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Head Jobs

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 9/24/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Dates of Production:

January 2004 through October 2005

The Movie:

Once again, Amateur Straight Guys Productions has delivered the goods: no-frills amateur filmmaking at it's hottest. Handsome Daddy Doug and his cute Bear Cub pal Jay get hot straight (or at least bi-curious) dudes to show their stuff.

Ben and Greg:

Greg is a twenty-year-old college type with short brown hair, six foot tall, one hundred and forty pounds. This North Carolina hottie enjoys snow boarding, mountain biking and is somewhat of an exhibitionist. Greg hasn't had any pussy in about two weeks so he is raring to go. Greg watches a straight porno, reaches into the front of his baggy blue jeans, and begins to play with his cock. To get more comfortable, Greg takes off his jeans and sweater revealing his smooth chest and gray boxer shorts containing a huge bulge.

Ben is a good-looking dude in his early twenties with short black hair and sexy smooth body. Ben joins Greg on the bed as the two dudes make comments about the video gals getting fucked. He reaches into his jeans and begins to rub his business. Ben strips off his jeans and continues to rub the bulge in his black boxers. He pulls his stiff cut cock out through the fly in his boxers and begins to stoke as Greg still rubs his tool through his boxers. Ben lubes up his cock and reaches over to rub Greg's hard tool through the boxers. Greg's boxers come off revealing his big cut cock and full brown pubes. With the dudes now totally nekkid', Ben jacks Greg's hard cock while he pulls his own pud, reaches over and takes Greg's hard cock into his mouth giving that big stiff dong his complete attention.

Ben gorges himself on Greg's hard cock stroking the shaft and working his wet mouth up and down the tool. Greg murmurs, "He sucks good dick." Greg guides Ben's head up and down his horny cock. The dudes get a helping hand from Daddy Doug and Bear Cub Jay who stroke each dude's hard cock. Ben beats off and shoots a load on his own stomach. Greg jacks off while Ben plays with his nuts and pumps out a thick load of juice. Ben beats off again and shoots another load. Hot!


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Jackson is a handsome dude in his early twenties with longish dark hair, cool sideburns, and beard stubble. Jackson is sleeping until Daddy Doug enters the bedroom, pulls back the covers, and begins to rub his lightly hairy butt. Doug begins to stoke Jackson's fat cut cock, plump balls, and full dark pubes. Jackson spreads his legs exposing his hairy gooch and gives Doug full access to his manly delights. Doug loves to suck cock and gives Jackson's hard tool and balls a full workout as he strokes that hard shaft and sucks the pink knob. Doug rubs Jackson's hairy butt crack with is thumb and then switches to his index finger. This really heats Jackson up as be begins to join in on rubbing his hairy crack and thrusts his hips upward to meet Doug's sucking mouth. Doug lifts Jackson's legs up and buries his face in Jackson's hairy hole. There is a nice close-up of Jackson's tight pink pucker. After more hot face fucking, Jackson jerks off while Doug sucks his nuts and shoots a load on Doug's face, mouth, and tongue. Doug hungrily licks the thick cum off of Jackson's hand and eats it. Hot!

Jared and Guzzo:

Jared is fucking cute! He's in his early twenties with shaggy blondish brown hair---a real surfer look--, nice smile and easy-going personality. Guzzo is a hottie with short dark hair, cool facial hair, and a sexy husky body. The dudes are watching a straight porn ("Look at that pussy!") with their hands jammed down the front of their pants playing with those cocks. Jared takes off his shirt to show off his absolutely beautiful muscular and tanned chest. Wow! Fun 'n sassy gal Wynona makes another non-sexual appearance watching from the sidelines. Fans of the Amateur Straight Guys Productions may remember her from "Ass Eaters Anonymous". Cool gal.

The dudes pull of their pants revealing bulging boxer shorts as they continue to rub their hard cocks. Doug and Jay take over and suck the dudes hard cut cocks giving them a good going over. Now that the dudes are fully nude, they jack their hard cocks and Guzzo begins to suck Jared's cock by nursing his knob and stroking his hard shaft. Jared is totally into having his cock sucked as he spreads his legs and begins to slowly hump his body to meet Guzzo's sucking mouth. Hot! This is a huge turn-on as the viewer can easily see the dudes are very into the action. No acting here! The scenes' sexual tension is through the roof as Jared grabs Guzzo's short hair and fucks his mouth with wild abandon. Jared jacks a thick load of love juice onto Guzzo's chest. Guzzo beats off and shoots a load on his own pubes and stomach. Very hot!


Michigan is a very hot dude in his early twenties with spiky short dark hair, beard stubble, slender/tight body, and a funny cocky sense of humor. Michigan watches straight porn with his hand crammed down the front of his pants. Soon he is stroking his stiff cut cock and rubbing his balls through the fly of those black briefs. Bear Cub Jay gets in on the action by pulling Michigan's shorts off as Michigan spreads his legs allowing Jay to suck his hard cock and his full nuts. Jay is a total cock hound (as is his filmmaking partner Doug) as he stuffs his mouth with hard cock. Michigan begins to rub his hairy butt crack and fingers his tight lil' hole. Michigan is really digging the action as he and Jay play with his tight hole together. Hot! The action becomes very intense as Jay jerks and sucks Michigan's dong right up to climax.

Sean and Nate:

Sean is a hot nineteen year old with reddish blond hair, five foot eleven inches tall, and a cool lil' red soul patch who loves pussy. Nate is fucking hot! He is in his early twenties with short dark hair and a sexy smooth/muscular body with tattoos. Nate give Sean a massage as the two dudes watch straight porn and discuss pussy. Nate massages Sean's muscular legs and thighs as Sean compliments him on his technique. Nate gets more comfortable by removing his kaki shorts revealing his black briefs. Nate works his hands up to Sean's beautiful bubble butt causing Sean's cut cock to become hard at it sticks backwards between his legs. Nate hones in on that hard cock and begins to rub it along with Sean's balls. Sean definitely loves the attention as Nate kneads his butt cheeks. Nate pulls out his own big cut cock and begins to stoke it while rubbing Sean. Hot!

Sean turns over revealing his fully hard cock, big balls, and red pubes. Nate begins to suck Sean's cock by wrapping his hand around the hard shaft and bobbing up 'n down. Sean totally digs it! "You're doin' great dude." Sean's hand is on the back of Nate's head guiding him as Nate continues to stroke his own big dick. Sean lets go with a thick load on his own stomach. Nate exclaims, "Man, that's a lot of nut!" and shoots his own thick load on the massage table pad. Fucking hot!


Snake is a good-looking dude in his twenties with a shaved head (hair stubble growing out), average build, hairy chest, and plenty of tattoos. Just my kind of dude! Snakes strips and begins to rub his big cut cock, hangy balls, and full dark brown pubes. Snakes beats his hard meat with his right hand as Bear Cub Jay joins in and sucks his cock. Jay gobbles up that cock using both hands and sucking the knob like an out of control vacuum. Jay sucks Snake's hangy balls and eats his hairy hole. Snake guides Jay's head/mouth with his hands as he face fucks him. "Get it! Get it bitch!" It takes a while for Snake to get his nut but it's worth the wait as he cums on Jay's mouth/tongue. Jay simpers as he takes that hot load. Hot!



"Head Jobs" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography consists of basic XXX shots with plenty of close-ups. The camera is hand-held and steady providing a sharp n' clear picture. The editing keeps the scenes moving at a nice pace.


The sound is clear providing the viewer with plenty to listen to as these dudes ramble on about "loving pussy". There are also plenty of smackin', suckin', and lickin', as these guys get their cocks sucked...and suck a few of their own as well.


The extras include an interactive menu, chapter stops, and scene selection.

Final Thoughts:

"Head Jobs" is another hot movie from Amateur Straight Guys Productions. The dudes are believably straight (with some being bi-curious) and are very attractive in an everyday, non-pretty boy way. The dudes are really into the action and totally dig it as they hump their bodies up to meet those hot mouths. Amateur Straight Guys provides no-frills sex with a clear picture quality; plenty of close-ups, and editing that keeps the scenes moving along. I loved all the dudes but my personal favorites are Greg, Jared, and Nate. I highly recommend to fans of amateur porn, as the movie is a HUGE turn-on.

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