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Show 2, The

Studio: Pitbull Productions » Review by Alexx O'Toole » Review Date: 9/23/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Gay Adult Movie
approx 2:20
CAST: Camron, Mario Cruz, T. Malone, Collin O'Neal, Komplex, Double R., Gabriel Sinclair, Carmelo, Supreme, CJ, Tiger Tyson, Owen Hawk, Matthias von Fistenberg

The Good Stuff
The Show Part 2 is shot in reality show fashion. The millionaire Matthias Von Fistenberg is looking for a new boyfriend to help him spend his money. The contestants compete in sexual events to see who will get to be the kept man. After almost every scene the contestants are critiqued by Von Fistenberg and either eliminated or kept on to be in the finals. Von Fistenberg has enlisted Tiger Tyson and Owen Hawk as judges to help him select the winner. As in most reality shows when the contestants are eliminated they give a brief exit interview also adding to the fun quality of this film.

Recap of The Show Part 1
Before we get to the meat of the film there is a recap of The Show Part 1 The contestants arrived at Von Fistenberg mansion and participated in a fetish fashion show. They were divided up into Tops and Bottoms and then had to perform as such. The losers were sent home (Koplex the losing top, Carmello the losing bottom) and the winners got a prize fuck with whomever they chose(Supreme winning top, T Malone winning bottom).

Scene 1
The Show Part 2 continues where Part 1 left off. The remaining guys are grouped up in pairs chosen by Owen Hawk. They have to perform and be observed by Von Fistenberg, Hawk or Tyson. CJ and Gabriel are paired up and told to have sex in the kitchen. They seem happy with their pairing so off they go. Gabriel is a muscular Latin guy with a nice uncut dong. CJ is a gorgeous light skinned black guy with a slightly slimmer muscular build and a thick cut cock. Both guys have heavy nuts and nice thick bushes. The guys are already naked and making out in the kitchen. (As a side note now having watched the entire film take note of the making out as this is one of the only two scenes out of five that have kissing in them.) There are pots on the stove with boiling water all kinds of cut up vegetables and meat on the counter behind the guys which is a little weird and unsanitary once the guys start banging in between the chicken and beef. Gabby blows CJ next getting CJ to moan and throw his head back in ecstasy before Gabby lays on his back on the glass counter putting his pucker at the perfect height for CJ to have awesome access to it. CJ proceeds to rim and finger Gabbys hole. He really gets into it trying to devour his ass. Gabby is moaning like a banshee especially when CJ finally starts working his thick cock in. They switch to missionary with Gabby leaning over the counter then CJ pushes some of the food on the floor and puts Gabby on his back again. CJ then climbs up on the counter himself for some good old missionary with Gabbys legs over his shoulders. The camera man takes advantage of the glass counter and shoots some shots up through the table for some nice close ups of the penetration. For a contest you would think CJ would be more vigorous but he only really had one slow steady rhythm for the entire scene so it was almost boring. For the pop shots CJ is on his back on the counter and Gabby beats his meat and jizzes all over CJ's abs followed by CJ himself adding to the white mess all over his abs.
[Actors: CJ, Gabriel Sinclair | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Anal, Rimming, Fingering, Jacking | Positions: Missionary, Doggie | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Cut, Uncut | ]

After review by Von Fistenberg he eliminates both guys for lack of enthusiasm while fucking saying that CJ was too gentle and not vigorous enough with Gabby. CJ is pissed Gabby just smiles. Their individual exit interviews show that both guys had fun and enjoyed themselves regardless of Von Fistenbergs thoughts.

Scene 2

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Mario and Collin are already in bed naked and hardcore making out. Mario is a ripped Latin guy with an awesome tribal tattoo on his shoulder a completely hairless perfectly round ass and uncut schlong. Collin is heavily muscled white guy with a goatee trimmed body hair and a thick cut cock. They guys get start 69ing with Collin being on the bottom. Mario gags his way down Collins rod and Collin swallows Marios sword to the hilt until his sack is resting on his nose. After blowing and rimming each other in the 69 position Mario wants to feel something bigger up his ass than Collins index finger. So he applies a condom to Collins stiff shaft and Collin lubes himself up before Mario mounts him. There are some good close ups of Marios perfect ass being split by Collins perfect cock. These two are more vigorous in the fucking department than the previous scene. The go from doggie to missionary ending with Mario jacking off to completion while being fucked by Collin. Collin pulls out and rips off his condom and grabs up some of Marios seed to use as lube while jacking. Mario positions himself to get a facial and Collin is happy to oblige and literally completely coats Marios face in spunk for the best cumshot of the film. As the scene is ending Mario asks for a towel to clean the glistening cum off of his face.
[Actors: Mario Cruz, Collin O'Neal | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Fingering, Rimming, Anal, Jacking |Positions: Cowboy, Doggie, Missionary | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Cut, Uncut |]

Scene 3
The two winners from Part 1 are paired up, that being T Malone and Supreme. Supreme is a light skinned muscular black guy with an Elephant sized cock. When people say baby arm they are talking about this guys GIGANTIC cock. T Malone is a muscular black guy as well with an amazing bubble ass and decent uncut schlong. T Malone is busy stuffing Supremes monster in his mouth when in comes Tiger Tyson to observe them. F that. Tiger wants to join in and he does stripping naked in an instant. Tiger is a relatively short Latin guy with and amazing body, gorgeous smile and perfect long straight uncut cock that just doesn't quit. T switches in between giving each guy some oral attention before Supreme lubes up T's ass and his cock and stuffs his gigantic salami up T's ass making him squeal. While getting fucked T is blowing Tiger and when its Tigers turn to fuck he gets a mouth full of Supreme. Tiger gets his turn at T's amazing hole and works that hole over good. Really fucking him hard and deep. Supreme and Tiger swap back and forth several times going from doggie to missionary and back again never giving T's hole a rest. Tiger fucks T so hard the bed literally breaks but they just keep on fucking. They start getting frantic in the attention and T is looking bewildered and in ecstasy as he has two gigantic cocks working him over every which way possible. Supreme is fucking away at T's chocolate ass and starts getting the "O" face and quicly pulls out and takes off his condom and coats T's ass in white man cream. Tiger jacks it and leaves his white calling card on T's shoulder. Supreme finger paints a little on T's back with his spunk. When these guys are done with T he is worn out and the bed is just covered in lube and busted to hell.
[Actor: Supreme, T Malone, Tiger Tyson | Sex Acts: Oral, Anal, Jacking, | Positions: Missionary, Doggie | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Cut, Uncut | ]

Von Fistenbergs review of the past two pairs. Supreme basically gets an automatic in to the final three with that gigantic rod. T Malone is eliminated even though he was the best bottom because Fistenberg thinks he would have more fun with a top. Both Mario and Collin are eliminated because they didn't give it the extra push to be in the finals. Mario leaves spouting something about Kaballah and Collin storms off with the funniest line of the film. Saying the New England air is ruining his skin and that he has his own business to run in Miami....Goodbye Mr VonDildoberg! The scene ends with everyone laughing. Their exit interviews are in the same vein as CJ and Gabby with both guys saying they enjoyed each other etc but they think that Von Fistenberg is looking for some dark meat.

Scene 4
Camron was paired up with Double R. Both guys have smooth muscular bodies and large cocks. RR being cut and Camron not and RR with a thicker cock than Camron. Camron appears Latin with a light complexion and RR is a gorgeous black guy with hot tattoos. The scene begins with both guys being alternately serviced by Owen Hawk who is a muscular white guy with a decent cut cock himself. Owen is a pro, swallowing the guys to the hilt with his experienced mouth. You see that Von Fistenberg is in the room too and naked and jacking while enjoying the show. Von Fistenberg has an almost skin head look to him. With a shaved Mohawk rippling muscles, blue eyes and a fat uncut cock. RR applies a condom and lube and Owen rides him while Camron prepares his own cock with condom and lube. Owen grinds up and down taking turns on each guys phallus. Von Fistenberg wants some action after a while so Owen takes a break from Cowboy duty and gets down on his knees giving Von Fistenberg access to his lubed waiting hole which Von Fistenberg slides home in. Owen is back to blowing RR and Camron while being banged. RR is on the edge and shoots a hefty load on Owens lips while Camron is giving commentary of Bust that nut! They show the cumshot 3 times and annoyingly Camrons commentary is repeated 3 times as well becoming more grating as it is repeated. Owens hole is too much for Von Fistenberg who jacks and cums on Owens ass followed by Owen himself jacking and cumming thick jizz. No shot for Camron.
[Actor: Camron, Double R, Owen Hawk, Matthias Von Fistenberg | Sex Acts: Oral, Anal, Rimming, Jacking | Positions: Cowboy, Doggie | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Cut, Uncut | ]

The final elimination. It's down to Double R, Camron and Supreme. Camron is eliminated for the same reason as everyone else. He just didn't step up his game. Its down to Double R and Supreme the pause for effect and Surprise...not really Supreme wins. So off to his winning fuck with Von Fistenberg.

Scene 5
Von Fistenberg and his new plaything Supreme are getting it on. Von Fistenberg is blowing supreme trying to work that monster cock into his greedy mouth. Supreme gags him with his beast while mouth fucking him. Von Fistenberg is ready to have his hole plugged and Supreme is ready for some ass so Von Fistenberg leans over the couch and Supreme dogs his ass. Supreme is actually completely hard in this scene which was lacking in his previous scene. Von Fistenbergs ass must be hot because Supreme goes to town stretching Von Fistenbergs hole to its limit. With each thrust and pull out you see Von Fistenbergs hole bulging out trying to accommodate the massive invader. They do it in Doggie, Cowboy and Missionary each guy loving every minute. Supreme really fucks Von Fistenberg with enthusiasm for once he is turned on it seems. Once he got his log in Von Fistenbergs hole it never left even for all the various position changes. His cock stayed sheathed in Fistenbergs ass the hole time. After some legs in the air missionary Fistenberg can't take it anymore so he cums on his chest. Supreme follows suit pulling off his condom and doing some impressive double fisted jacking to help his beast spit its copious load all over Fistenbergs chest. The movie ends with Supreme telling the viewer what he is going to do now that he won the contest.
[Actor: Matthias Von Fistenberg, Supreme | Sex Acts: Oral, Anal, Jacking | Positions: Doggie, Cowboy, Missionary | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Cut | ]




The audio quality for The Show Part 2 was good. The dialog was heard clearly for the most part, the sex sounds were heard clearly and the background music when there was some was kept low so it didn't overpower anything. The video quality was ok, in a few scenes the camera lost focus for a second and things got blurry. Also in the scene where Collin is giving his "exit interview" the lighting made him look fuzzy. Otherwise everything is clear and crisp.


Sadly no real extras.

Chapter Selection

Play Sex Scenes Only

Trailers: Love of The Dick II, Love of the dick III, Straight Meat, Dillon The One, Bottoms Up, Take 'Em Down 2, Mutiny, Unleashed, No Exit, Quickies, Leather Punks

At the End of the Night

The Show Part 2 was a well done movie. It is billed as a truly multi ethnic cast and I agree. They didn't stick to the typical stereotypes of porn. The guys were there to have fun and fuck other men. The men in this flick were all built like Greek gods with rippling muscles, large cocks and chiseled features. They were all also very much into each other adding to the hot factor. For me nothing is quite as big a turn off as seeing someone "going through the motions" and not really digging it. Shooting the film in a reality-esque style was also very cool. For the most part it was pretty believable as a reality show and with Von Fistenberg as the ultimate prize there would be plenty of guys clamoring to take part. A few negatives, first being the lack of extras. This would have been a perfect film to add in some, perhaps a bloopers or behind the scenes short. Several of the scenes end with the guys laughing after they deliver their lines and it looks like they had fun on and off camera and it would have been nice to see that. Also there were some guys who had difficulty getting hard and a couple of missing cum shots. Finally and this was the biggest turn off for me and it is a personal thing. The closing scene of the movie is of Supreme "pimped" out enjoying Von Fistenbergs money and talking about what he wants to do with it. Now this is a film for gay men, a fantasy and Supreme ruined it for me by talking about flying in cheerleaders and their titties and banging them and fucking women in space. I mean really, couldn't he just have faked it and said he was gonna fly in some hot men or something??? I would still recommend this flick as the guys were perfect and the fucking was awesome. Von Fistenberg if you are ever in New York look me up!

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