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Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 9/29/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

April 2006

Directed By:

Steven Scarborough


Shane Rollins, Kent North, Tony Mercelli, Marco Paris, Nick Piston, Robert Van Damme, Trevor Knight, Mike Roberts, Carlos Morales, Brad Star, Marc Williams, Ty Hudson, Nick Horn, Parker Williams, Duke Michaels, Jordan Vaughn.

The Movie:

Toby Connor (Shane Rollins) is wrongly accused of possessing cocaine, arrested, and thrown in jail. While locked up, Toby encounters endless horny dudes who are just as willing to fuck ass as to kick it.

The Dudes:

These good-looking dudes look to be in their mid twenties to mid forties with mostly hot muscular builds and some with more slender bodies. The pubes are a variety of shaved/trimmed/full, the cocks are cut and uncut, and there are plenty of tattoos.

Disc One:

Scene One:

Hot cops Tony Marcelli and Robert Van Damme, two muscle bound-dudes with short dark hair, are interrogating Shane Rollins, hunky guy with a shaved head and goatee. Tony pulls out his hard cut cock while Robert forces Shane to suck the big tool. This is some rough and tumble cock sucking as Tony fucks Shane's face. Shane is soon down on his knees sucking Robert's big uncut dong as well...switching back and forth between the cocks. Robert unzips Shane's pants and pulls out his big/hard cut cock and jacks it a bit. Shane takes over jacking his own cock while he continues to suck that hard police meat. Shane sucks those cocks in a frenzy! Robert goes down on Shane as Shane continues to suck Tony. Cavity search! Robert slips on a rubber glove and sticks his finger up Shane's tight shaved butt hole. Robert begins to lick Shane's pink pucker and fucks it with his darting tongue while he continues with the finger fucking. Hot!

Robert spits on Shane's hole and fucks him from behind (with condom) while Tony face fucks Shane. Shane is actually drooling all over Tony's big cock as he takes it down his throat. Tony fucks Shane in the missionary position (with condom) as Shane cries out and grunts in pleasure. There are plenty of low guttural growls as Shane takes it up the bum. Shane continues to grunt and gurgle as he engages in a very intense sink/bounce with Tony while he and Robert stroke each other's cocks. Robert jacks Shane to climax as Tony shoots a thick load all over his muscular thighs. Robert beats his meat and squirts a huge load all over Shane's legs.

Scene Two:

After the interrogation, Shane is thrown into a jail cell with Jordan Vaughn, a hot muscle dude with short brown hair and tattoos, Brad Star, a cute dude with shaggy brown hair and soul patch, and Nick Piston, fucking sexy with reddish brown hair, tight/slender build, and loads of tattoos. Shane immediately mouths off by yelling, "Shut up you fucking bitches!" which does not go over too well with the other dudes. Jordan and Nick roughly wrestle Shane to the floor to teach him a lesson. Nick pulls out his long cut cock and the dudes force Shane's face down on that hard dick. Nick begins to fuck Shane's face. Jordan gets in on the action and shoves his big cut cock down Shane's gullet. Again, Shane growls and makes all sorts of low guttural sounds as he sucks those dongs.

Shane unbuckles his belt, pulls out his hard meat, and jacks as he is forced to suck Jordan's fat cock. Nick orders Jordan to suck Shane's "fuckin' dick". Jordan doesn't want to but Nick is obviously in control and makes him suck cock. Jordan is soon bobbing his hot mouth up and down Shane's stiff member. Jordan gets on one of the beds and points his beautiful bubble butt into the air. Shane spits on Jordan's tight shaved hole and begins to chow down for all he is worth. "Tongue feel good on your hole?" "Suck that fuckin' ass! Get in and taste it!" Shane pulls Jordan's hard cock back between his legs and switches back and forth between sucking cock and eating butt. Nick crawls behind Shane and starts to eat his ass...spreading that tight hole and goes to town with his mouth.

Brad and Jordan hold Shane in the air while Nick continues to munch his butt. Nick slides his big condom-covered cock into Shane's hole while the dudes hold him in a missionary position. Nick starts with slow strokes that steadily become faster and more demanding. Jordan has a go and fucks Shane from behind (with condom) as Shane sucks Nick's cock and Brad beats off. Brad fucks Shane from behind (with condom) and soon the dudes begin to beat off and reach a frenzied climax dumping their loads on Shane. Shane jacks off and shoots a big load on his own stomach.

Scene Three:

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Shane meets with his sleazy court appointed attorney (a very sexy Ty Hudson with dark hair and hairy chest). Ty unzips the fly of his trousers and fishes out his big cut cock. Shane gets down and sucks Ty's hard cock slobbering all over the hard shaft and pink knob. Shane takes that big dong all the way down his throat making plenty of gurgling noises and spitting on that hard thang. Shane pulls out his hard dick and jacks off while sucking Ty who pinches his own nipples while having his cock serviced. Ty slaps and sucks Shane's hard cock with plenty of deep throat and spit. These dudes' salivary glands must be working overtime!

Ty lifts Shane's legs into the air and begins to eat Shane's pucker....teasing it with the tip of his tongue and really slurping. Ty pigs out on that hole! Shane jerks off while having his hole munched and shoots a load into his own mouth. Hot! Perfect aim! Ty does not cum.

Scene Four:

Handsome British jail doctor Kent North, muscle bound with a smooth chest, is examining inmate Nick Horn, a hot dude with a shaved head and goatee, who is complaining of an ache in his groin. Kent pulls Nick's pants down and out pops his hard cut cock. Kent rubs Nick's full balls and sucks his stiff pole. A sexy dark-haired Orderly (Carlos Morales) joins in and sucks Nick's dick. Carlos lifts Nick's legs and chows down on his tight hole. Carlos spits on that hole and tongues it like a madman. Kent switches back and forth sucking cocks as Nick and Carlos make out. Nick sucks Kent's uncut cock slurping on the shaft while Carlos fucks him from behind (with condom).

As Nick deep throats Kent, Carlos continues to sink his hard cock all the way into Nick's tight hole. Nick fucks Kent in the missionary position (with condom) while sucking Carlos' cock. Nick really pounds Kent's butt! Three-way fucking as Kent takes Carlos from behind (with condom) and Nick fucks Kent from behind (with condom). Hot! Switch up time! Kent and Carols are lying in the missionary position on the examination table as Nick fucks Carlos (with condom) and fucks Kent with a big white dildo. Nick twists that rubber cock and crams it in and out of Kent's asshole while continuing to fuck Carlos. Carlos jacks a thick load onto his own stomach as Nick pulls out and shoots on Carlos' black pubes. Kent jerks off and his load flies everywhere.

Disc Two:

Scene Five:

Shane is back in the holding cell alone and pissed off. Trevor Knight, good-looking dude with short brown hair, is thrown into the cell and immediately smarts off to Shane. Shane's temper flares as he kicks ass! Shane yells that he's gonna make Trevor "his bitch", forces Trevor's mouth open and stuffs it full of his hard cock! Shane fucks Trevor's mouth "work that shit! I don't care if you choke on it, bitch!" A very handsome guard (Mike Roberts) watches the action and strokes his long uncut cock. Trevor stokes his own hard cut tool as he bobs up and down on Shane's cock. "Work that fuckin' cock!"

Mike continues to watch, beat his uncut tool, and shoots his jizz on the floor. Shane is now rubbing his tight hole against Trevor's mouth switching back and forth between fucking Trevor's mouth with his cock and having his butt munched. "Spread those cheeks and put your tongue in the hole!" Shane pulls Trevor's pants off, throws him on the bed, and rubs his hard cock against Trevor's tight hole. Very hot! Shane fucks Trevor from behind (with condom) fast n' hard. The dudes switch positions as Trevor fucks Shane from behind (with condom). Shane jacks a thick load as Trevor beats his meat and shoots a big load on Shane's chest and stomach.

Scene Six:

Eighteen months later, Shane receives parole on one condition. Of course, it's sexual in nature. The Parole Board is a randy lot consisting of Parker Williams, a good-looking daddy with short brown hair, Marc Williams, a hot African American dude with a muscle-bound build, and Duke Michaels, a hot muscle daddy with a shaved head (stubble growing out) and loads of tattoos. "Bailiff! Bolt the door!" Shane is down on his knees sucking the Parole Board's hard cocks. Shane sucks each cock and switches to another. There is plenty of hard meat to go 'round. Parker continuously slaps and strokes his cut cock while watching Shane go down on Marc's fat cut cock and Duke's uncut dong. There is plenty of spit, deep throat, face fucking, and choking as Shane feasts on these schlongs.

A hunky Bailiff (Marco Paris) with a muscular body, short dark hair, and uncut cock, joins in by eating Shane's butt while Shane chows down on Marc and Parker's cocks. Marc fucks Marco from behind (with condom) as Marco blows Parker. Shane plays the ol' sink/bounce with Duke (with condom) and rides that cock all the way to town! Again, there are lots of hot sucking, groaning, and growling noises as the dudes get it on. Shane switches partners and plays sink/bounce with Marc (with condom) while Marc sucks Duke's uncut cock. Parker fucks Marco in the side missionary position (with condom) as Marco pulls on his cock. Marco sinks down on Marc's cock and goes for a bouncy ride (with condom). Shane fucks Duke from behind (with condom) as Duke sucks Parker's dick. Marco shoots his load while Marc fucks him. Marc jacks a load onto his own stomach as Shane dumps a load on the small of Duke's back. Parker lets go with a big load of man juice on Duke's shoulder as Duke cums on his own thigh and stomach.

Bonus Scene:

Hot doc Kent North has a special "treatment" for his Orderly Carlos Morales. The two dudes are in the examination room and begin to make out with plenty of wet tongue kissing. Carlos strips off and Kent eats his tight butt. Carlos is lying in the missionary position on the examination table as Kent continues to munch his butt and then begins to finger fuck him. Kent wets his fingers with his own mouth as well as Carlos' gob. Kent spits on that hole, eats it, finger fucks it, and finally works a fat white dildo into it. Kent slowly works that big sex toy into Carlos' butt and sucks his cock at the same time. Hot!

Carlos fucks Kent from behind with a black dildo as Kent switches positions and sinks down on the toy. Carlos snaps on a rubber glove and slowly works his fist into Kent's hole! Wow! Fist fucking! Once Carlos has his entire fist in Kent's stretched hole, he begins to gently work it around fucking Kent. Carlos jacks off and shoots a thick load on Kent's chest while Kent shoots a load that flies everywhere. Intense!



"Justice" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Richard Board is professional providing complete coverage of all the action with plenty of nice close-ups. The editing by Jim Wigler is tight and keeps each scene moving along at a nice steady pace. The picture quality is nice 'n sharp.


The sound is clear providing loads of moaning, grunting, and growling as these dudes suck and fuck the hell out of each other. The accompanying musical score by Rock Hard is cool and never becomes intrusive.


There are lots of cool extras here. First off, there is the standard interactive menu with chapter stops and scene selections. There is a "Fuck" compilation along with a "Cum Shot" compilation, XXX gallery featuring photographs of each individual model and action shots. The photographs by Dylan Ryan, Jeff Burton, Mick Hicks, and Alex Maybe are top quality. The XXX trailers are for other Hot House Productions: "Butch Alley", "ManHunt 2.0", "Trunks 2", "At Your Service", "The Missing", and "Mischief".

There is a "Behind the Scenes" featurette containing footage from each scene along with rehearsal footage from scene one "The Interrogation", scene two "Gangbang", and Director Steven Scarborough's non-sexual cameo as a very tough judge. The bonus scene featuring Kent North and Carlos Morales is the showstopper here. This nineteen minute scene is quite intense and contains bold footage of fist fucking.

Final Thoughts:

Hot House Productions is definitely at the top of the all-male erotica list with "Justice". The movie is fucking hot! The dudes are all handsome with most being hunky muscle-bound guys while others have tight/slender bodies. The dudes obviously enjoy what they are doing as each scene is very intense. The production values are high providing top of the line videography, editing, picture quality, and excellent direction by Steven Scarborough. I also want to mention that the Art Direction by Michael "Roma" Williams is very good providing a cool look that compliments the movie.

This two disc set is chock full of extras with the standouts being the "behind the scenes" featurette and the bonus scene. The bonus scene is a total trip and must be seen to be believed. I'm not sure how British hunk Kent North pulls it off, but he does and it's amazing. Last but certainly not least is star Shane Rollins. He is damn hot with his shaved head, goatee, and big cut cock. Shane gives an energetic and heartfelt performance as a man wrongly accused of breaking the law. I highly recommend this one!

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