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Blond Leading the Blond

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 10/1/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

June 2006

Directed By:

Doug Jeffries


Benjamin Bradley, Josh Vaughn, Tyler Riggz, Brett Matthews, Ryann Wood, Matthew Mayfair, Rod Barry, Mike Power, Adam Faust.

The Movie:

Throughout the years, bleached blonds have been the subject of sexual allure: Jean Harlow, Marilyn Monroe, Deborah Harry, Billy Idol, Madonna, and most recently Gwen Stefani have all delighted fans with their beauty. Nine dudes carry on this tradition in All World's/Channel 1's ode to the Bleached Blond.

The Dudes:

These good-looking dudes look to be in their early twenties to mid thirties with a mix of muscular and slender/tight body types, hairy and smooth chests, full and trimmed pubes, and cut/uncut cocks. Each one of the dudes has bleached blond hair.

Scene One:

Tyler Riggz, a hunky dude with a military buzz, soul patch, smooth tanned body, is enjoying a relaxing shower and soaping up his big cut cock. Brett Matthews, a cute guy with short hair and a sexy hairy chest, joins Tyler in the shower for a make out session complete with lots of wet tongue sucking. The shower is turned off but the dudes are definitely turned on as Brett gets down on his knees and sucks Tyler's fat cock cramming it into his hungry mouth. Tyler slaps Brett's face with his big dong as Brett grabs it and nurses the big purple knob. Brett deep throats Tyler, sucks his nuts, and gets a full face fucking. Tyler returns the oral favor by sucking Brett's hard cut cock and balls. Tyler works his mouth up and down that stiff shaft stroking and sucking Tyler's dick.

Brett is now spread eagle on a tiled sitting area with his tight hairy hole exposed. Tyler eats and fucks that hole with the tip of his tongue giving it a full workout. Brett's tight little pucker pulses in pleasure as Tyler munches down. Tyler fucks Brett from behind (with condom) working his fat cock in and out of Brett's tight little hole. Brett obviously enjoys being fucked as he strokes his hard cock. Tyler steps it up a notch and begins to pound Brett's butt. Brett sinks down on Tyler's cock and goes for an intense bouncy ride as his hard dong slaps back and forth. Tyler jacks Brett's cock to climax (very hot!) making him shoot all over his toned hairy stomach. Tyler beats his own meat and shoots a load on Brett's cock, pubes, and arm. Hot!

Scene Two:

Mike Power, a very hot dude with tall/muscular build, military buzz, and loads of tattoos, is rubbing the hard tube steak in his tight blue jeans while watching hunk Adam Faust play pool. Adam is a hottie with short hair, beard, and plenty of tattoos. Mike walks up behind Adam, feels his firm butt and kisses him deeply with plenty of tongue. Mike grinds his body against Adam as the dudes make out. Off come the tight tee shirts exposing Mike's sexy smooth chest and Adam's hot hairy chest with pierced nipples. The dudes play with and pinch each other's hard nipples as they continue to duel tongues. Mike sucks and licks Adam's chest and works his way down to sucking Adam's hard cut cock. Mike sucks Adam's dong bobbing his mouth up and down the hard shaft. Mike pops Adam's hot balls into his mouth one at a time and gives them a good bath. Mike pushes Adam onto the pool table and begins to lick his tight pink butt hole. As Mike feasts on Adam's hole, he begins to finger fuck him with his middle digit. Adam loves the attention and moans in approval.

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Mike continues to finger fuck Adam nice 'n slow adding a second finger and making Adam cry out in pleasure. Mike drinks a beer while Adam chows down on his fat uncut piece. Adam grabs that big fat thang with both hands to stroke the shaft while sucking on Mike's big purple cock head. Adam deep throats that fat fucker as Mike fucks his mouth. Adam pulls Mike's hot foreskin up and over the big knob and continues to suck. Mike shares his beer with Adam who takes a swig and spits it out onto Mike's cock and then continues sucking. Adam bends over the pool table as Mike slowly sinks his big condom covered cock into that tight hole. Mike's strokes are slow at first giving Adam time to adjust to that big dong. Once Adam is ready, Mike plows that tight hole for all it's worth! Adam demands that Mike fuck him harder and Mike gladly does. Mike switches to the missionary position as he continues to plow Adam's butt. To finish up, the dudes beat their meat and make out. Both dudes jack and shoot their loads on the floor of the pool hall.

Scene Three:

Ryann Wood, a handsome dude with a military buzz, hairy chest, and tattoos is making out with Matthew Mayfair, a cute guy with tall/slender build and longish hair. The dudes are rolling around in bed engaging in some soul kissing and body rubbing while wearing nice white briefs. Rod Barry (one of my all-time favorite dudes) walks downstairs wearing his tighty whities and begins to spy on the two dudes while rubbing his hard cock. Ryann begins to suck Matthew's cut cock and balls slowly taking the large shaft all the way down his gullet. Rod pulls his hard uncut tool out and begins to stroke while pinching his nipples. Matthew reaches into Ryann's briefs, slaps his butt, and begins to rub that hairy pink hole. Rod continues to play with his cock pulling his foreskin over his cock head.

Matthew switches to sucking Ryann's hard cut cock with plenty of deep throat and then Ryann is back on Matthew's dong for more lovin'. Rod joins in by rubbing his hard cock between Ryann's butt cheeks, spreads those cheeks apart fully exposing that hole, and slaps it with his cock. Rod gently stretches Ryann's hole with his thumbs, blowing air on the pouting pink pucker and communicating with it! "Talk to me". Rod climbs up on the bed and positions himself above the dudes and Ryann begins to eat Rod's hairy hole. Rod barks orders: "Come on! Lick it!" Rod sinks his hard cock into Matthew's willing mouth and begins to fuck his face with that big veiny uncut monster. Rod sits on Matthew's face and gets his butt munched while shouting additional orders: "Lick it!" there are plenty of cock sucking switch-ups as each dude sucks cock and has his cock sucked. At one point, Rod and Matthew share sucking Ryann's stiff dick.

Rod fucks Ryann from behind (with condom) "Arch that back!" while Ryann stuffs his mouth full of Matthew's big dong. Ryan exclaims, "Fuck my hole!" and Rod begins to plow him like a row of soybeans! Matthew takes over and fucks Ryann from behind (with condom) with plenty of long n' lovin' strokes. Rod fucks Matthew from behind (with condom) while Matthew is fucking Ryann. Rod is in charge as he barks, "Come on! Back up on that cock!" "Yeah, rock back on my cock!". The dudes jack off to climax with Rod popping first with a nice load on Matthew and Ryann. Ryann shoots a big thick load on his own chest and stomach while Matthew squirts a huge thick load on his chest and stomach as well.

Scene Four:

Sexy young (age 18+) dudes Benjamin Bradley and Josh Vaughn, both with tight tanned bodies, smooth chests, and tattoos, are horny and ready for action. Josh strokes Benjamin's hard cut cock as Benjamin uses his hand to guide Josh to a tempo he likes. Josh goes down on Benjamin's hard dick nursing the knob as Benjamin slowly grinds his hips to meet that hot, willing mouth. The dudes soon have a nice rhythm going as Benjamin fucks Josh's mouth. Josh deep throats Benjamin's cock while stroking his own cut tool. The dudes make out with plenty of tongue sucking, roaming hands, and humping hard dongs together. Benjamin sinks to his knees and takes Josh's hard cock deep into his throat as Josh moans and groans in pleasure.

Benjamin sticks his hot bubble butt in the air and Josh is more than happy to chow down. Josh gives Benjamin's tight pink pucker a full workout as his busy tongue laps and teases that hole. Josh licks Benjamin's balls and gooch nearly sending him over the edge. Josh fucks Benjamin from behind (with condom) with nice fast strokes as Benjamin beats his meat. Josh sits/lays in a cool chrome and white leather chair that is suspended from the ceiling. Benjamin begins to lick and kiss Josh's tight pink hole teasing it with his wet tongue. Josh jacks his hard dick while having his butt hole orally worshiped. That hot little pucker pulses with pleasure! Benjamin sinks his hard condom-covered dong deep into Josh's willing ass and begins a nice n' steady fucking. Both of these hot dudes are groaning and sighing with lust as they fuck. Benjamin pulls out and jacks his cock to climax shooting a thick load onto Josh's hand, stomach, and chest. Josh beats off and dumps a thick load on his own chest and stomach. Hot!



"Blonde Leading the Blond" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Ross Cannon is professional providing full coverage of the sex and plenty of nice close-ups. The editing by CH is tight and keeps each scene moving along at an enjoyable pace. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is very clear providing every sigh and pout these dudes utter as they suck and fuck their way through the movie. The music is very cool with a mix of techno and trans.


The extras include an interactive menu, chapter stops, scene selection, "PopShot-On-Demand" where the viewer can get right to the cum shots, "A Night Out with Benjamin Bradley" featuring Benjamin dancing and wowing the West Hollywood dudes with his beautiful bubble butt. The featurette also contains a little backstage chat with Benjamin between dance sets where we find out that he likes hotdogs. There are trailers for Chi Chi LaRue's "Boot Boy", "Delinquents", "2nd Inning: Little Big League II" (great trailer!), and "Lookin' for Trouble". Last but not least is the safe sex PSA "Wrap it Up" starring Chi Chi LaRue in all her wonderful glamour.

Final Thoughts:

Gawd! This is one hot movie! The dudes are all very good looking with beautiful bodies. The direction by Doug Jeffries is excellent as is the entire production. The videography, editing, and picture quality is all top of the line. The sets and cool music add to the entire package. Sharon Kane has a cameo during the opening credits and looks beautiful.

These dudes are totally into the sucking, ass eating, and fucking. No acting here! They are insatiable! Each scene moves along at a nice pace and never becomes repetitious or dull. All the dudes are equally hot but my personal favorites are Rod Barry, Mike Power, and Adam Faust. I highly recommend "Blond Leading the Blond" to fans of hot dudes with bleached hair.

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