Thou" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Ross Cannon is professional providing plenty of excellent close-ups of the kissing, cock sucking, butt munching, and cum loads. The editing by Koo Koo Boy keeps the scenes flowing at a nice pace. The picture quality is nice 'n sharp providing the viewer with clear view of all the lovin' these dudes are engaging in.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer plenty of loud grunts, moans, and pants. The music provides a variety of styles from traditional monk chants to very cool bluesy and western guitar tunes.


The extras include an interactive menu, chapter stops, scene selection, website information, the cool safe sex PSA "Wrap it Up" directed by Jeremy Spencer starring Miss Chi Chi LaRue. There is a short "Behind the Scenes" segment showing the various dudes on set, a "Blooper" reel with the models fluffing lines and giggling, an extensive model gallery with photographs by Mick Hicks and Anthony Duran, and trailers for: "Running Wild", "Bed Heads", "Thirst", "Star Crossed", "Inn Over His Head", "The Works", and "Bone Saw".

Final Thoughts:

Adonis Productions has another winner with "Holier Than Though". The dudes are very hot and obviously enjoy what they are doing. Clay Anderson and Damon Phoenix from Scene Three are quite fun and playful in their love making providing great chemistry. I dig all the dudes but especially like Jason Crew, Eddie Stone, and Justin Wells. Justin has one of the hottest/veiniest cocks I've ever seen. I love that big purple cock knob! The direction, videography, editing, and picture quality are all excellent and top notch. Musically, I enjoyed the Blues and Western guitar instrumentals.

The extras are neat-o with the extensive model gallery, "Behind the Scenes", "Bloopers", and safe sex PSA. Chi Chi LaRue is cool and I completely agree with her "Condom Nazi" stance. I highly recommend to guys looking for a hot all-out suck and fuck fest!

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