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Forever Keri

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/30/06

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Forever Keri

Wicked Pictures

Genre: Compilation,

Director: Brad Armstrong and others (the scenes only)

Cast: Keri Sable, Barrett Blade, Eric Masterson, Tommy Gunn, Julia Ann, Arianna Alyse, Rod Fontana, Eva Angelina, Alex Sanders, Trevor Zen, Evan Stone

Length: 117.5 minutes

Date of Production: 4/29/2006

Extra's: The best extra was a bonus scene found exclusively on All About Keri between Keri Sable and the mighty Evan Stone made on 5/16/2005. Something must have gone wrong since it started underway with him teabagging her before she blew him. They were on a hard wooden table and he planted his cock firmly into her ass very soon into the action, rubbing out a load at about the 7.5 minute mark. It wasn't a bad scene but I can see why they made it an extra rather than include it on the end of the movie. There were also four older trailers, a pop shot compilation from the scenes, a Wicked Pictures DVD Catalog, some of the usual DVD ROM materials, and spam with the usual double sided DVD cover and cardboard slipcase added in too.

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: Forever Keri was presented in a letterboxed widescreen color rather than they often anamorphic widescreen settings the scenes were (at least some of the time) originally presented in on their features as directed by Brad Armstrong and others for Wicked Pictures. I'm not sure why this was done except that I'd guess they couldn't combine the full frame scenes and widescreen scenes using the better method and as a result, all the scenes were dumbed down. Still, while they might not have looked (in all cases at least) as good as they originally did, it was a nice selection of her scenes to enjoy while folks waited for her work in the now-released The Visitors by Michael Raven and a retired porn gal tends to attract a lot more attention to her compilations once she's newly out of the business so beggars can't be choosers. The fleshtones were accurate and the grain generally limited thanks to proper lighting. There were a host of very minor issues with some of the scenes but they all looked pretty close to what one would expect from letterboxing them. There were no new compression artifacts and the best way to look at this one is as a sampler for newcomers to the fan-wagon (keeping in mind that most of the directors seemed to know how to present the material in such a way as to enhance the looks of the ladies). The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo English. The separation was minimal if existent, the music dominated in some of the scenes over the vocals, but it seemed to be a good mix of audio usage for fans of different styles.

Body of Review: Wicked Pictures has long been known as being the dominant producer of feature porn flicks as well as the proud owner of some of the finest contract performers in the industry. From time to time, one of their gals leaves the business, as was the case with relative newcomer Keri Sable not long ago. She left to pursue other endeavors and while she might return some day, I'm not holding my breath given the rumors surrounding her departure. Still, she had already developed a decent sized fan base and rather than suggest they all go out and buy many of her movies that contain only a scene or two, compilations are the best way to get more of her scenes. The latest such compilation of her work is Forever Keri, a selection of her scenes from a variety of movies I've listed below. Her face was plastered all over the cover; she did anal, and gave wonderful blowjobs so you could do worse than see her eleven scenes presented her. That said, here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast, movie and action, noting that condoms were used in all the scenes:

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Scene One: But I'm With The Band: Keri Sable, still in her skimpy outfit and itty bitty shorts, was up next in a fantasy sequence where she dreamed of screwing Barrett Blade, Eric Masterson, and Tommy Gunn, one at a time by the equipment on the stage. Tommy got to do her anally but as nice as the individual components of the scene were, the sum of the parts didn't equal those parts (it didn't flow all that well for some reason). The scene was edited into the parts where she was tapping the tambourine and finished with them all spewing on her face at the end but it simply didn't work for me.

Scene Two: Blue Collar Fantasies: Keri Sable and the lovely Arianna Alyse were up next as they ravaged hotty MILF Julia Ann in a lesbian tryst. Julia seemed to be the focal point of the action but each of them got in on the fun as they rubbed, licked, sucked, and otherwise pawed one another. Given the number of male-dominated scenes of the compilation, this made a nice change of pace with some toy action making it hotter than usual, including some technical DP work.

Scene Three: Dark Sins: Keri Sable, the hot blonde on the front DVD cover, was up first in a scene on a couch with Rod Fontana, "a beer drinking, barbeque eating, redneck of a man" and "a sweating hunk of a man" according to her narration of the scene. She stripped off her clothes and seduced him while he was eating and watching television (that it took him so long to get the hint was funny). She unzipped his pants to get some oral loving in on him, moving slowly at first but picking up speed as she went along. He returned the favor with some oral after he fingered her pussy with his barbequed soaked fingers; a taste that originated in Texas (allegedly Houston at that). He did most of the work on her as she let him take charge in this slow pussy filling scene so I wasn't as enthusiastic about the boning as the oral. Still, she took the facial well enough and the scene wasn't bad.

Scene Four: But I'm With The Band: Eva Angelina, a foxy little brunette wearing a fishnet outfit and bikini, Keri Sable, and Barrett Blade, all had the closing scene in the limousine where they played with one another. I know most of you watching the movie will prefer Keri's role in the scene but Eva's skills were substantially better and came across as more natural in terms of milking a nut. The cramped quarters of the setting limited how free they were to do various things, just as it limited the lighting, but I have to hand it to Brad that he made it look like they were driving down the road with the lighting effects (even if the ride was too calm). The gals took turns riding his rod vaginally, with Eva jamming fingers into Keri's ass at one point (and both seeming to enjoy taste testing). The facial closed things out and the story elements were woven nicely together.

Scene Five: Curse Eternal: Keri Sable, a skinny former contract gal for Wicked Pictures, was up next as she blew Barrett Blade in the coed bathroom of the nightclub. It was far too short of a scene but set the next one up nicely.

Scene Six: Dark Sins: Keri Sable, playing a corpse of a newly dead gal, allowed doctor Alex Sanders to get into a little necrophiliac action. Thankfully, she moved around or it would've been too gross for me (who says Wicked Pictures can't push the envelope?) with Alex playing the dominant partner here. She appeared to have more fun this time and you can see some edited footage in the BTS feature that'll pleasantly surprise fans of Keri (I won't spoil it for you). He did do some hardcore anal on her, literally tearing into her like there was no tomorrow. Keeping in mind Keri's porn roots, it should be no surprise to her loyal fans that she is better in anal sex than anything else.

Scene Seven: Erotik: "In her debut scene as a Wicked star, we get Keri Sable paired up with her guy of the day for a bit of a picnic outside on a hill. Keri looks very young and innocent in this picture, has a tight body, long blonde hair and a bald beaver. In some tease, we get to see Keri eat a banana and some strawberries with some whipped cream. She takes off her shirt to reveal her perky small breasts and aroused nipples. Her man works his way down to her titillating beaver. Keri attempts a blowjob, but wasn't the best effort put forth. She makes up for it two fold by allowing us to watch her take it reverse cowgirl and watch her small bode and breasts bounce. She gets the guy's whipped cream as a "Welcome to Wicked" present. I am looking forward to finding more Keri Sable releases." (description by Colonel Mustard)

Scene Eight: Camp Cuddly Pines: Keri Sable, looking exceptionally fine in a skimpy dress in a hotel room that was well lit, came off as a slutty babe as she proposed making a porn scene called "Katie's Anal Adventures..In Her Ass" with studly Eric Masterson. This was another opportunity where he got to add in some POV footage and her clueless nature was amusing to say the least. I've never thought of her as the best gal at Wicked Pictures (she's way too skinny for me) but as she gains some experience and adds a few pounds to her curves, I think she's going to work out just fine given the quality of scenes like this one. She gave good head and took his rod vaginally before a technical DP. It ended when she jerked out the last load of the flick onto her face and mouth.

Scene Nine: Second Thoughts: "In this scene we get a chance to watch the very sexy Keri Sable in action. Keri is a great looking blonde with a nice tight body. She comes to Trevor Zen's house to convince him to look up some information on Austin's old boyfriend Chris Evans. He agrees to do it, but on the condition they have sex. So naturally this being a porno and all, they do. The opening oral sex is nice. Keri does wonders and her pretty face looks great deep throating a cock. After a rather intensive blow job, they move onto sex. They have some great chemistry together. I especially enjoyed the anal bit." (description by Rob Randall)

Scene Ten: Art of Love: Keri Sable, dressed in a white toga and made to look elegant, was up last with the mighty Evan Stone as they slowly teased one another in a roman bath setting outdoors at night. He spent a lot of time rubbing her as they lounged on a fallen column and that led to her blowing him in her usual fine style. It was one of her teasing hummers that she was known for and the use of her hands as the camera slowly panned around them helped get him extra willing to spend some time going down on her. After wetting her cookie, he started boning away like he wanted to pop a fast nut, but she acted passive for most of the scene; slowing him down in the process. There was some anal shot from a distance but it was slow too and she seemed to be in pain, ending with her jerking out his load to a fading camera edit.

Bonus Scene: All About Keri: Keri Sable, looking more like Mariah Cary than ever, was up next in a scene with the mighty Evan Stone in his office. It started already underway with her on her back and his dick in her mouth as he pounded her senseless. His wig eventually fell off (it was part of his character; a wacky, scene stealing, over the top, electronics merchant) and he nearly blew his load into her mouth but soon got to hammer her pussy and ass slowly. She wasn't overly active in pumping back but she did make a lot of dirty talk as he stretched her tiny ass wide. It ended far too soon with her dropping seed on her face, giving her a semen goatee.

Summary: Forever Keri might be the best compilation of Keri Sable scenes released by Wicked Pictures though there were several scenes that really struck me as kind of lame. If you're really into Keri and never bothered to pick up her previous work for the company, this will be an excellent collection of her work with tremendous fuck for your buck strokability, replay value, and well worth the price but if you already saw many of the scenes in their full anamorphic widescreen glory (much more detail, looking far superior), you'll want to pass this one up. I rated it as a Rent It due as much to the technical matters as anything else but Forever Keri was a fairly decent compilation to enjoy a time or two if you'd like to check it out before buying.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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